It’s said that it’s an alternate cover to slowly retreat and move into yourself, so that the pro-guards will immediately follow suit to protect him.

Obviously all that’s left is cannon fodder.
What fighting power can cannon fodder have?
After fleeing, Su Yonglin and Xin Qiji quickly dispersed the cavalry and continued to advance to the north of Daying at a high speed.
At this time, it has been almost half an hour since Su Yonglin entered the 8 Jin Army camp, and the 8 Jin Army line broke up and the recovery army line rushed forward.
Yan hong ran to see the move and stabbed it, which could repel the Guangfu army and stop the result from moving to the door and running back.
"The rogue cavalry of the viceroy is strong and unexpected, and there is another rogue army carrying Raytheon guns on the west side of the camp to attack. It is difficult to organize resistance on the west and south sides of our camp, so please make plans early!"
Yan hong ran to see great anger
"Let you stop the enemy? How did you come back? "
"viceroy, I … thief army momentum is too strong, the morale of our army has been chaotic and unbearable for a long time …"
Looking at him with a face of shame, Yan hong ran to see the gas, but there was no slap in the face.
Open the general to fight in the field and lose to the thief army!
But Yan hong ran to see that he had scruples about this kind of thing.
The situation in the camp has been out of his control of the fast Jin Army of the Guangfu Army, and most of the Jin Army cavalry are difficult to gather strong cavalry forces to stop the Guangfu Army
This timing is really wonderful. I am full of despair and feel that I have saved my life.
It doesn’t matter if the emperor is dead, but what if the army is not guaranteed?
Thunder-like sound is getting closer and closer to Yan Hong’s sight, and Yan Hong’s sight is getting closer and closer.
He decided to give up meaningless resistance and be decisive when he fled-run!
Of course, you need to leave a back before running, which is also commonly known as dying.
Shi Lieliang, the former minister, took the initiative to ask for a back room. Now Shi Lieliang needs a back room when he is finished.
Who is suitable?
Chapter 451 8 Jin j camp completely collapsed
The back of the house must be good at fighting, capable and brave enough to hold on to the situation.
It’s better not to feel bad when one of our own dies.
Who can it be?
Yan hong ran to see the moving spine into silence for a while and slowly nodded his head.
Yong Jiang has a certain fighting ability, and he doesn’t feel bad when he dies.
What a good candidate.
So Yan Hong ran to see his hand patted and turned into a shoulder.
"I’ve asked Yi Ying to escort some officials with five thousand fine riders, and my horse will leave, too. Stay and organize more troops to cover our evacuation for less than an hour, otherwise we are not allowed to retreat! Do you understand? "
Move into a stupor
"This … this …"
"This is an order! Don’t violate it! Liang Bi, a scholar, dares to die. Don’t you even have the courage? When the country is in danger, it is time for you generals to step forward! If you don’t obey the order, I’ll cut you off now! "
Yan hong ran to see his beard and beard, and it was rare to get angry
I dare not disobey Yan Hong’s orders, but I can bite the bullet and take orders.
Yan hong ran to see the pro-health protection soon left the camp, and with the rectification of 5 thousand fine riding, she ran without stopping.
He doesn’t seem to have considered what effect he can have if he kills Su Yonglin with these five thousand cavalry.
He didn’t. He ran away
Moving into a desperate look at Yan Hong running away, my heart is full of resentment and unwillingness.
Do you want to leave me to die just because I am a Khitan?
You can still take the initiative to die.
What am I?
Move to despair, feel that you are already dead or out of here, and face death.
At the key moment, his department tried to persuade him.
"General and we can call more soldiers to gather enough military forces to control him so much? The general can also go! Why can they leave the general to die? "
I was stunned and then asked, "What if I am asked after I go back?"
"That also want to go back to say again besides, who can go back is not necessarily! The general should immediately prepare to carry more food and then go straight north! Just say that we have fought hard. They all ran away. Who knows if we have fought hard? "
I was so tempted by the suggestion of the Ministry that I felt that I really couldn’t die here.
There is a beautiful wife and concubine at home, countless possessions and a luxurious life waiting for him to enjoy.
How can you die here!
Gather your troops as much as possible and run!
Who wants you to die!
Therefore, Shifa Cheng also made preparations to flee quickly after gathering his troops.