Lin Zhan also told him, "It’s a serious robbery in one day, especially since the robbery in July and September will produce a qualitative increase and the power will skyrocket. You must be careful."

Lin Zhan glared at Lin Lei again and said, "I thought that when Lei Er crossed the real robbery, he was almost killed by the robbery of the seven or nine days!"
Lin Lei’s face turned red.
In front of others, being scolded by my father like this, Lin Lei’s face would not dare to refute, and he could mutter, "Let’s talk about it first."
Generally speaking, the stronger the talent, the greater the potential, and the more horrible it will be when it comes to the real martial arts!
The thunder emperor, the wind, the sky and the forest have all ushered in nine days of robbery!
For example, Lin Lei, the exquisite fairy king, was baptized by the seven or nine days robbery.
It’s a rare sight to meet the robbery in July and September!
Chapter two thousand six hundred and seventy-three What a day!
"You two go home."
At Lin Lei and Lin Luo’s brother and sister, Linglong Xianwang suddenly said
Su Mo’s Du Jie’s blood will be exposed in the process of countering the Armageddon!
Linglong Xianwang certainly believes in his two children, but this matter depends on Su Mo’s life. The fewer people know, the better.
Lin Lei didn’t say anything. He was not interested in Su Mo coming to Du Jie.
Lin’s eyes were crossed with a loss.
She also learned that the ninth-order fairy did not perceive the breakthrough opportunity.
It is not only a rare experience for Su Mo to cross the river, but also a chance for her to get some insights and find a breakthrough opportunity.
Su Mo’s look moved to detect the mood change of Lin Luo and couldn’t help laughing. "Let them stay here and watch, two seniors."
"This …"
Linglong Xianwang hesitated.
Su Mo shook his head slightly to signal nothing.
He could see what Linglong Xianwang was worried about.
But he had a hunch that his violet veins would probably be hidden after Du Jie today!
Even if the layout person doesn’t make moves, he will choose the other side to show his cards.
What’s more, keeping him in Lin Luodong’s abode of fairies and immortals these days and letting them watch from the sidelines is a reward for two people.
With the consent of Su Mo, Linglong Xianwang was overjoyed.
It’s a wonder that Du Jie, the natural violet, is hard to see for ever!
No one knows what will happen in this.
But it is certain that it is a rare opportunity for Lin Lei and Lin Luo’s brother and sister to watch from the sidelines!
"Thank you soon?"
Exquisite fairy king aside wake way
Lin Luo crossed over to Su Mo and said, "Thank you, Brother Su!"
"Thank you for what?"
Lin Lei felt a little puzzled and pouted. "What is there to see? It’s not like I haven’t had a real day’s robbery?"
Lin Zen eyes a horizontal coldly said, "the moyu thunder emperor was lucky enough to witness the wild Wu Du Jie just stepped into the land to seal the king. What do you say is there to see? Are you comparable to Emperor Lei? "
Lin Lei’s heart is most afraid of his father being scolded by Lin Zhan, and he dare not refute Mo Mo.
But his heart is not dark I feel that "I am better than Lei Huang’s predecessors, but Su Mo is not a waste force."
At this time, Sumo has come to the center of the valley
Ren Huang Lin Zhan, Linglong Xianwang, Lin Lei and Lin Luo all retreated to the top of the valley and watched in the distance.
Su Mo had just settled in the sky when a deep, thick and rolling Lei Yin seemed to have several gods driving the chariot sky slowly.
A moment ago, it was like washing Wan Liyun.
In a moment, there are several dark clouds floating towards this place, constantly condensing and slowly rotating this valley to form a huge vortex of dark clouds!
As time goes by, the color of this cloud is getting deeper and deeper, and it seems that ink can drop from it!
Red flashes are already looming in the dark clouds.
Huge dark clouds covered the whole valley as if shrouded in gloom, and the atmosphere seemed to be solidified and depressed in the black.
Pang Dawei hovered over the heavens and the earth, and all was silent!
Lin Lei frowned slightly.