Faced with such a mysterious stone tablet, if ordinary people take a look at it, they will be tempted to indulge in desperation and realize the truth inside.

However, those who came from the great magical power of Xuanmen were different from those who saw the mysterious characters of the stone tablet. At first sight, a strong desire for destruction appeared in their hearts, urging them to destroy the stone tablet.
As if that stone tablet could shake their foundation and give them a very dangerous feeling.
It is this feeling that makes them unable to stop thinking about destroying the stone tablet.
It’s almost possible that those who come from the Xuan door will unconsciously raise their palms and blast out an avatar at that stone tablet.
But at this moment, I heard that heaven and earth suddenly sounded a huge roar, like thunder exploding all ears to restore consciousness.
Then I saw the sky exhausted and the golden light fell madly towards the stone tablet.
Golden light of merit!
"What is the origin of the stone tablet? Is it that I can’t help but have the idea of destroying it at a glance? "
At this time, the great magical powers of the Xuan door looked at the stone tablet with a look of indecision, and they didn’t know this would happen.
If these great magicians are alarmed, the one in Zixiao Palace is already shocked and speechless.
At the moment when the stone tablet emerged, the Taoist priest suddenly felt a palpitation and withdrew from the enlightenment in Zixiao Palace.
right after
Before he knew the situation, he saw that the fate of Xuanmen shook violently as if he had met an enemy of life and death.
Even if this force is as powerful as Zixiao Palace, it will follow and shake.
The whole Zixiao Palace shook, and the horror rhyme spread, and the chaos outside the sky set off a huge wave.
This sudden Tathagata scene is that the powerful mood of Hongjun Daozu can’t help but make waves and ripples.
Since the magic war, Xuanmen has set a tripod for the flood, and when it comes to Xuanmen’s fate, it will ride the dust firmly, so that the major forces will be unable to lift their heads one after another, and people will be able to compete.
It can be said
Xuanmen is Optimus Prime!
Such a powerful natural person can shake fate.
But today, Xuanmen’s fate unexpectedly vibrates violently as if he had met an enemy of life and death. Can ancestor Hongjun not be frightened?
This kind of situation only happened in the heyday of the magic door in Archaean times.
It was Hongjun’s first thought that the magic door was revived.
But soon he felt wrong.
The four emperors of heaven joined forces to suppress the magic door, which has been abolished, and even the magic ancestor Luo Wei has been hit hard, which may never happen again in a short time.
The threat to Xuanmen this time is by no means a magic door.
Who can it be if it’s not the magic door?
This manifestation of Xuanmen’s fate is that it has shaken the foundation of Xuanmen.
And the foundation of Xuanmen?
That is naturally a fairy road!