Although the face is the same, everyone knows that this is not Yuan just now. He is dead. This new student Yuan has the same body but a completely different soul.

The birth of the new "yuan" was silently watched by everyone and did not intervene. First, the new yuan body and their blood breath have lost their reason to do so.
Secondly, he has been doomed to die in this new school, and everyone knows this, so he has always been indifferent to his birth.
It was not a natural disaster, nor a human disaster, but an accident. After the birth of this creature, strength is the innate sacred standard of Tao Jun, and it behaves against the sky.
He won’t be robbed by the future.
And just now, after taking back the blood, everyone lost the opportunity to continue to take action against Yuan, so he was also robbed.
But he had an accident!
Is it so easy to pick up the magical powers of Feng Zichen, Sanqing and others? Yuan is just a Taoist king of Taiyi, and they were wiped out without even a chance to resist before their power.
However, after killing Yuan, this force did not completely dissipate and still stayed there. After the death of Yuan, the vitality of heaven and earth merged together.
That is to say, after the birth of the new "yuan", this force lurks in other bodies, just like a bomb that may explode at any time.
The sky is full of flowers, the earth is full of golden lotus, and it seems to be covered with a thin layer of gold gauze, which is very beautiful.
A vision and a vision!
This is a natural divine birth vision!
This means that a new "yuan" is about to be born.
But at this moment, an unexpected wave of meta-body broke out and directly shattered his body and crushed his innate true spirit.
By this blow, it has just been born. Yuan will have to breathe in the future, and he has already followed in his footsteps and died!
Second generation yuan pawn!
Bang …
The second generation of Yuan Dynasty fell, and the whole site of Buzhoushan shook, but it showed a little sadness and echoed here.
At the same time, more innate divine light surged madly into the second generation, and after the fall, it turned into heaven and earth.
Soon three generations were born!
Generally, the second generation of Yuan Dynasty is derived from the vitality of heaven and earth with both hands, holding the big-dashed spear with one hand and grasping the seal of mountains and rivers with the other as if afraid of being robbed.
Heaven and earth shook again, and the vision that had just receded, the soaring golden lotus, reappeared again, followed by the golden light
However, although the scale of this vision is large, it is much smaller than before, and it is no longer a natural sacred treatment, but a top-level innate supernatural treatment.
Obviously, being hit hard twice in succession also made Yuanyuan escape. In the three generations, Yuanyuan was no longer born sacred, but a top innate demon.
Go down one level.
It seems to be a level difference, but the gap is endless.
Such as saying?
From the point of view of today’s enlightened people, we can see that the gap between them is now like the wind. Zichen, Sanqing, Houtu, Nu Wa Niangniang, etc. are all born sacred and one person is a top innate demon.
This alone can show the huge gap in China.
Three generations of yuan were born soon after the innate divine light constantly nourished them.
Unfortunately, compared with the previous two generations, his fate is still doomed.
Boom one!
The outbreak of majestic power directly shattered the three generations of yuan body and innate true spirit into pieces.
Three generations of yuan on the street!
But with the fall of the three generations of Yuan, the strength left by everyone has weakened a lot, and even it won’t last long.
I just don’t know if Yuanyuan can’t stay up first, but the residual strength of all people can’t stay up first.
Buzzing …
The vibration of the ruins of buzhoushan, which fell in the three dynasties, became more intense, so the sense of sadness became more obvious. There was a whining wind like the weeping of the ruins of buzhoushan.