Luo Yu, everyone in your family, is about to succeed. At this critical juncture, it is clear that Junshan’s eyes suddenly burst open, and the fierce beast roared "Death!"

"Boom!" The roar suddenly sounded!
Junshan Luoyu both rolled back and smashed into the dust!
I looked at two big pits where smoke and dust rolled and tumbled! Everyone in your family looked at each other and they all saw surprise in each other’s eyes!
No, he looks strange and can knock down the young master again! Previously, they thought it was luck, but this time they had to admit that this ghost face really has their strength to challenge the Lord! What happened in the moment when the two men were rushing like thunder? Less of them, the eyesight has been able to capture the two people! At present, it seems that the two men are neck and neck, and now it depends on who gets up first.
"pa!" A broken bandage is wrapped in the broken earth and stone in the pit, and the arm reaches out to the sky! Scattered and burst with the splash of earth and stone! Luo Yu staggered out of the pit and locked his eyes in front of the earth-rock pit where Junshan was buried!
Looking at the first step out of the ghost face, everyone will not take a breath! They never expected to come out first, but it turned out to be this ghost face! Although the ghost looks unfamiliar, the left shoulder blade seems to have been hit hard, blood is constantly overflowing and dense bones are broken! But he’s still alive, but they don’t have’ interest-bearing’. Is it a blow from the Lord?
When they indecision, they saw that the whole body was covered in blood and the left arm Luo Yu was looking at the’ buried’ junshan pit. "Have you had enough sleep, little Lord?" Get up and play when you have enough sleep. "
Hearing the ghost face, everyone suddenly looked forward to the pit!
See the pit rubble suddenly to a full of cold anger "your left arm has been scrapped right hand fracture, what else can you take and fight less? A ghost looks unfamiliar! "
Junshan’ s voice has not fallen, and the pit is already a long explosion of earth and stone!
Chapter 136 Fragrant epiphyllum and Wei injury
Surrounded by mountains, the forest valley is now suddenly windy.
The pit that covered Junshan suddenly exploded and the earth and stone splashed!
The smoke and dust did not disperse, and a tall and straight figure appeared, and then it was full of coldness and anger. "The ghost face is born, your left arm has been abolished, and your right hand is fractured. What can you do with it?"
Drink junshan, step through the dust and walk out slowly
Looking at this moment, it’s unkempt and disheveled, and it’s not much better than you. Junshan Luoyu’s stone collapsed before he stepped foot on it!
He also said with a sonorous color, "You can still step on your feet with your legs."
Glancing at the broken stone of Luoyu Foot, Junshan disdained to laugh and scoffed. "It’s amazing that you are afraid of persistence! However, it seems stupid to know that the most important thing for people is not to persist, but to choose to appreciate less. I can give you one last chance to choose. Sincerely, it is not a shame for me to miss this opportunity … it is death! "
Los feather raise your face suddenly smiled blood flowing along the "black" grain and …
He looked at Junshan and praised, "What a high word of kindness. It’s a pity that I applauded you with my two hands. Who are you? Mahayana venerable? Dao Zu Xian Shen? Hey ~ I smell that you are just a … rebellious bastard. "
Los feather face dew sarcastically will be the last word slowly tunnel out.
Watching your family all listen to this immediately a face of fear and looked at his little master.
As the ghost face said, Junshan was born to a humble disciple, although he was the head of the family. When he was young, he was sent to the Five Elements Sect to die. Who ever wanted your family to attack the Five Elements Sect and almost wiped out the army? Thanks to Junshan, he destroyed the Five Elements Sect to protect the mountain array and killed his master Qingye in one fell swoop! Thus, the monarch’s family was saved and the five elements were destroyed.
Since then, Junshan has become a royal family, and the young master has secured the position of the main heir of Junshan, but at the same time, the name of Junshan’s rebellious teacher has also flowed to the mountains and seas to fix the truth. Now it is no secret, but Junshan’s family is very’ smart’ and keeps silent about this matter.
Although everyone doesn’t say it, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, and this matter in Junshan’s heart has always been his lamella!
The dragon will die if it touches the lamella. Obviously, Luo Yu has uncovered him at this moment, covering up the stain scales and exposing him completely!
Everyone in your family looked tight, and the twisted and narrow eyes of the young master were already angry. At this moment, they can imagine how miserable this ghost face will die for a second!
The gale in the valley became more and more fierce, and the trees shook the dust.
At this moment, Junshan’s arms are slightly curved, and the golden inscriptions on his body are floating, not only rising slowly, but solidifying into a giant beast that looks like a wolf, a tiger and a tiger!
This monster phantom is the seventh-order demon king Jin Jia Cang mastiff with the blood of God beast Lou Bai.
Junshan is screaming in the sky in a phantom. His arms spread like an ancient savage god and he growled, "Good, good! You should feel lucky that you will be the first to see me. I will blow you into a pool of blood and melt into this dead valley! "
Looking at the phantom of golden armor and pale mastiff added to Junshan, I feel the fury he sends out shaking the world like a king’s anger!
Luo Yu feels that he is not facing Junshan, but a furious lich king!
A stunning beast roars through the valley where the heavens and the earth shake.
Junshan has rushed to Luoyu’s eyes without half a breath by physical strength! His fist front, shining with golden light, is crashing at the cold fire to protect Luo Yu with a sound crack!
Luo Yu’s body is already a flame rising, and it is frozen around! See him all surprised eyes actually waved a fractured right hand blow against the golden Gangfeng roared!
Luo Yu’s right hand was indeed fractured before, but with the passage of the battle, his right hand has been recovered by Xuan and Bai.
Is this unexpected’ coup’ didn’t save anything.
"Boom!" Two fists crossed and instantly Luo Yu felt a strong force attacking himself from the fist front! His right arm was wrapped in cold fire and suddenly spun away, and his flesh broke with the fracture.
Junshan’s remaining boxing strength is like a muffled thunder bombarding Luoyu!
A loud noise! Luo Yu should be knocked down ten feet away!
The cold fire has gone, and even the mysterious and white fish lines have become dim.
At the moment, Luo Yu’s figure has fallen into a mess, and his skirt has already broken, and his scarred body is naked and the sun is shining with colorful smoke.
Although his arms are firmly open, his eyes are still bright, but his black face is half covered with one or two stars.
Looking at the slowly coming Junshan Luoyu got up unyieldingly. He came to Junshan through the hazy smoke. Although his whole body was covered with blood and his skirt was broken, his mouth was still slightly raised, which seemed to mock the people in front of him!
"Ho-ho!" Angry wheeze rings again!
Los feathers didn’t move, but they were blasted by furious Junshan’s fist, and their heads and bodies fell into the pit!
Junshan disdainfully glanced at the bloody mouth on the ground and finally sounded a happy laugh. "The ghost face said less that I would blow you into a pool of blood and melt into this dead valley! Ha ha ha ~! "
When the dust settled, Junshan saw the head body lying on his back in the pit. He was satisfied and turned away. When everyone in your family saw it, they immediately followed him with worship.
When Junshan walked out of several feet away, he suddenly stopped! Incredibly looking back at the milli-movement pit.
He indecision to himself "how is that possible! How is it possible? "
All the disciples looked at each other when they saw their young master’s appearance, and the injury improved slightly. Jun Zheng and two disciples helped each other and asked, "Brother, how is it possible?"
Junshan’s eyebrows trembled and finally pushed the crowd back and sighed, "He is still alive."
Junshan’s words surprised everyone!
They all witnessed that the ghost face was blown off by a punch. How can it still be alive? Junzheng and his family are second only to Junshan. Although he is seriously injured, he is knowledgeable and damaged.
See his gods put immediately eyebrows a wrinkly muttered exclaimed "impossible! Can this ghost face come back from the dead? "
Your family heard that there were signs of life recovery hidden in that pit! They suddenly showed their fear, and one of them even guessed at random, "It is said that someone outside the foothills said that this ghost face was born before killing anyone, and if anyone asked who it was, he would say that he was born with a ghost face and killed by a wild ghost … but is this ghost face really capable of ghosts?"
It seems absurd to hear this statement, but many disciples in your family really agree with it. It’s probably because the ghosts and ghosts in this world of mountain and sea cultivation are not empty, and there are more heretical monks who avoid right and practice evil and reverse reincarnation …
Seeing his disciples’ absurd remarks, Junshan snorted, "It’s better to see what kind of wild ghost this ghost looks like."
Said junshan has stepped forward alone.
Semi-wick fragrant front