"I don’t know if his government knows or not. I really don’t know if we’ve come to Tai ‘an Prefecture, but we haven’t come yet to tell him that Yizhou has been occupied …"

"So you have no idea how many of us are doing?"
"What else do you know?"
"I also know that … for a while ago, the county suddenly began to talk about the rebellion in Yizhou, the rebellion in Mizhou, the rebellion in Dengzhou and the rebellion in others. Others said that there was a rebellion in Daming Mansion, Yanyun, the rebellion in Xia Guo in the west, the invasion of Song Guo in the south and the Northern Expedition.
Many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many
"I’m coming."
Su Yonglin smiled.
Think worship compensate smile nodding.
"How do you know that Yizhou has a problem?"
Sijing told Su Yonglin about the news brought by Chen Binghe’s people and the one who came back to explore things after going around for half a circle.
Su Yonglin knew what he wanted to know and was very satisfied. He let go of his hand and got up.
It has been more than twenty days since the rebellion began. As a result, there is little news of rebellion in Yizhou, Mizhou and Juzhou. At present, the secretariat of Taian is uncertain, and Xintai County has just confirmed the rebellion in Yizhou.
They don’t know anything about the specific number, composition and objectives of the rebel army, even the news that the rebel army has launched an attack and is preparing to capture Shandong East Road.
not bad
It seems that Su Yin and Su Changsheng have played a very good intelligence war. The housekeeping has not been abandoned, and the ancient and modern criteria of three people becoming tigers have been verified again.
The whole Shandong Jinting official system should be a mess, even if they already know something, they will not contact each other and join forces to fight each other passively.
The Guangfu Army has started to attack the Shandong 8 Jin Army, and the situation has just begun. This military operation seems to be a shoo-in.
If they win here, they will surely inspire the local tyrants and squires in other parts of Shandong who are dissatisfied with the Jinting to start widespread riots, and then spread this wave to Henan and Hebei.
Taking advantage of the unstable foothold of Jinting Central Plains, the vast Central Plains region was wrapped in a wave of rebellion, which could trigger a series of reactions.
With a fulcrum, a small person can lift an object several times larger than himself.
With this fulcrum, an army, Su Yonglin, can also incite Jin Ting to rule the Central Plains.
The era of great rebellion is coming.
Su Yonglin was very satisfied with Sijing and then ordered him to be killed.
Sijing looked dull and didn’t scream until he was dragged out for execution, screaming and begging for mercy.
Su yonglin shouted 1
"It won’t be long before I can send your family day to accompany you! You won’t be lonely! "
As soon as the voice fell, Si Jing was cut off.
Su Yonglin doesn’t care that some people cry.
He accepted the military supplies in the city and got a lot of food, crossbows, gunpowder and arrows, as well as some melee weapons and a small amount of armor.
The military equipment of Victory Army has been optimized again.
The afternoon after the county was captured, Su Yonglin learned that the follow-up troops had followed.
Su Jue, Su Haisheng and others led the troops to join hands to wipe out the Jin people’s village and town defense forces in Xintai County, and the progress was very fast.
In the afternoon, Chen Qiaoshan and Li Xiao troops arrived at Xintai County to rest.
Su Yonglin called the generals to the county town to announce the plan for the first step.
Su Jue, Su Haisheng and Han Jingxuan led three battalions, and Su Haisheng and Su Jue led some of them to capture Laiwu County and Fengfu County respectively.
It is equivalent to directly leaving an army of 1,500 troops here to wipe out the Ministry of Finance and liberate all the rural areas controlled by them.
Then build peasant associations and organize farmers as usual and start to expand the army
2300 men is not enough. He needs more troops.
Su Yonglin still has some ideas of his own.
Tai’ an Prefecture is surrounded by Mount Tai in the north and east, and there are mountains in the south and flat in the west. However, Wenshui passes through many tributaries here to divide the flat land, which is not suitable for cavalry to fight.
If it weren’t for the cavalry, but the infantry, Su Yonglin would still have a short time to deal with it.
Sotan Prefecture is a good place.
According to Zhao Kaishan’s practice, whoever calls back is in charge, so Taian can be built well, but it can be used as the core headquarters of Victory Army for a while, which is relatively safe.
Destroy the Jin people in the village, control the villages and the population, and control the farmers by the government. More than half of the land population in Taian will be controlled by Su Yonglin.
To those landlords and squires …
Let’s just leave them alone for the time being.
After determining this goal, everything will be in order. Su Yonglin carefully instructed the three people to stay seriously and carefully.
"After the capture of the county seat, martial law will be carried out to temporarily control the city, and then the village Jin people and the town defense forces will be built as usual to launch farmers. We are suitable for those landlords and squires …
They are willing to join the Guangfu Army, then promise to let them join the Guangfu Army, let them manage everything in their original site, and then arrange for them to meet me when I get back. Just do a good job in rural work and don’t let them intervene. "
After listening to Su Yonglin’s account, the three men nodded cautiously.
Then Su Yonglin led the remaining 100 troops and two armies, the enemy-crushing and the wandering, to make a dash in the direction of Zizhou.
Chapter 59 Fire everywhere
Su Yonglin’s plan is to capture Zizhou and then capture Jinan, tearing apart the Jin rule at a very fast speed and completing the strategic goal of marked army.
It’s about 100 miles from Xintai to Zichuan County. Su Yonglin decided to run it in three days.
In order to drive most ordinary soldiers, he took the lead in running away and insisted on not riding horses, and ordered officers not to ride horses unless they were injured.
The commanding officer was forced to set an example by taking the lead, which brought this rookie Guangfu Army, which had little standardized training soon, to Zichuan County.
Then this rookie army successfully defeated the 8 Jin Army, breached Zichuan County, and wiped out all the officials.
Su Yonglin didn’t stay. Once again, he was divided into two roads. One road was responsible for continuing to capture the remaining counties in Zizhou, and the other road followed him to rush to Jinan to Zhangqiu.
Su Yonglin attacked all the way forward, and at the same time, the whole situation in Shandong changed greatly.
Rebel soldiers attacked the whole Shandong East Road in three ways, trying to expand their power while Jin Ting didn’t react.
The official forces of the Jin State of Shandong are dizzy and confused, and they are all in a hurry by all kinds of rumors and news, but they don’t know what happened in Shandong.
In the era of information broadcasting based on manpower and animal power, it is not difficult to make some people or some institutions misjudge something, because everyone has no map to look at things through the fog.
The official of Shandong Jin State did not know the lair, leaders, numbers, war goals and political goals of the Guangfu Army, let alone the extent to which the Guangfu Army had progressed.
However, the official power of Shandong Jin Guo has been clearly touched by the Guangfu Army.
The ruling power of Jin Guo Shandong with mental arithmetic was defeated for a while and was constantly pulled out by the Guangfu Army.