Chaos fiend is it so easy to achieve?

I don’t know how many years have passed since the birth of chaos. This vast chaos has only bred 3,000 chaotic fiends.
If Feng Zichen is transformed into the high chaotic fiend only by a baptism on the avenue, wouldn’t it seem that the chaotic fiend has no face?
My big chaos fiend is here?
Right here?
If the chaos fiend is really so faceless, will he be called the greatest life in the world?
Yes, therefore
Every statue of chaos fiend was born.
Consumption is chaotic fate.
Not so good.
It is impossible for Feng Zichen to be transformed into a chaotic fiend once and twice, which is to bring him closer to this kind at most.
after all
Chaos fiend is born with different ghosts and gods.
That’s a real avenue. Every statue has the eternal possibility of achievement.
"Wow ~ ~"
Edge pain hit the wind zichen uncontrollable coughing air conditioning.
This is that price of baptize the flesh.
Pain goes straight to the depths of the soul.
Whether Feng Zichen’s realm is high or not, his endurance is greatly enhanced. After initial inadaptability, he is used to this kind of pain.
after that
He won’t feel the pain.
That seems to be the case.
After feeling no pain, Feng Zichen relaxed a lot and then he got down to business.
"The avenue is out of the oven!"
I saw Feng Zichen’s mind move, and a huge oven flew out of his body and hung in the middle, and the outside avenue oven echoed far away.
This is his imitation of the avenue oven to create a great magical power-the avenue oven (pseudo)
Anyway, being idle is also idle. It is better to take this opportunity to become an avatar.
Laida Road’s baking power is very powerful, ranking among the top several magical powers in the flood and drought.
Then once again, his power will be further confirmed, and he will be able to directly squeeze into the top three and become one of the most powerful magical powers in the wild.
In chaos, I don’t know how long it’s been since time passed.
It seems like a moment and it seems like ten million.