This is Feng Zichen’s newly established official organization to collect all the magical powers and techniques of Terran. For future generations’ reference, there are also many collections in the Tibetan-guarding room of foreign techniques.

It can be said that since its establishment, the Tibetan-guarding room has become an important place for Terrans, and the ancient books placed in it are valuable.
The Tibetan room is so important to guard this place that the guards are naturally one in a million.
The patrol guards outside are all congenital Taoist priests, and there are several Taoist priests who sit in this place and will definitely not let outsiders step into this place.
Such an important local manager is even more important. In addition to strong strength, he must be responsible and have a high status.
In order to select this suitable candidate, Feng Zichen had a headache for a long time. Finally, he planned to select a suitable candidate from the ancient san huang dignitaries.
Terran san huang’s important status and strength are naturally available, so it is also appropriate for them to sit and guard the Tibetan room.
It was Feng Zichen who offered himself before looking for someone here, but it was difficult for Feng Zichen.
If someone introduces himself, Feng Zichen may suspect that he is a greedy Terran. There are hundreds of congenital Taoist scriptures in the Tibetan room, but if this person is a great ancestor, Feng Zichen is not worried.
It’s not easy to write a congenital Taoist sutra with your eyes closed, even if the Terran puts it in front of his old man’s house, he won’t wait to see it.
However, it is precisely because of this that Feng Zichen hesitated. He didn’t understand that Daozu’s purpose in doing so was not to peep at the innate Taoist scriptures, but that Daozu would ask him for this position again.
After thinking silently for a while, Feng Zichen suddenly nodded and agreed, "It is an honor for Zichen and an honor for the Terran to keep the Tibetan order. Is there any reason for Zichen to refuse?"
"Zichen will personally take Daozu to the Tibetan room later."
Just now, Feng Zichen suddenly realized that all the books and records collected by the management terrans are just a flash, and his real purpose is not the incarnation of the great magical powers.
With the official status, the Taoist ancestors can better guide them and let them take fewer detours or become enlightened quickly.
For this, Feng Zichen also agrees with those great magical powers. After all, they are unstable factors. If they stay in Central China for a long time, who knows what will happen or send them away early?
Moreover, Feng Zichen is still up to something else. The Taoist Terran official must want to live with people, which gives people a chance to contact.
Daozu is extremely strong. If someone is lucky enough to get a little advice from Daozu, it will be enough for this person to benefit from poverty.
On weekdays, Taoist ancestors lived in the chaotic purple palace outside the sky, but even if foreigners wanted to get in touch with him, they didn’t have the chance.
But the eyes are different. Daozu lived in the imperial city. If you have the heart, you can meet him
For ordinary people, it is a great opportunity to meet Daozu. It would be more perfect if I were lucky enough to get his advice.
As the saying goes, the advantage comes first, and the ancestors still live in the imperial city. Then there will always be a few lucky people who get advice from the ancestors.
"Then thanked the emperor." Grandfather Hongjun got up and thanked Zichen for the wind. Zichen hurriedly replied, "Grandfather is welcome."
Then Feng Zichen took Hongjun’s ancestor to the Tibetan room and went for a walk.
The new Tibetan-keeping order of this Tibetan-keeping room was personally led by Ren Huang Feng Zichen, and the attitude was more friendly than that of facing the time, but it was like making friends on an equal footing.
Anyone with a clear head will know that this new Tibetan-keeping order is a big shot, otherwise it won’t be worth it in Ren Huang.
Knowing the noble status of Hongjun Daozu, it’s up to you to do your own thing if you get a chance from Daozu. Feng Zichen doesn’t care.
Everyone has his own fate, which is extremely demanding.
After returning from the Tibetan room, Feng Zichen suddenly gave an order, and he ordered that the maid who prepared the seat for Daozu and the maid who served tea to Daozu and the bodyguard who tried the world tea for Daozu be sent.
Today, anyone who comes into contact with Taoist ancestors is sent to Wangtianfeng World Tree by Zichen’s command. This is the treatment of Terran’s peerless arrogance
The fate of these people has changed just because they have had contact with the ancestors, and it is not too much to say that one man is arrogant.
It is indeed a great opportunity to offer tea, serve seats and gifts to the Taoist ancestors, because the Taoist master is heaven, and even a pig can become a pig god, not to mention those guards Gong E, which is extraordinary
Prove that the road is self-contact with the Taoist ancestors
Besides, Feng Zichen has another purpose in doing this. He wants to hint to the people in the imperial city that his ancestors are extraordinary through this method.
It’s just that fate has changed dramatically after contact, so if you can get his guidance, it’s extraordinary.
If you pay attention to this scene, you will naturally guess what Feng Zichen thinks and get a great chance.
Opportunity are reserved for those who are prepare.
Feng Zichen has hinted that it is so obvious that if no one understands it, they can be blamed for their bad lives, not others.
After all, Feng Zichen told everyone that the new Tibetan room was the embodiment of the Taoist ancestor! If he really does this, the ancestor can’t turn against him immediately