Luo Yu, outside the gate of Zhu Xing, was holding a third-order demon Dan in one hand, and his eyes were full of longing. He looked at dozens of different kinds of demon Dan piled up in front of him, and his heart was so comfortable.

See he excitedly said to himself, "two third-order demon Dan dozens of second-order demon Dan sent! The peak of life! This lone sword is really a good man! Good man … "
Pack up Dan after Xiao Fan squatted beside Luo Yu with joy and giggled and looked at Luo Yu who was talking to himself. "Sir, with these demon Dan, you can definitely break through to the third order."
"Third order?" Hearing Xiao Fan’s words, Luo Yu still looked at the demon Dan and said, "I hope so."
But for a moment, Luo Yu swallowed up one by one, and looked at this moment, sitting in a sitting position, the whole body was red and bloody, and the red ice crystals around Luo Yu became more and more dazzling.
With the decrease of demon Dan, three hours have passed in a blink of an eye.
Xiaofan, it’s just a few feet, and it’s a chat to look around and touch outside the star gate.
Since two hours ago, Luo Yu’s demon body has broken through the second order, but now there are only a few demon Dan left! There are two third-order demon Dan hands ready to swallow the second-order demon Dan.
Swallow the demon Dan in one gulp, and the whole body’s qi and blood will rise again for a moment. Luo Yu frowned and looked at the last two demon Dan and murmured, "This second-order middle stage has swallowed so many demon Dan that it has not yet entered the later stage! This ….. Is it not enough …? "
Xiao Fan is stroking the red ice crystal rock wall. Hearing this, he turned to the so-called way, "Then eat the third-order demon Dan. Anyway, it’s free."
Luo Yu immediately smiled and picked up a sweet jujube-sized blue-and-white water attribute demon Dan, who hesitated for a moment and then swallowed it.
As soon as the demon Dan entered, the torrent instantly merged into the body and merged into the blood!
"psst!" Long-lost numbness hurts all over your body! Los feather can’t help but let out a whisper as the whole body qi and blood slowly calm eyes red fade.
Xiao Fan Luoyu, who has come near and looked at herself tangentially, touched her head and smiled. "It’s really the third-order demon Dan that works well. It has jumped to the peak of the second stage!"
Picked up the last brown earth attribute demon Dan Luoyu and smiled at Xiao Fan. "Eating this one should be able to break through to the third order."
I heard Luo Yu’s words, Xiao Fan nodded happily and urged at the same time, "Eat quickly, eat quickly, chat here is dead."
See this feather also have to endure a smile to continue the last demon Dan.
About a wick of incense in the past, Luo Yu’s whole body was still full of blood gas. Xiao Fan saw Xiu Mei and wrinkled up slowly. She looked around at the moment with her eyes closed and her brow trembling. Luo Yu’s face was puzzled. "What took you so long?" The previous one was just …! "
Before Xiao Fan finished muttering, he saw that Luo Yu’s whole body was furious! Long hair is wantonly fluttering clothes, hunting and ringing, and the roots of blood vessels and meridians all over the body appear flashing red streamers!
Seeing this scene, Xiaofan was surprised for a moment, but she was nervous and laughed. "It’s pretty good!"
"Ah ~!" A low, painful shout sounded, and Luo Yu suddenly opened her eyes and breathed out a sigh of relief, "I will go!"
Looking at the whole qi and blood has dissipated, Luoyu Xiaofan immediately indecision and asked, "I’ll go? Where to go? "
Luo Yu wiped his sweat and opened his mouth.
Chapter 12 The sword spirit is deep and remote, and the blue life is far from predestined friends.
Zhu xing men wai Shi Bei Qian
Los feathers to wipe the sweat/opened his mouth.
Look at the side of Xiao Fan fidgeting constantly urging "Sir, you’d say, where are you going?" What’s the matter with you? Is there no breakthrough? "
Los feather shook his head and looked at clenched fist suddenly red fluorescence! The sound of bones is like thunder and lightning!
Xiao Fan felt very close that there was actually a humanoid force in the red fist, which emanated like the roaring of thunder and thunder of all beasts!
Then she was surprised to look at is a face of wry smile feather.
"shout! ~ boom! " Luo Yu waved his fist and roared with Gangfeng bursts, instantly smashing and bursting a piece of red ice crystal rock beside him!
Looking at the rubble and powder everywhere, Xiaofan was surprised and said, "Sir, the third-order demon body is really tight!"
Loose fist back arm Luo Yu shook his head slightly regretfully and said, "It’s not the third order but the second order dzogchen."
"What? !” Xiao Fan looked at Luo Yu in disbelief and then said, "How is it possible?" I’ve eaten so many magic pills that I can’t believe I haven’t reached the third level yet! This is too uneconomical. "
Looking at the miser-like little Fan Luoyu, she patted her so-called way, saying, "Anyway, it’s a waste of money. Anyway, it has crossed a big realm and almost entered the third order. How can it be a loss?"
Xiao Fan listened with a sense of heart.’ After all, these demon Dan are all picked up for nothing. Although the rise of the public demon body is worse than expected, it is less than a big border, which is equivalent to the scale of Brother dzogchen. This is already a great chance. It is a big deal for the third-order demon body to find the demon Dan after entering this mausoleum.’
Thinking of this, Xiao Fan suddenly felt better, pulling Luo Yu to the entrance of Zhuxing Gate and eagerly urged, "Sir, shall we go in? Look at the inscription and say that there should be many benefits in it. "
"benefits? Ah ~ "Luo Yu corners of the mouth blown a smile and looked at the light curtain at the end of the channel." If it’s too good, just accept it. Is there any benefit after the gate? Let’s talk about it. "
Small who suddenly confused into the gate channel, looking back to los feather around stretched out his hands, "is not nothing? The inscription says yes. "
Hook the hook and call out Xiao Fanluo’s feather, pointing to the word "over the stargate", and saying, "The killing of the whole person is also red and red; And the words of the stars are red and the words are born. "
Speaking of this, Luo Yu knocked and looked puzzled. Xiao Fan’s head pointed to the sword-shaped stalactite in the passage and said, "You and I are strangers. It is dangerous and unpredictable when you enter this door!"
When Xiao Fan heard Luo Yu’s "nonsense", he suddenly looked at his eyes in indecision, and his cold mountain flashed and hung upside down "sword"
Then she turned her head and frowned and muttered, "It’s like a fortune teller. I just went in. Isn’t there any danger?"
Los feather glanced at the inscription betting way "this sword solitary must be up to no good! Previously, Dan entered the stalactite blue mountain and flashed as if to attack Dan, but it was suspended for a moment! This is a problem. "
See los feather Dan after saying she sighed a strength "Sir ~! Are you overthinking it? How can Dan attack the stargate if he is not dirty in the later stage? "
Los feather shook his head, pointing to a monster beast bones quipped "monster beast over demon Dan nuclear Dan after over? The stalactite sword array at the top of this passage wanted to kill Dan by itself, but then it suddenly stopped! Is it not a person? Want to let us relax our vigilance …! "
Xiao Fan listened and frowned slowly, believing most of it unconsciously!
After thinking about it, she looked up at the three characters of "Zhu Xingmen" and suddenly changed her tongue and said, "Sir, let’s go."
Then she took Luo Yu and left, but Luo Yu shook his head off guard and smiled bitterly.
On the other hand, Luo Yu Xiaofan turned to see if she could go back the same way. Suddenly, a woman came behind her and called out anxiously, "Don’t hurry, two little friends!"
Smelling this little fan suddenly feels cold all over! She instantly turned around and pulled out a sword and looked at the red cave!
Luo Yu still glanced around and asked, "Is it rude for Ge to leave me alone without showing up to meet you?"
"Hee hee hee …" A feminine teasing seems to ring from all sides! Los feather eyebrows a wrinkly xiaofan look tight.
After the laughter stopped for a moment, the feminine girl rang again, "I’m ugly and afraid to come out and scare my two little friends …!"
Before the woman finished, Luo Yu suddenly looked at the stone tablet and her eyes flashed latosolic red! The girl suddenly stopped!
Seeing this, Luo Yu raised his mouth and sneered, "I’ll invite you out if you don’t show up!"
With that, Luo Yu stepped out "Ka!" The hard ice crystal ground is instantly cracked! "Hey!" Luo Yu’s body shot out and his leg front roared like a beast roaring towards the stone tablet and whipped away!
Daodao red blood gas wound and shot out, and Luo Yu swept out a foot like a red iron whip to the stone tablet that was close at hand!
Gangfeng is as wanton as a blade, and the crack is exposed before it touches the tablet surface!
Seeing this, the woman exclaimed, "Wait!"
The legs are scattered, and the feet are only one inch away from the stone tablet!
"hey!" The corner of the stone tablet cracked and fell off!
Looking at the eye, Luo Yu, in the corner of the stone tablet, smiled and recovered her body.
"Hoo ~!" It’s like a woman exhaling softly, but it’s like exhaling, and the charm is wrapped around her heart.
Smell this sound Luo Yu gently hum a fist suddenly sounded!