That one-day demon king Nai Neng once again launched an attack on Xu Ren.

Of course, this one-day demon king is not stupid. He also hides Gankun in his attack.
Xu Ren that day when the demon king met in the middle of the attack, there was a loud noise.
However, this time, Xu Ren’s one-day demon king collided. Although the movement was serious, Xu Ren felt the wrong place
Xu Ren didn’t immediately turn the attack power into a devouring power after being felt by ordinary people.
In this way, although their collision movements can be practical, the impact of the attack forces on both sides is not great.
On that day, the demon king’s eyes were weird. He wanted to escape by the collision force of Xu Ren, but he didn’t expect that when he collided with Xu Ren, the force reversed and disappeared, and he was separated from Xu Ren by less than ten feet.
The distance of ten feet is not close for ordinary people, but for a monk like Xu Ren, crossing the distance of ten feet is just a few more steps. Plus, Xu Ren’s speed is faster than that of the one-day demon king. With such a short interval, it is impossible for the one-day demon king to successfully get away.
On that day when the demon king was in a daze because he didn’t know the situation, Xu Ren’s sword shadow had been killed.
That day, the demon king thought Nai could flicker and escape Xu Ren’s sword shadow attack.
It was this guy who escaped Xu Ren’s sword shadow attack but felt that there was a cold wind coming behind him
This also makes this day demon king stunned and busy to flicker again.
However, when he flicker, Xu Ren has arrived near him with a Xinghai sword.
Seeing that Xu Ren has arrived near the crowd, the devil can once again wield his sword to meet Xu Ren’s attack.
Another loud noise.
However, the Xu Ren attack did not release water, and this blow also contained all the power of Xu Ren.
As a result, the situation of the one-day demon king was not good, and he was shocked and flew backwards like a broken kite.
But this is not the end, because when the demon king flew backwards that day, two swords of Xu Ren had attacked the demon king from different directions respectively.
That day, the demon king’s body is flying backwards. It is not easy to avoid Xu Ren’s two sword shadow attacks at the same time.
However, the one-day demon king is not so easy to deal with. His body twisted hard and missed the first sword shadow attack of Xu Ren.
It is this day that the demon king escaped the first sword shadow attack of Xu Ren, but it is not so easy to escape the second sword shadow attack.
Seeing that Xu Ren’s second sword shadow will fall on himself, the demon king also directly chopped his heart with a horizontal sword toward Xu Ren’s sword shadow.
Xu Ren’s sword shadow should be broken. When that sword shadow was broken, a silver light fell on the devil’s body at an extremely fast speed.
At that moment, the demon king felt numb and his body was frozen for a moment.
And on this day, another sword shadow of Xu Ren has arrived.
At the moment, the demon king has no action, and naturally he can avoid Xu Ren’s sword shadow attack
For a moment, Xu Ren’s second sword shadow has penetrated into the devil’s body for a day.
Xu Ren’s sword shadow pierced the demon king’s body for a moment and skyfire was released immediately.
Then the skyfire in Xu Ren’s sword shadow directly burned in the body of the one-day demon king.
Flame burning is far more difficult to deal with than body surface burning, so the devil was very anxious that day
But even if he was in a hurry, he didn’t attack Xu Ren at this time.
The Xu Ren attack was more than 30 five-element lightning ofuda.
Xu Ren, the monty king with good strength, is also afraid to be careless. His attack is also the pursuit of maximum lethality as much as possible.
More than 30 five-line lightning ofuda fell one after another that day, and the demon king sent out a series of muffled thunder.
And with this series of muffled thunder, the devil’s figure will be even more difficult to move that day.
Then Xu Ren threw dozens of lightning bolts at this one-day demon king.
Anyway, when Xu Ren dealt with this one-day demon king, all means increased the intensity
As a result, the one-day demon king is out of luck. Xu Ren, those days of thunder contain powerful flames. These days of thunder fall behind the one-day demon king, and the one-day demon king also directly turns into an inferno torch.
But even so, Xu Ren is still not at ease. In case of one thousand, he once again threw some five elements of lightning ofuda at the one-day demon king.
Chapter one thousand and fifty Don’t have the courage
Xu Ren, the one-day demon king, did not dare to talk about whether he made the five elements of lightning or those with special properties increased the amount.
In addition, to be on the safe side, Xu Ren also moved his two life flying swords to let them release gravity attacks to suppress the one-day demon king
As a result, the demon king can’t do it even if he wants to escape.
It can even be said that when this happens, the devil can’t even blow himself up, let alone escape.
After a wick of incense, the demon king was completely incinerated this day, and his demon soul was directly imprisoned by Xu Ren’s flying sword.
Of course, the devil’s soul is still difficult. It’s good that Xu Ren had experience in dealing with the devil’s soul before, which didn’t let the devil’s soul run away.
The same demon king, although there is a gap between the demon souls, will not be too big. Xu Renyou had an experience and imprisoned the second demon king again, so he was not so energetic.
After imprisoning the demon soul of the one-day demon king, Xu Ren set out to deal with the six two-blood demon kings again.
When it’s not a siege battle, it’s not good for the girder imperial army to delay.
In addition, Xu Ren finally has a bad feeling in his heart, that is, the army of the pick empire intercepted them this time, and perhaps it didn’t really want to drive them out of the pick empire. They were more like procrastination.
When it comes to procrastination, Xu Ren can’t guess, but it certainly won’t be a good thing
Little girl is fighting with six two kings of The Hunger, which is a bit beyond the scope of little girl’s coping, but she insists on it without distracting Xu Ren.
Of course, the six two kings of The Hunger fought against each other, but the gains were not small. Now he not only has a deeper understanding of his own strength, but also has a great improvement in his physique.
Furthermore, when Xiaoer’s martial arts realm is about to break through the golden body realm, it is estimated that Xiaoer should be able to break the dome and break through to the golden body realm of martial arts after World War I.
After Xu Ren joined the battle, the six kings of The Hunger couldn’t hold on.
In fact, it’s not easy for them to confront each other with six blood demons and a little girl. Although they are occupying the wind, they always have to be afraid of the little girl’s sword attack.
Now there is another Xu Ren that can be far and near, and the situation is even worse for them.
Xu Ren immediately released his sword shadow after joining the battle, and there were quite a few of them.
At that time, the six two kings of The Hunger were surrounded by the sword shadow, which made the six two blood lords go into a hurry.
While the six Second Blood Demons were in a hurry, Xu Ren’s figure had already rushed towards a stronger Second Blood Demon.