Luo Yu nodded and grabbed his wrist and said, "Come with me!"

"Thank you …!"
Before the wind thought thanked Luo Yu, he had pulled the wind thought with one hand and held the’ plank brick’ with one hand, and he was rushing around, rampaging and rushing like a shadow.
When the disciples saw that the headshot was coming again, they looked at the bright red brick in their hands in horror and hurried back.
It is obvious that someone has seen the picture of Luo Yu killing Chu Chen, but he exclaimed with trembling, "It’s … it’s a brick hand. I have a cow crow in Tsing Yi iron fan cloth! Get out of here and let Master Dao hide …! "
"Run! Be careful that the red bricks in his hand are not long!"
The more people retreat, the more they give up a spacious passage leading to the deep place!
I can see this scene directly, and the wind behind me is very excited, which is very powerful.
I wish I could have a scary’ plank brick’ killer in Luoyu’s hand!
This thing is simply the best choice for surprise, throwing and forcing.
Feng Si has made up his mind at the moment, and he must buy a piece from Elder Bu! No ~ three dollars! One for each of the three brothers and sisters.
Think about it. If you take out this thing in a row, you will sink into the sky and drink’ I have a brick hand’. Is this waiting for the momentum? It’s arrogant …!
Don’t say that the wind is thinking about what’s going on in that brain at the moment, saying that the ghosting of the high wind is constantly galloping towards Luoyu at the moment.
After a brisk walk, it seems that the ladder bridge has finally come to an end
At this moment, at the end of the ladder bridge, there is a red-hot circular platform surrounded by Lei Yun. In addition to the ladder bridge where you are located, there are still nine ladder bridges connected from the fog everywhere.
Jumping and stepping on the high platform, the stone surface is as warm as fire, and there is a three-foot-high brown monument with purple gold light flowing.
On both sides of the high platform of the giant monument, there are two water-shaped fluctuations of the star gate, the big gold character of the left star gate-Jin Yuling; And the right gate-Shazhou!
Obviously, this is the real secret realm, which is to enter the left and exit from the left gate. And the stargate on the right is naturally away from the land …
At this time, this tower does not have a feather wind, and there are still some monks who have not entered the land for a while.
If you don’t want to know, they are waiting for companions!
At this time, Luo Yu is looking at the bridge leading to the square ladder, and obviously they are also waiting for their companions to arrive.
As a wave of monks rushed into the wind again, they seemed a little anxious. "Cloth elder? Do you think they will be in any danger? Or have they gone in? "
At the moment, Luo Yu is somewhat confused by the high platform.
Since entering this secret land, he has been puzzled. Since a Shazhou Peninsula has set up a secret land entrance, does the Red Ray Honorable Person need to set up another secret land door? That’s it. Disperse a thousand monks? I’m afraid not.
Because it’s too much unnecessary, this place is obviously a separate place, except for the huge pavilions, ladders, bridges and high platforms, not to mention the red Dan
Of course, there is this high platform, the purple giant monument.
As for Luo Yu, when he was about to take a closer look at this giant monument, he suddenly pointed to a place where monks flocked to the ladder bridge. "Look, Mr. Bu! They are all there …! "
Los feather smell indeed as expected to see fat ancestors are protecting the people after dragging the team, so it can also be seen how sad this wind thought is that no one is missing this little one.
If it hadn’t happened that I met this small estimate, this wind thought would have been buried in the virtual abyss
Luo Yu, who didn’t reveal his identity, didn’t talk too much with fat ancestors and others, but sent a few people away and waited alone for the brother who had not yet arrived.
Of course, he also observed the three-foot-high monument by the way.
There seems to be an able person in front of the purple light flow monument to place a small stone platform. This stone platform looks only two and a half inches in size and thickness, but it is smooth and square.
Such an ordinary stone platform is naturally attracted by the huge stone tablet in front of you.
But I don’t know if it’s a surprise to see it!