He said, Isn’t this the Dragon Ball? Isn’t the hometown painting style quite right?

However, Kumar shook his head with a puzzled look. "Is it possible to get inspiration to a higher level? Freedom from the constraints of heaven and earth? According to our previous understanding of the world and taboos, this should be a method and taboo guidance to get rid of the constraints of the world will."
Lu Chen was embarrassed to say that he had watched too many cartoons, but he was also a little sorry that he didn’t arrange himself to play in the Dragon Ball world when he was young.
"That is to say, when the nine spiritual beads are aligned, taboo force will break out, and then when we bombard with that force, the barrier will be able to shuttle, right?"
Lu Chen simply concluded by watching Chuhang and Kumar hope to get a nod.
"Yes, in this way, we guess that the power of Lingzhu will be directly consumed, so we can’t let people break through Liu Xiong and don’t expect double income."
Chuhang nodded to avoid Liu Chen’s excitement and poured cold water on it. "And this is just saying after all. We still don’t know whether it’s true or not, and we don’t know how to trigger Lingzhu arrival."
"How do you feel that this world taboo is full of bad taste? Isn’t this way to screen people to kill and kill?"
Lu Chen mused that this is not the same as the struggle between the emperor and the road in the era of covering the sky. The nature seems to be that the strong people compete for the fruit, but in fact it is the struggle of all ethnic groups. In these ancient struggles of the strong, no one will fight alone but will try their best to devote themselves to the national strength.
Because the strong people here must also know something taboo, saying that they know that even if their relatives and friends die badly in their own struggles, they will eventually be able to turn everything around by proving their own fruit.
And those creatures who died because of the spirit bead struggle naturally can’t live, or look at the mood of the strong after the Tao.
"Conventional thinking may be cruel to creatures in a certain era, but thinking from the perspective of the whole world can have one more taboo, which will be the comparative advantage of the method of the death of creatures in multiple eras, and it is normal for them to do so."
Chu Hang analyzed, "What we should consider now is how to trigger the Lingzhu arrival ceremony and then how to win."
"The creatures in this world are not easy to mess with. When the micro-reconnaissance robots approach several big families, they are all detected by the strong and directly shocked into powder. They are not interested in tracing back to see who put them in."
Kumar said with a straight face, "According to the data, it is inferred that there are dozens of strong people with 33 comprehensive attributes in the world, which will be trouble in the competition of Lingzhu."
"Gee, it will really give me a problem. Do you have to break through such a perverted era before you can reverse the future?"
Lu Chen sighed with emotion and then grinned, "But I like it."
"Brother Lu already knows that if the spirit bead arrival ceremony is triggered?"
Chuhang is curious about Liu Chenshen’s rising self-confidence. He is still not sure whether it is an illusory statement.
"Who cares? Anyway, now that I know how to extend my stay, you should have been informed. I can’t believe that I can’t see the Lingzhu when I break through this era."
Liu Chen spilled his way that he had killed the ant lion, and the patriarch received the sign and triggered the hiding.
That is to say, the origin originally showed that the world had a way to extend the stay.
[Lord of the Predator when Hiding]
The native world No.1 world flood calendar will be destroyed or a race minister will get the stay time according to the race intensity.
If the collection method is adopted, the racial imprint team can be deprived of the blessing of the clan.
The difficulty is simple ~ you will die
Extension of reward stay
The deadline is before leaving the world.
It’s interesting, like the origin, urging me to make a scene quickly
And this name format also makes Lu Chen realize that there are many reasons for extending the stay, because the’ dividing line’ family master’ sequence is a way to extend the stay.
However, according to the difficulty, Lu Chen speculated that this is also the most rewarding one.
For example, their team has changed from 10,000 years to 11,000 years.
"In this regard, we might as well ask the explorer outside that he has stayed for 23 thousand years and may know some other ways."
Chuhang suggested.
"Let him in."
Lu Chen nodded and sat on the armchair, taking out all the wine and taking a sip.
A little while later, Tianlu Li came in very respectfully and saluted Liu Chen, saying, "If the boss has something to say, he will know whether to answer it or not."