Saints don’t care about kings, but those terran sages can’t.
After persuading the king to abdicate, the sage of Terran decided to help the king after several discussions.
Is it the Terran King or the Terran Sages who can still watch him fall?
It is said that all the sages of Terran have to help others.
Reasoning, those terran sages took the ancestral temple from their ancestral land and handed it over to the king of the people, trying to help resist the humanitarian dragon’s anger by this method.
The ancestral temple offered treasures when Emperor Fuxi came to play the guqin, and Dihuang Shennong came to refine the tripod of medicine god and Ren Huang Xuanyuan refined the tripod of heaven and earth.
These three treasures have followed san huang all the year round, and each of them has been contaminated with a trace of imperial spirit. Plus, how much Terran has served all the year round can make the king resist for a while, so that he can live longer.
Perhaps during this period, the king of Ren figured it out himself and changed his mind and decided to abdicate.
No matter how to convince these treasures, it is already the limit of the ancestral land. If the king still hasn’t changed his mind, the ancestral land can’t help it.
They have done their best, then they can listen to their destiny.
The Sambo Blesser Wang swept away the decline first, revived the vitality, and once again came to the sky with a strong posture.
The human king’s attitude lasted for ten thousand years, and then he slowly subsided and returned to a state of spent force because the three treasures reached the limit and continued to resist the humanitarian dragon spirit.
In other words, the king is going to die of old age again.
However, he still didn’t change his mind, but at this time there was no treasure for the king to continue his life
At that time, the safety of the king once again became the focus of attention.
It is this situation that someone has come up with a bold idea.
Since san huang Liu Bao can resist humanity and dragon spirit, can san huang become a Taoist treasure?
As soon as this idea came out, everyone agreed that the Terran sages took action directly after they had a way.
I saw them talking to the king of men for a while and then they hurried to the fire cloud cave to borrow treasures from the three emperors and five emperors.
San huang’s treasure can be the treasure of the Five Emperors, but it is also natural. Maybe a piece of Ren Huang’s treasure, the blessing person Wang Zhen, can become the ninth Ren Huang of the human race.
Terran sages are the weakest, all of whom are great Taoist deities. Naturally, their speed of moving forward is extremely fast, so they quickly arrived at Huoyun Cave.
"Please help the king!"
When everyone in the cave saw the Three Empresses, they quickly told them that the King was getting help from san huang at present.
The result was different from what everyone expected. After they told the situation themselves, san huang would immediately help.
But the result is that san huang is silent waiting for them.
Silence, silence, silence
San huang fell into a strange silence after listening to the public in the fire cloud cave and said nothing.
Are they not going to help the king?
No, not really.
Not unwilling but unable.
What happened in the powerful terran territory of san huang can be concealed from them? They naturally know the king’s situation.
San huang tried to help the king before they arrived, but it turned out that …
"Take a look outside!"
Sighed Dihuang Shennong is full of nai said.
Everyone smells full of question marks. What do you want them to look outside?
However, they still looked out of the hole according to the words, but this glance made them feel terrible.
There are five treasures hanging impressively in the fire cloud cave.
Taiji Figure Pangu Zan Zhu Xian Four Swords Oriental Blue Baolian Banner Twelve Merits Golden Lotus
Five magic weapons for saints!
Besides Nu Wa Empress, the remaining five saints have all made moves.
When they came, they didn’t find that they saw these five saints’ treasures now, but they realized that san huang was silent.
They want to help the king, but where can the five saints peep at them?
One or two saints may be able to deal with san huang, but five saints come forward at the same time, that is, the three emperors and five emperors together are not rivals
There are three emperors and five emperors outside the cloud cave with saints blocking fire, but they can’t make moves.
"This …"
They see this is not a word.
This is too exaggerated!
In order to deal with one person, did the king fight with five saints?
But they don’t know that the sage is a little anxious at the moment. After waiting for thousands of years, the king is still not dead.
Seeing that the king of man is about to fall, everyone tries to find a way to give the king a second life. If they really succeed, the king of man will not come if he lives for hundreds of thousands of years.
In the heart, the saints who are in a hurry are not too cold. Directly stop the fire and stop the Three Emperors and Five Emperors from saving lives.
And this