Obviously, this Junyangyang dialect means that it contains a radical ingredient! At the same time, he also told everyone that Luo Yu was arrogant and asked me to fight alone. You can’t interfere with the dragon tooth ambassador

See Luo Yu leaped over the crowd with one hand and a dry bag to look at Jun Fengyang. "Jun Fengyang, this is specially prepared for you."
In a flash, a few red Dan pills have emerged from the dry Kun bag and continuously disappeared into Luo Yu’s mouth.
Wei injured Bai Lianxing and they naturally knew that what Luo Yu swallowed was the bloody red Dan! And they know better that this red Dan is full of blood ShaQi.
But ….. Luo Yu is a difficult demon and can he be disturbed by blood evil spirits?
See nearly a thousand red Dan into the body will be violent blood gas filled with strange meridians.
Instantly, Luo Yu’s whole body is full of blood and gas, and the veins are exposed, such as Qiu’s whole body is as red as being scalded by boiling water, flashing and qi and blood churning, and his eyes are even more red as fire.
At this time, the acupuncture points in the whole body have flashed like stars and appeared in front of everyone. A very strong coercion followed Luo Yu’s low roar as if the sleeping dragon was awakened, and the fighting spirit swept across the square, which surprised everyone and retreated.
They looked at what they saw in shock. At the moment, the body was like a treasure jade, and Luo Yu looked very indecisive.
Luo Yu’s scarlet eyes flashed away, and his fists seemed to be twisted for a moment when he clenched them.
Obviously, after Luo Yu swallowed a huge amount of red Dan, he not only became insane, but also became full of power, as if raising his hand could break mountains and set foot on the earth!
I feel like I’m doing my best. I’ve made a qualitative leap in my heart, and I’ve successfully entered the initial stage of the fifth order. At the same time, I’ve naturally entered the fifth floor-one step at the end of the world and one step at the end of the world.
That is to say, with the dragon’s blood, the strong body is tempered, and the strong in the temple can absolutely break through their own flesh. Even in the face of the five-story strong body such as Jun Fengyang, they can be confident and unbeaten with their speed and physical advantages!
Thinking of this, he looked at the nearby look indecision, and the corners of your mouth were slightly tilted.
Jun Feng Yang looked at each other at the first sight and felt that Luo Yu was totally different from the previous breath. At this moment, Luo Yu is like a fierce beast ready to choose people!
Although he doesn’t know what Luo Yutun got from those red pills? But with the refined body, he can feel that Luo Yu’s breath is very strong at the moment, especially now that the flesh is like a treasure, and it is faintly revealing a strong blood force as if it were before a god beast!
Before Jun Fengyang thought of standing proudly in heaven and earth, Luo Yu had stepped on the ground to crack the stone and break the gold, exclaiming, "Step on the song!"
I haven’t lost my body shape, but everyone has been shocked. My eyes have turned to the ghosting.
Almost at the same time, in front of Jun Fengyang, another Luo Yu ghosting appeared, and the fierce fist plundered the surrounding strong horses like a meteorite.
Jun Fengyang’s eyes are steep and his feathers are wide open. The cold fire giant fist bombarded by him is speeding up in his eyes!
Boom ~ boom!
A thunderous explosion.
The direct shock made the Gobi Basin quiet and many practitioners raise eyebrows in succession. Even the three men, who had sex and rain, were shocked by this powerful power. It seems that they stopped moving.
See at the moment los feather is feet virtual kept devoting to punch.
And the distant broken sandstone peak Jun Fengyang is being awkwardly smashed into the gravel sand.
Looking at the fifth floor of the ghost, the bodhi old zu of your family was actually punched by Luo Yu! They gasped in succession.
You should know that Jun Fengyang is not only a five-story mystic, but also an external practitioner. Although the comprehensive strength is not comparable to that of the sword, it is much higher than that of ordinary mystic. Even so, Jun Fengyang still smashed the dust with one punch!
Such an incredible picture really makes people hard to believe their eyes.
You know, the strength of Luoyu is at best at the same level as that of Mu Yan Xie, and how can it hurt the powerful Jun Fengyang?
But it turned out that Jun Jun Fengyang, a real and cruel physical god, was blown off by a younger generation with a small punch, and his mouth was full of blood and his cheeks were damaged.
However, what Luo Yu can shoot down Jun Fengyang in one fell swoop is mainly because it is difficult for him to change the demon body qualitatively and sublimate. Of course, there is another important reason, that is, Jun Fengyang doesn’t know these roots, so there is no protection against Luo Yu’s eyes.
But things are often like chess, and the whole game is lost in the end.
"Los feathers ~! You are dead … "Jun Feng Yang face upwards is furious.
But he didn’t finish the word "death" and saw that the figure of the blue foot actually became blurred again!
"Not good!" Jun Fengyang’s heart thumped, but it was too late.
Sure enough, he felt dark at the moment, and a vague shadow of his leg was whipped and stepped in, sweeping his waist like iron whip, and then pouring it into his body like a landslide!
At first, the fracture sounded, and the figure of Jun Fengyang had been screaming at the top speed across the plow.
However, a cyan ghosting image flashed into the front of Jun Fengyang, which rolled back and vomited blood, and struck Jun Fengyang with a fierce knee hammer!
"Psst …!" There were gasps of breath around.
Jun Fengyang has screamed and rushed to the sky.
And Luo Yu’s ghosting has not yet solidified, but everyone is surprised that their eyes are full of feet and feet, and they have once again leaped into the sky like a broken kite.
Ho ~
Like a dragon whistling in the tiger.
Long Xuan Guangda is like a dragon shadow!
Zhang Long Longji pike instantly shows Luo Yu’s hands
They saw that the blue figure of Jiutian was like a round whip.
Bang ~
Jun Fengyang’s duckweed-like body should roll back and smash the dust again and set off a monstrous air billow crazy sand. If I don’t know life and death?
Heaven and earth are dead, only the wind is howling and the desert is extremely hot, but it makes people feel a little chilly.
It was not until this moment that I looked at the towering black hair for nine days, accompanied by the wind and the scarf stirring around the square, holding the figure of the pike Tsing Yi, that I discovered that once upon a time? They all want to peep at the end of their ascent, and now they are full-fledged and have become an eagle that can soar high for nine days overlooking the earth!