"Shut up! Let the midtown people evacuate to the city immediately, and we will resist the killing of those who step back! ! !” The head of the Guards roared a steady morale and shook people.

"Hey, there’s something wrong with the boss. Look at the clouds on the horizon." Ye Dongchen was keenly aware of the distance and expressed his uneasiness.
When you look at the setting sun, the horizon is not white and red, but blue with terror.
"You see the blue sky is how to return a responsibility! !” Many people have finally realized that something is wrong in the distance, which is very strange. The blue horizon seems to be getting closer and closer to them. What is going on?
Ye Shang stood in the middle of the flying beast’s back, revealing a dignified color. Suddenly he thought of something, and a cold sweat seeped from his forehead. "It can’t be."
French words birdsong suddenly spread all over the earth, and the horror wave made several players and even soldiers roar in pain. When the birdsong happened, most people suddenly screamed and couldn’t hear themselves.
Leaf injury face more dignified "evacuation midtown all freedom corps ready to fight! ! !”
"This will be the biggest disaster in the history of the waning moon kingdom. It seems that the forest king is already angry! ! !” Staring at the blue sky, four blue firebirds rose up, and the direction they came from was impressively the city of the waning moon kingdom! ! !
"That’s blue firebird! !” People were horrified at the sight of the moment.
The biggest crisis is coming! ! !
Chapter one hundred and fifteen-The bluebird strikes
Deafening birdsong reverberated in the whole waning moon kingdom, lingering in people’s ears for a long time, and that terrible wave actually made players in midtown feel a huge shock, even causing tinnitus and deafness in that instant! ! !
When the blue east took off, four blue birds and beasts instantly faded the moon, and the aborigines of the kingdom showed unimaginable shock.
"What’s that? Blue firebird? Why does it look so like a phoenix? " The shock of the aborigines is different from that of the players, but the appearance of these four bluebirds has caused a sensation in the kingdom.
"It turned out to be true!" Blood feeling blurted out such a sentence on the high platform. Obviously, he knew the origin of these four bluebirds. Luo Yu was keenly aware of what and asked, "What did you say?"
At present, the situation seems to be not good. Even the characters such as Ye Shang and this head face great changes after seeing the bluebird.
Forgetting the dust is especially shocking. It seems that there has been such a thing in the memory of past lives. It is said that the giant tree of the waning moon kingdom is the strongest bss, which is said to be the offspring of the phoenix.
Isn’t the bird and beast covered in blue flame the image of bluebird in the book of creation? Who would have thought that there would be such a thing in the most marginal continent?
For a long time, Ye Shang spoke slowly in the face of the flying beast. "This says that most people present know that there is nothing to hide. A hundred years ago, the waning moon kingdom was actually an ancient country with its own famous and once-famous giant tree sen had the patron saint of the kingdom."
"Phoenix?" Blood said indifferently that Ye Ye nodded, but in this calm dialogue, it set off a stormy wave. Even in the game world of creation, it means that Chinese creatures are actually there.
"It is said, but this jade bird should be a phoenix descendant. I didn’t expect it to be a giant tree all the time, did I? Are they in the depths of the giant tree? " The face of the head of the Guards changed greatly, which revealed a possible fact.
However, at this time, there is no way to find out what caused the beast tide. When it is urgent, they must stop the regenerative beast from raging. The outer city, ten meters high, is finally trampled by love. The rubble is full of wailing and calling for pain. It’s creepy! !
In less than a moment, the outer city completely fell after they watched the game for five minutes! !
"What are we going to do, watch them die?" If you watch them die, you can’t forget the dust. After all, if you do it now, you can still cover some people to retreat.
"It’s almost time for the head of Ye Shang to make a decision. If we act now, they still have a chance." Many people have begun to retreat at the front line. They have come straight to the gate of Midtown. If they open the gate, they will be saved.
Sure enough, there have been many figures in this hesitation.
"Open the gate I don’t want to die! !”
"Please open the gate quickly." In the face of these soldiers who are full of fear and have lost their fighting spirit, many people look at the shocking theory that their physical injuries and mental injuries are not so easily erased.
"no! ! At this time, if you open the city gate, you will give those regenerative beasts a chance to say nothing! " The head of the Guards sternly refused any request.
Other heads of armies also said that they would never open the city gate. At this time, more and more people appeared in Midtown, including players, soldiers and ordinary people. They kept calling and crying in front of this huge iron gate, and tears of despair wet their cheeks. How much they hoped to see a miracle in their eyes.
They kept calling and asking, but the gate was always closed.
See this scene, feather is heavy not to get out "damn this is what your king * * head? Is it like being indifferent to the demands of the country and soldiers? Don’t want to watch them die! !”
"This is also a thing that can be resisted. Besides, the kingdom soldiers fled in battle. This is simply an insult to the kingdom soldiers! ! These people are not worthy of the soldiers of the kingdom! !” Hearing this, several heads of the army rebuked the high wall, and the soldiers, the people and even the players showed their faces were white and gray.
They kept patting the city gate and pleading, kneeling and breaking their heads, but the so-called heads of the high walls were still indifferent.
"Woo hoo hoo! !”
At this time, the regenerative man and beast and the regenerative beasts have roared behind them and have come to the gate in a short time.
Seeing many bloody men here, I couldn’t help it anymore. "There is still salvation at this time of opening the city gate, otherwise it will be late! !”
"no! ! Say what also can’t open the gate! ! The attitude of the heads of the major armies has shown that the players are angry, but they also have the heart. After all, the gates are no longer controlled by them! !
"Is this what you call justice, Colonel Ye Shang?" Forget the dust and suddenly look at the leaf injury.
This sentence is puzzling, but only Ye Shang turned his head. "It is necessary to open the city gate."
"Ye hurts you!" The heads of the army just tried to stop it, but Ye Ye’s words made them silent. Ye Ye went on to say, "I won’t open the gate unless you stop those regenerative beasts from attacking and give those people enough to escape."
People looked at the city gate and wailed, tore their hearts out, tore their lungs out, and regenerated the animals. The hell map was played again and again
"No, I don’t want to die!"
"What’s going on like this? Our kingdom is now just trying to get back to Midtown. This time, it should be a retreat. We have no possibility of winning! ! I still have people waiting for my wife and my children to grow up. Why should you do this to me? !”
"Leaf injury, head of Tony, head of what to make the kingdom shed the last blood, and the soldiers died in front of this gate! !” When he finished this last sentence, his cheeks were wet with tears, and behind him there appeared a huge regenerative figure of man and beast. There was no emotion at all. Only when he was excited about killing, he grabbed the soldier and he was going to swallow him. He was pale and gave up struggling, but his mouth was angry with the kingdom! !
"What to do this to the soldiers who gave their lives to the kingdom! ! I am not reconciled. "
The last roar is also the countdown to death. When he is almost about to be swallowed, suddenly a semicircle aperture flashes high, that is, at the same time, a cold mountain flashes from the sky for three seconds. After that, the head of the regenerative beast screams and falls to the ground from the top of the skull.
"Kingdom warrior, let it be sad. Only by picking up the weapon in your hand is the final way out." The faint high words are as deep as a curse. The warrior is still silent, but there are two tiger-like regenerative beasts on both sides of him at the same time, but suddenly two figures flash when they attack wildly.
A silver light falls on the head of a regenerative beast and splashes on the spot, and another bloody light shines instantly! ! !
A left and a right forget the dust and blood at the same time appear in the bodies of two behemoths, and they actually killed them by diving from a height! !
Not only that, there are players falling all over Midtown.
In less than half a minute, the city wall gathered together, and one of the best players in the waning moon kingdom, the magic wolf countercurrent cloud, Zhao Gang gun base, and famous people in the whole kingdom made moves at this moment.
"This is enough to open the gate! !” Blood love forgets dust and feathers. They shouted together. This array actually blocked those regenerative beasts from the periphery.
"Now that it has started, try to let more people live to open the gate! !” Ye Shang reached the final order, and his strength is the greatest among many army chiefs because he is a kingdom county horse!
"Leaves hurt you! !”
"Out of the things I a person responsible for! ! !”
"Count me in", the head of the Knights Order, also sat side by side with Ye Ye, a flying animal’s face, and left their blood behind, but Ye Ye never made a move. He looked into the distance as if he were terrified and waiting for something.
"Hum!" The heads of the major armies strongly refuted the withdrawal notice of the gate opening wide and soon spread all over the outer city.
For a while, people seemed to see hope and flocked to midtown.
In the end, more and more people gathered, but they also attracted all the monsters. The heads of the army kept complaining about the leaf injury, but they ignored it from time to time, forgetting the dust and blood, and it was so powerful that they did not let go of a monster.