"Elder brother …"

At this time, I was being treated, and I just said, "Master Lao will leave it to me."
Oh! Li she remembered that the opera only has the water ability, so it’s easy to do it. Give it to the opera when you hurry. Now the lake is very lively, and someone is not rowing to the opposite side. In the struggle, there is a belief that I can’t reach the opposite side, and you can’t reach it.
Hmm? Li Shexin was shocked as if she had noticed something before she smiled, "Here comes the dwarf wax gourd!"
Li she noticed that there was a thin dragon spirit and turned to her side. When she saw that there were two people coming to her side along the stream bridge, she didn’t see their faces at random, but she was absorbed in the drama to moisten it. After all, it is the most important thing to moisten it now.
Not far from the bank of Xiqiao exit is Li She and others, and Ding Tao feels that these two people seem to be coming at Li She, especially the dwarf wax gourd staring at Li She sullenly as if Li She had any hatred.
Since the other party is not good, Ding Tao will not wait for others to find him, and Li She can’t be interrupted now, and immediately blocked the exit of the bridge with people.
Lombardi saw someone blocking the export behind dwarf wax gourd, silently watching dwarf wax gourd as a reaction.
Dwarf winter melon saw that several people behind Ding Tao were imposing and unwilling to have a conflict. He respectfully said, "Little brother, do you want to block my way?"
"Nothing I like!" Ding Tao overlooking the dwarf wax gourd domineering said.
You!’ Dwarf winter melon didn’t expect Ding Tao to be so unreasonable and roared, "Do you know what you are doing!"
I don’t know! Ding Tao simply pointed to Li She and said, "You know that you have killed my brother!"
"This?" Dwarf wax gourd also feels very strange. Somehow, it kills one who turns his back on his own people, and he can’t hide his murder after years of self-cultivation. This has never happened before. He can’t help laughing. "Little brother dazzles me. How can you kill me when you have never met your brother?" Smile is very sincere and not fake.
Over there, Li Shexi didn’t finish his drama until he smiled. "My Lord, the dwarf melon wants to kill you!"
"Kill me? ?” Li is puzzled
"He didn’t know it was a sudden idea in his heart and it was very strong!" It’ s not white to say that it’ s not white.
"Little brother, let me pass." Dwarf wax gourd smiled and gave people a very gentle feeling, but this smile always made Ding Tao feel that there was a treacherous element, not that Dwarf wax gourd was going to do something bad now, as if there were treacherous elements in his bones.
Ding Tao’s attitude is very firm, and he has to wait until Li is involved to speak. Several people are deadlocked on this bridge.
After a moment or so, Li She finally took a long breath. The dragon-shaped gas escaped from the body of the dramatist and quickly jumped into Li She’s body, but it was still observed by the dwarf wax gourd. Yuan Shaoze was unaware of the idea of fighting in the lake.
"What’s this gentleman’s name?" See Li she finished Qin first crowded to eagerly ask the dramatist.
Qin is going crazy now, and someone has arrived on the other side, climbing to the high platform and the big red flower at this time.
"talent for drama"
"Tzu chi brothers! Let’s go! " Qin ran away with his ambition. Li She quickly said, "Zhou Cang, hurry up!"
Since there is a talent for drama, even if Zhou Cang falls into the lake, nothing will happen. It is better to send Zhou Cang to give Qin another boost.
Yuan Shaozheng of Xiqiao looked at Li Sheyin with relish. He always felt that he had heard it somewhere, but he couldn’t remember it. When he turned around, Li Sheyi looked at him and smiled. "It turned out to be Li Xiaoyou. Why haven’t you seen anyone in recent January?"
Mom! This Yuan Shao is absolutely intentional! Li’s anger was triggered instantly, which made Li’s resentment the most. At that time, it was not until the curfew hour that he bullied Li, a stranger who didn’t know the rules and directly gave him a hundred sticks. However, this monstrous anger also forced him to laugh. "Thanks to Yuan Dage’s concern, my younger brother has been recovering from illness recently."
"That’s good. I have an accident with Li Xiaoyou. If so, I will be very sad." Yuan Shao laughed.
Hum! I’m afraid I’ll jump for joy! Li she heart cold hum a way face still laughed "dare not let Yuan Dage sad I didn’t what accident"
Here, I stopped talking to Yuan Shao, but looked at another person, the short wax gourd with dragon spirit. This short wax gourd is short, fat and black. No wonder it is still quite appropriate to call him short wax gourd. At this time, this short wax gourd is also killing himself with a smile in his eyes. How can you hide it from Li She?
Li Shexin also moved a little to kill him. He wanted to get short wax gourd, but short wax gourd, compared with Yuan Shao, will never be inferior in Luoyang. It is purely his own death to start a fight.
Dwarf wax gourd is very sensitive to murder, and even Li She’s fleeting thoughts of murder have been captured by him, and Li She has been positioned as a necessary role in her heart.
If it is a scene, it must be said that Dwarf Winter Melon first reported himself as "riding a captain Cao Cao!"
"Cao Cao! You are Cao Cao! " Ding Tao suddenly exclaimed and dragged Li She and said, "Brother She is a traitor!"
On the contrary, Li was calm and seemed as confused as expected, not caring how loud Cao Cao’s name was.
In fact, Li She had already guessed Cao Cao. Otherwise, anyone who wanted to kill himself as soon as they met must be suspected of Cao Cao. Li She always remembered that when she married Bian Shi, the sentence "Cao Cao will have inexplicable hatred for you" was not sure in her heart. At this time, listening to Cao Cao’s self-report was considered to be the implementation of her guess.
Speaking of the word Cao Cao, there is no one in the world who is not ashamed of being a traitor in troubled times!
But this tough guy is the opposite of himself. I can imagine how much pressure Li is under now, but Li’s heart has a vicious spirit. The greater the pressure, the more motivated you will be when you get older. Li’s heart mused that in high school, he often recited a sentence that men will resist!
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Grab the big red flower
Ding Tao was still in shock and said, "I just had a fight with the adulterer!"
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Li She glanced at Ding Tao and immediately looked up at Cao Cao and said, "Li She is a civilian!"
Aggressive, I don’t feel worse than Cao Cao at all.
"Ha ha ha! Nice to meet Brother Li. "Cao Cao laughed and said," It suddenly occurred to me that there are still some things to deal with, so Cao excused himself. "
After that, Yuan Shao felt very surprised when he walked without staying at all. Cao Cao’s performance was really unique! I didn’t even say hello to Li She and left directly.
Quickly chasing Cao Cao wondered, "Meng De?"
"I don’t know if I stay, I will be tempted to kill myself. If Li gets involved, I might as well leave as soon as possible." Cao Cao said casually.
Yuan Shao asked, "Do you also have enemies?"
"That is not a sudden feeling in my heart as if this man robbed me of something precious," Cao Cao said. "Huh? Listen to what Brother Chu just said. Does Brother Chu have a grudge against him? "
"That’s right!" Yuan Shao told Li about the festival.
It’s inconvenient to talk about this for the time being, and I’m eager to sign up for Qin with my ambition.
Qin was so excited at the thought of getting a beautiful woman back, but when he signed up, he was immediately splashed with cold water. A bamboo raft actually cost twelve silvers, and Qin collapsed on the spot.
It’s no wonder that Xuemei is leaving, and Mei Niang still has to seize the opportunity to make a fortune!
"quick! Give me another bamboo raft! " At this time, a noble man rushed to eagerly say
It seems that this man has just got up from the lake and is ready to continue his campaign soon. He glanced at Qin Sanren and others’ coarse linen, especially the drama. He exaggerated and said, "You are not here to rob the big red flower, are you?"