But soon, more blue shock wave carriers gathered together with a glass-colored fire to attack the forest edge.

Chapter four hundred and ten-Jian Yun cut out
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Exhausted shock wave has been derived continuously, and it has reached the property of colored glaze fire. The suppression of shock wave is emitted from time to time in the central area, which makes the shock wave at the forest edge dissipate.
"Is it really my ability?"
Lin Yuan’s eyes are full of cold shock wave. A horrible sword rhyme derived from qiankun sword produces a half-step sword rhyme momentum. At this moment, Lin Yuan unseals and directly blooms half-step sword rhyme momentum.
From extremely static to extremely dynamic, at this time, the edge of the forest finally bloomed, and pieces of firm but gentle were destroyed everywhere, which belonged to his sharp edge and his powerful purple and golden sword mans.
The blue shock wave was destroyed in pieces, and none of them matched the enemy. You should know that Lin Yuan’s self-cultivation is strong, and the sword rhyme he realized has already gone beyond many fighters’ experience and tempering, and then he re-created it in his perception.
Of course, he won’t be stupid enough to let the other party do what they want for the first time. The half-step rhyme is strong, and the sword continues to attack and smash several firm but gentle strokes.
"You also understood the half-step sword rhyme?"
Blue water cloud can feel the sword rhyme emitting a moment at the edge of the forest, which belongs to the unique flavor of sword rhyme, and it has not played its due role in inspiring the firm but gentle pieces of destruction.
Even if he is unwilling, he has to admit that this recruit has lost the forest edge now, but there is still a glimmer of hope for himself.
"These two people!"
"It’s really wonderful. Even if you fight in a town, even the whole town will be destroyed." Some people marvel at their strength, while others lament that they don’t have such strong strength.
"Half a step sword rhyme-cut out!"
Put out all the firm but gentle, and finally only a touch of glass-colored firm but gentle forest edge sword is drawn in the direction of blue water cloud, which may be a murder rise.
Perhaps the blue water cloud inspired the forest edge to be contained in the fighting spirit. With the sword drawn by the forest edge, a huge Excalibur emerged, and the blue water cloud seemed to be a trial sword.
This is Lin Yuan’s own understanding, and it’s a trick of his own creation.
This sword intercepts the aura of heaven and earth.
This trick intercepts the avenue of heaven and earth!
This sword rhymes with generate.
Glass-colored firm but gentle will, er, be blurred by the sword at the edge of the forest, and the fast color of firm but gentle will move towards the blue water cloud. The second area has shattered the glass-colored firm but gentle sword, and the power contained in this sword has also been greatly reduced, and it will be directly shattered by the feedback of the blue water cloud.
However, the power of this sword made the blue water cloud across the street move a little horrified again.
At this time, Lin Yuan didn’t let go of the other party’s plan. qiankun sword kept shaking, and the firm but gentle waves distributed more and more bravely. At this time, the blue water cloud opposite seemed to be exhausted and constantly killed by Lin Yuan’s attack on its own breath.
Two different colors of firm but gentle shatter and scatter in the sky, and the feature film blooms like fireworks every day.
"One mountain is as high as another. It’s a pity that this forest edge is a dark horse."
Some watch fighters seem to perceive something, and some sigh in their hearts when they see the blue water cloud breath actually languishing.
"What do you know about the blue water cloud? This is preparing to accumulate and defeat the forest edge in one fell swoop." Some people agree that some people disagree that the whole situation is confusing again.
"Linyuan, I will let you fall again. This is my glory!" Blue water, cloud, sound, ice and cold are more imposing than the whole body, which is actually slightly insufficient compared with before.
Lin Yuan said, "I remember you saying that before."
"You can beat me? Ridiculous, my blue water cloud will not fail. "
The momentum of the blue water clouds incited the instantaneous momentum to surge again, and the flagging momentum also returned instantly, but it was even bigger.
"Lin Yuan, let’s decide the outcome with one move. Bring out your strongest moves, even if you want to count them, you must lose your heart!"
Although the blue water cloud is in the wind, it doesn’t mean that he will be such a genius. If it is corresponding, what real things can he make up for?
Genius has genius, pride and blue water clouds are also on the potential list. Which one is not a peerless genius? It is unimaginable for ordinary people to rise from thousands of purple mansion realm geniuses.
"I’m looking for what you said when I’m happy." The battle of Lin Yuanshen is also interesting at this time. The ripples all over the body exude an inexplicable artistic conception that is directly surrounded by Lin Yuanshen.
The momentum of the opposite blue water cloud has been rising, just like the bottom hole, and it has gradually reached the peak of the late Zifu period and vaguely touched the threshold of not getting married.
When the momentum of the blue water cloud reached its peak, a binge drinking went all over Fiona Fang for dozens of miles, and the roar went straight through the sky.
"The raging sea breaks the waves!" Moment surging like the sea momentum in the blue water cloud blue sword distributed in his sword with a touch of ice chill with generate.
"It’s interesting to send half a step rhyme to perfection. It’s not the kui is a 21-day genius of the potential list. So it’s more tough to see the top of the potential list." Lin Yuan smiled and qiankun sword shook lightly
"End the sword!" Qiankun sword blooms in light, and the purple-gold shock wave carrier trembles in the middle of it.
"It’s terrible. This is the real genius battle. It can be said that the crust of conan the destroyer has been pierced!"
"None of their attacks fell to the ground because of the aftermath. If they attack directly, they don’t know what it will be like."
Those purple mansion fighters in the distance are also raising a barrier at the moment to protect themselves tightly. They have to be attacked by the aftermath. Even Apollo can’t afford such an attack.
A silent sound spread to every fighter. The distant fighters saw Lin Yuan’s eyes flash with disappointment.
"Lin Yuan, you should make the same moves against me, even if it’s kendo, but there will always be such a gap. You will lose this time!"
Blue water cloud looks cold, and the blue field is ready to build. At this time, seeing the sword of the forest edge is more confident, and a firm but gentle generate is overwhelming with firm but gentle.
"End it!"
Blue water clouds whisper lightly, and the face is full of excitement.
The purple-gold shock wave shuttle seems to have come from the secret, just condensed into a three-foot-long sword mans, which is plain.
Just when the blue water cloud was excited, a sword came and went, and the blue water cloud’s expression solidified and confident, and his eyes bloomed with a different look.
The shock wave sounded in the collision as if all the sounds had disappeared. At this time, the collision had already exceeded the range that their ears could bear, and they could look at the two blooming swords in the distance.