At last Sensi died and the Sensi family left the Rome club.

Changsheng is not an impressionable person. He can count the number of times he was touched after crossing.
Sosensi’s long speech didn’t impress him.
Changsheng knows very well what kind of club president Sensi is.
In fact, everyone wants what they want. Sensi needs his team to bring the championship. What about himself? You need Rome to see his ideal.
They also talked about Totti.
Sensi will welcome Totti, who is always winning, because he is a man who pursues victory, and Totti is also a man who pursues victory. They will get along well with each other.
"There are some words outside, such as that Totti is a cancer in the locker room … that’s all rumors. Totti is the most professional player I have ever seen. You can rest assured that he will cooperate and support you!"
Changsheng also expressed his hope to get along well with Totti.
Although Sensi patted his chest to ensure that Totti would not cause trouble for himself, Changsheng had to be careful.
Because he knows very well who Totti is, he is the flag of Rome, the king of Rome and the symbol of Rome. His position in Rome is very similar to Raul’s position in Real Madrid.
Except Mourinho, no one has successfully shaken Raul’s position, and he may not be able to successfully shake Totti’s position himself.
He needs to cultivate his own power, but he is definitely not against the team flag.
That’s not clever
He just arrived in Valencia and didn’t have a horse, so it’s not good to take captain mendieta’s knife personally, but what to do at work is still very professional
He also hopes that Totti can get along with himself.
He still has confidence in this-first of all, he will not take the initiative to infringe on Totti’s interests, which lays the foundation for the two sides to work together. Secondly, he believes that Totti is a person who pursues victory and he can bring him victory, so everyone can be happy.
But if Chang Sheng knew that Totti’s support was not successful among the four candidates, Prandelli might not think so …
If it weren’t for him, Prandelli would be the new coach of the team and he would get Totti’s letter.
And what will happen to him if he replaces Prandelli Totti … That’s really hard to say.
A day later, the Roma club called a press conference to announce their new coach.
The head coach of the UEFA Champions League, Chang Sheng, will become the head coach of Rome.
"I think he will make people forget Capello," said baldini.
Sensi also gave Changsheng a high evaluation.
He proved in Valencia that this is a winner, three league titles, two Copa del Rey titles and one Champions League title. He is the one we need and he can bring us victory.
Sensi introduced this.
This surprised the reporters. Not many people can speak highly of Sensi.
I don’t know if it’s really a victory over the past experience that excites Sensi or if Capello’s betrayal makes his brain a little abnormal
Sensi continues to boast of winning.
"We hope that we can often share his winning experience … I promise you will see the best Rome!"
Changsheng just listened to Sensi touting sitting in his position and looking calm as usual.
At the press conference, Changsheng sat side by side with Sensi and baldini, and all three of them were smiling.
The reporters took this historic picture with the camera shutter in their hands at the station.
In fact, winning is the coach of Rome, which came last night.
Everyone knows that the Roma club signed a winning streak against Capello Juventus.
This news made Gazzetta dello Sport very unhappy.
Because they said that Changsheng was not suitable for Italian football, I didn’t expect an Italian team to go to Changsheng and actually sign it!
They feel like they’ve been hit in the face.
At the press conference, a reporter from Gazzetta dello Sport came out and asked defiantly, "Spanish football is completely different from Italian football. Your experience in Spain may not be suitable for Italy. Are you confident of success in Italy?"
Chang Sheng looked at each other with his head held high. He snorted first and then said, "I didn’t come here to succeed."
His answer surprised many people present-not to succeed, but to do what?
Even the reporter who asked me was shocked. Why did you say that?
Sensi and baldini turned to look at him.
But those Spanish journalists are not surprised, because they are all familiar with the winning style, which is often surprising.
If you provoke him and expect him to talk well, it’s wishful thinking.
These reporters are waiting for Chang Sheng’s words with a playful smile. They know that Chang Sheng must have something.
Chang Sheng smiled and said to the reporter who asked Gazzetta dello Sport, "I’m here to sign!"
There was an uproar.
Spanish journalists laughed-yes, that’s it! This is a constant victory! Italian colleagues, are you ready to face such a fucking bastard?
In this way, he set foot on Italian football with the ultimate goal of recruiting Italy, but the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Although Italian football has gradually declined in recent years and lost the first place in Europe, it is not so good …
The fourth volume The wind is blowing and the eagle is flying
The first chapter is big news!
Time flies. It’s been more than five months since Chang Sheng became the head coach of Rome. In the past six months, Chang Sheng has had many stories with the Roma club. Every day, their stories are mainly reported by the media.