Chapter 64 Surrender and Breakthrough 2

? Although the number of Lin gu cun is much less, they guard the entrance of the rift valley according to the danger, and three or four people can pass side by side, which makes the advantage of the number of those silver brothers less reflected in the short-term root method
Those silver brothers charged forward with silver shields for a while, and then broke through each other’s defense, that is, they retreated their teams a little and stopped storming.
Brother Yinjia at the entrance of the rift valley is staring at and posing, while at the top of both sides of the rift valley, Brother Yinjia keeps shooting crossbows at the fallen boulders.
Fortunately, the rift valley is fairly spacious. Brother gu cun can easily dodge the boulder arrows from the top of the rift valley.
At the top of both sides of the rift valley, the silver armor monks finally didn’t hit the boulder arrows again, but kept a close eye on Brother Lin gu cun in the rift valley.
Brother Yinjia wants to destroy this Lin gu cun Brigade at the least cost, so that Lin gu cun’s main combat power will be lost and silver moon Village can knead Lin gu cun at will.
Lin gu cun’s brigade is in a desperate situation.
In this desperate situation, allowing the other party to surrender naturally makes many monks Lin gu cun conation.
Let everyone know that the deputy village head of Weifu, who is usually in Lin gu cun, turned out to be the same as the old village head, saying that he would not surrender and that everyone was not really at the end of the road, and there was still hope.
These monks who choose to surrender are all alone. It is the same for them in any village, and there is not much to worry about in gu cun.
In the next few days, the monks in Yinjia continued to shout, and dozens of villagers in Lingu cun walked out of the rift valley. After all, they had finished eating meat, and if they didn’t surrender, they would starve to death alive.
"You all go out. I won’t surrender. Even if I surrender, they won’t leave me alone. After all, I am the village head." The old village head looked tired and tunnel.
The deputy village head brought his own faction, and many deputy village heads did not surrender. These people were actually a pair of deputy village heads who did not surrender, and they died together in gu cun.
It is precisely because the old village head is surrounded by many villagers with high strength and great courage that the old village head’s position in Lin gu cun is so solid. Even the deputy village head has many relatives and never dares to challenge the old village head.
The old village head took out some fresh wolf meat from the magic weapon, and said while sharing it with everyone.
In the old village head, brother Lin gu cun was ready to eat, and a big tree Xiao Lingyu was not far outside the rift valley. Suddenly, he found that a group of brothers who could not count more than 500 armored men quietly approached.
But how can we save Friar Lin gu cun who is trapped in the valley with just over 400 people?
The 400-odd people did not directly rush over, but first observed the situation and then several leaders discussed it.
They have been legally contemplating to send a message to the old village head asking for countermeasures.
The old village chief also told these monks who were outside Lin gu cun that they decided to break through at night.
The leaders came over. They all knew Xiao Lingyu. To be precise, there were few villagers in gu cun who didn’t know Xiao Lingyu, because he had saved Kangping in the square tower in front of the villagers, but he was very admired by many villagers. At this time, Xiao Lingyu made these armored monks very vigilant.
"When I joined Lin gu cun, I also made an oath. If I was trying to find out what I had done and I was sorry for Lin gu cun, I would have already passed away." Xiao Lingyu said indifferently.
Godsworn’s soul oath is also very effective. Godsworn dare not break the soul oath, and once they break it, their souls will fall apart.
"Maybe you have any special method to make the soul oath be abolished. Anyway, the old village head and the deputy village head will certainly not wronged you." A leader didn’t know how to reply like this.
Everyone is staring at Xiao Lingyu’s hand, and the sword is shining with cold light.
"Nonsense doesn’t save them. What are we doing here?" A leader immediately simply tunnel
"Follow you?"
"You are behind me. If I don’t try my best to kill the enemy, you can kill me together. I won’t make fun of my life," Xiao Lingyu said.
Xiao Lingyu asked, "Is that when?"
Xiao Lingyu knew that people didn’t really believe what they were asking, but they waited patiently with their hands on their chests and their backs against a big tree.
Sword collision sharp ring loud shout kill intertwined with thick blood smell also diffuse from there.
"Brothers, let’s rush to rescue the old village head!"
Even if they forget Xiao Lingyu, they will rush to the front because he wants to attract each other’s firepower and minimize the casualties of these hundreds of Lin gu cun armored monks.
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Chapter 641 A traitor is not him
? Chapter 641 A traitor is not him
Several leaders hesitated for a while, and then a humanitarian said, "You took the lead in killing the past, but not now."
Xiao Lingyu asked, "Is that when?"
One of the leaders said, "You don’t know this. You will be responsible for rushing to the front of our road."
Xiaoling …
Chapter 642 Refuse to be rejected
? Chapter 642 Refuse to be rejected
To kill Xiao Lingyu for a long time was already dressed in rags, but also with a dripping blood and a heavy ShaQi murderous look, which really gave people a feeling that they had just climbed out of the sea of dead mountains and blood.
Originally prepared to break through the old village head, brother Lin gu cun actually just launched a round of impact …
Chapter 643 This guy is really hateful.
? Chapter 643 This guy is really hateful.
For several years, Lin gu cun has been barely self-sufficient. There is not much food in the village, and many idle people need to be raised. It is suspected that paying tribute every once in a while increases the burden.
The alliance where silver moon Village is located will let silver moon Village hit Lin gu cun first, and let Lin gu cun know their powerful strength …
Chapter 644 This guy is really hateful 2
? Chapter six hundred and twelve This guy is really hateful
? Xiao Lingyu can’t have escaped naturally. He is only temporarily away and will definitely come back soon.
Lin gu cun’s arrow fireball has been finished, but it has also killed less than 500 enemies. The other side has not broken bones and has climbed along a relatively steep hillside towards the top of the valley
Then it’s time for the two armies to hand-to-hand combat, but the other side’s combat power is three times that of Lin gu cun. There is almost no suspense in this battle.
It happened that at this time, a very bad news came again, that is, the exit of the secret passage leading to the outside of Lin gu cun Valley has been found and blocked by the other party, and even the former old village head has been found with people to create a new secret passage.
Fortunately, those passages can go out and can’t come in, otherwise the other party would have killed those secret passages into the valley.
It is enough to prove that there is definitely a traitor in gu cun, but now there is no time to find that traitor