How big is the little golden line? A snake is missing spring! It’s so scary. There is wood.

Miss him. When Macey Eva is at such a great age as Xiaojinxian, all she thinks about is how to be strong and how to become stronger.
It’s easy to think about it ~ even if it’s an irrelevant dream, it dares to secretly blame him.
It’s really courageous.
Macey Eva really has a feeling of hating iron to produce at the moment.
It’s like his child is crooked, which makes him very depressed and angry.
It’s not really crooked, but it’s not as long as Macey imagined.
What’s the director’s crooked and what’s the end of hating iron and not producing is Macey Eva’s own imagination.
Simply put, it’s asking for trouble to die.
The dead won’t get sympathy and understanding, just like at the moment, two pairs of eyes staring at him, one big and one small, and looking at his face with an unpredictable look. 164 Chapter 164 Super sensitive little gold thread.
Xiaojinxian and Macey Eva have the same mind and naturally say what he thinks at the moment.
But it’s just a few suspicious twitches and a black line.
What is expected to follow the established route? Forgive it. It is a snake and really doesn’t understand such profound things.
For it, life is delicious and fun, and then it will be perfect to meet a snake with the right eye.
What a wonderful snake!
It’s over, it’s over, and it’s going to fall into a wonderful fantasy again
However, the fantasy that has not been wonderful has been shattered by Macey’s love.
Small gold thread raised his head and looked at Macey with tears in his eyes, full of accusations.
Regard it as accusing Macey Eva of taking the antidote sent by Hu Ji and putting it in front of it. "Do you think this antidote can be given to Junyang?"
I saw a pill with full color and faint fragrance quietly lying in his palm.
Little golden thread’s eyes were straight at the moment she saw the pill, and it flowed out uncontrollably.
Dislike throwing it on the table, Macey Eva reached out her fingertips and poked it in the head. "You don’t want to be reborn as a hungry ghost, so it’s embarrassing."
He really can’t figure out why there is such an omnivorous snake who wants to eat anything when he smells the fragrance.
It’s really a treat.
This time, Xiaojinxian was thinking in Gu Xiaomengwa’s mind that it was carefully circling the pill and trying to smell all the ingredients in it.
That’s right, Xiaojinxian is small, but it’s not small.
It has one of the most sensitive noses in the world, and it can sniff out everything, even thousands of things mixed together.
I have to say that the small gold thread is a moving grass outline.
It’s not that it sniffed for a while and then all the ingredients in it were clarified.
Make sure that the Chinese ingredients will not be the same as the medicine that Junyang drank before, and then let Junsi take it to Junyang.
A few people just came out of Junyang’s room and saw two people coming in a hurry.
As soon as I saw Junsi, I swept my face and asked, "How’s the boss?"
Before Junsi could answer, he pushed the door in a hurry. "Forget it, I’ll go and see it myself."
He said that he was going to rush in.
Jun Si stopped him with a load of eyes. "Young Master is fine. He just took medicine. Now he needs to rest. You’d better come back when he wakes up."
Bearers are Lingchen and Su Yu.
After listening to your four words, he nodded and glanced at the room, turned around and left with them.
Su Yu, as always, is silent and wants Lingchen. She can be invisible to Lingchen without saying a word all day.
As soon as she left the hospital, Lingchen couldn’t wait to ask Junsi about the cause and effect of the incident.
After he came back from the ghost forest, he went directly to the South China Sea with Su Yu, and he had no idea what happened afterwards.
If it weren’t for this time, Junyang was poisoned and unconscious, and he was called back by an urgent letter from Junyi, I’m afraid he didn’t know about it.