In the face of Lian Yan-jing’s confirmation, Dong Yong-ling shook his head first and then nodded. "To tell the truth, I’m not sure. After all, I saw his eyes, but I never thought that other people’s familiarity would not lie."

If it wasn’t Dong Fu, Dong Fengling, who would it be? After all, she has known so many people for so many years, how can she have two people with the same familiarity!
"Do you know how the death of King Xiang is practiced?" Dong Fengling suddenly asked about this.
After hearing what Dong Ling said, Lian Yan Jiing was so lucky that she was much weaker. This is already very sure that it is Dong Fu.
For so many years, I have been paying attention to Dong Ling Ling Lian Yan Jing, who knows her people very well. Of course, I have to get rid of her mysteries, not even the number of masters.
"Probably white first catch some people who are in good health, and after drug brainwashing, people become lack of self-awareness and know that even if they obey orders, they will not hesitate to die." Didn’t Lian Yan jiing think that meeting men in black this evening was just one by one?
"You say drug brainwashing? No self-awareness? " Dong Fengling blinked and then mused.
"Maybe it’s not right to say that there is no self-awareness. There should be no self-thinking. They are very obedient to orders. They won’t violate any orders, but their common sense of life is still very white, but they will have no memory of things before brainwashing …" Lian Yan Jiing said very carefully and obviously had a deep study on this.
"There is no memory? You mean they have no memory of their former life roots? " Dong Fengling grabbed the key and he temporarily ignored it.
"Well, I once caught the dead king of Xiang and studied their characteristics. I’m sure about this. What do you think is the problem?" Lotus Yan jiing asked with puzzle.
"After hearing what you said, I’m not sure if that’s my dad? I’m sure he should have a memory of the past. He clearly recognized me. His sword was deliberately biased. If I can’t hide from the right side and attack him, the sword will block it for me … "Dong Yuling said with a strange look.
"Is that so?" Lotus Yan Jiing was surprised. No wonder Dong Yuling was surprised and shocked at that time. I’m afraid there was confusion about his behavior besides recognizing his father.
I think Dong Hong-ling would be so surprised if he knew something about the dead.
"But such a talk is more sure that it’s your dad! Otherwise, he will disobey orders to save you? Once the dead man has self-thinking, it will be a bad thing and will be dealt with soon … "Lian Yan Jiing stopped before he finished because he saw Dong Wei’s face worried.
Dong Yuling smiled gently. "If he is really my father, others may not know that he should be well hidden."
"Do you believe that?" Lian Yan Jing’s eyebrows are inexplicably a little jealous. Isn’t it that she hasn’t appeared for so many years?
Although I know that this is a father-daughter nature, Lian Yan Jiing just can’t stop being jealous.
Dong Yuling chuckled, "I don’t know which generation of ancestors used to be a physician, although they later declined, but the base medicine bath still grew up with children. My father should be so resistant to drugs, so it is not impossible for him to accidentally restore some memories during drug brainwashing."
The original body memory is also often bathed in potions, otherwise, where can the original body persist for more than a year before getting sick after Dong Fu’s death?
Later, Dong Yuling crossed over and did the same for his three younger brothers and sisters. The most important thing is that the younger brothers and sisters learned martial arts and took a bath, which was very helpful.
"Your ancestors or physician?" Lian Yan Jing was surprised that he really didn’t know.
"Well, there are doctors coming!" Dong Yuling remembered those treasures in his hands. "Now think about it. When my father fell off a cliff, everyone in the village said that he was eaten by wild animals. If he was caught or taken away, it is not impossible!"
That dragon Chen and ghost spirit were not Yunqi Mountain activities? If Dong Fu met something and was taken away by ghosts, it would be quite normal.
"Well, King Xiang’s death is very picky. If our dad was soaked in potions since childhood, the talent will definitely not be bad, and then the chance of being seen is very high, and then an accidental illusion will be created to cause physical death …" Lotus Yan Jiing’s eyes narrowed and it was clear about the curved road inside.
Where do the resources of Xiang Wang’s dead come from? By growing up? How much should it cost? Would you be willing to die with it?
Someone will be forcibly taken away and forced to cultivate, which is quite normal.
"Well, I actually went to the so-called slip scene after I was a teacher. It was strange for a while that it was not easy to slip and fall to the place, but I couldn’t see anything after a long time." Dong Yuling thought of checking 367 Chapter 367 Let’s dad at that time.
Listen to Lian Yan jiing say "let’s dad" seems to be very easy to read. It’s difficult for Dong Ling to be in distress situation, but her heart is warm.
"Our dad really has a memory. He will definitely come to see you. Don’t worry …" Lian Yan Jing felt that the experience and news of this day were too much for people to digest. "Let’s have a good rest today, dad. We’ll think about it later."
"Well …" Dong Yong Ling looked down and found that Dong Yong Ling had fallen asleep and couldn’t help but feel a little tired!
Although thinking about Dong Fu’s affairs, Dong Yuling also knew that he was in a hurry to stay at home for two days and then went to the Queen to hold a palace banquet.
Dong Yuling followed the princess naturally to the palace on time, first to speak to the queen mother and then to do her own activities.