Xie Zheng heart "hitched" a look at his daughter.

Zhou Jinyu lowered his eyebrows and ru said, "I, I, he was careless … and he slipped …"
Xie immediately said, "Even if it is a mistake, there should be a sentence to explain it, right? So nothing has left when we are jade, and there is still our Anjun Wangfu in our eyes! "
Leave the county princess to Zhou Jinyu this niece disappointed to the extreme.
Zhou Jinyu has always impressed her as the most clever and sensible, and it can be seen that she works very hard to learn everything that a boudoir should learn, and she is especially respectful and considerate to her.
In her heart, Zhou Jinyu is ahead of other nieces even though she can’t compare with her own daughter. If there is anything that can help her, she will not hesitate even if her mother is so annoying!
I didn’t expect such a small girl to be so thoughtful! Such a loss!
Now that I think about it, I am afraid that she will show respect, understanding and thoughtfulness in front of her.
She will never let her daughter get mixed up with her again in the future.
She also don’t want to easily set foot in the county palace!
"Really?" Princess Liujun sneered, "But what Xu said to Jin Yu is totally different!"
Leave the county princess will Li Yunyue said simply again.
Zhou Jinyu blanched, her heart chug jumped badly, and her head hung lower!
She didn’t expect Li Yunyue to tell the princess of Liujun about it! She couldn’t help resenting that a man’s family was so stingy! Tell on me behind my back …
At the moment, however, she has no time to think about it.
Hearing her mother’s Xie’s voice, she was surprised and angry. "Impossible! How is that possible! Jin Yu is not such a person! "
The princess of Liujun said, "Jin Yu is your daughter. What kind of person is she? I’m afraid you are a mother. Even I am mistaken! But I know what Xu is like! That’s all I have to say. If you don’t believe me, if you still want to go to Weining Houfu, go ahead! Even my sister asked me to tell you a word. This time, everyone will forget it. If you dare to calculate her son and daughter-in-law again, don’t blame her for being rude! "
You!’ Xie’s surprise, anger and hatred stared at the princess of Liujun but couldn’t say anything!
The princess of Liujun glanced at them with a slight sneer. "I have things to do here, so I won’t leave you three sisters-in-law!"
At jinyu, he laughed again. "I’m really sorry. It seems that jinyu left the county palace with us. It’s a word that doesn’t fit, but it’s like this!" In the future, it is better not to come over easily! "
"Four aunts …" Zhou Jinyu face a white tone also tremble.
What a stupid thing she finally did for nothing!
All the previous efforts were in vain!
How could she be so stupid? Because of a little resentment and jealousy, I went to deliberately add trouble to the little princess and deliberately seduce and frame Li Yunyue!
Without four aunts to help my father and inherit the title, what else do you have? In the future, it is rare to talk about relatives and fear when it comes to a good family!
Zhou Jinyu tears big big big roll to sob pharynx pharynx way "four aunts four aunts I was wrong I was so wrong! It’s all my fault. I-"
Before she finished, the princess left the wing with a smile.
What else does Xie see here? His face suddenly became a little complicated. He looked at the back of Princess Liu County and then at the crying daughter. She felt annoyed!
After Zhou Jin Jade wanted to stay in the county palace for an excuse, she pleaded guilty to the princess of the county, but the princess of the county was the most embarrassed person in her eyes, otherwise she wouldn’t have stayed in the county king that year.
Since she is shameless and disgusted with Zhou Jinyu, how can she talk to her? You’re welcome to block her from the door. Chapter 1596 Jealousy 11
Is a visit to Anjun Wangfu to greet her mother-in-law, and her mother-in-law came forward to suggest that she didn’t meet us.
The little princess didn’t know this. She knew that the third cousin, who hated and wanted to rob Xu with her, finally didn’t come to her house again. She was so happy that Li Yunyue still played coquetry from time to time.
In a blink of an eye, it was in Beijing in 2000 because Emperor Guangyuan wanted to seal off the imperial concubine, followed by a group of veteran gallants.
Lian Jia and Li Jia went out of Beijing without saying a word. It is said that Liaodong enjoyed the snow scene for the New Year! Don’t come back until years later!
When the princess of Liujun got the news, the two families had already gone to the building for a long time, and her mother and daughter couldn’t help feeling depressed. I knew they were going together!
The little princess was so wronged that her mouth pursed up and shouted, "Brother Xu broke his word yesterday and said he would buy me candied haws today! Deception! "
Yesterday, she dragged him around the street and saw that Sugar-Coated Berry was going to buy it, but at that time, the street suddenly became congested and there were many people pushing and shoving, so he said that he would buy it for her again tomorrow, but he went to Liaodong for the New Year with his parents …
Whether it is depressing to stay in the county princess or not, she also feels very boring to spend the New Year in Beijing every year! It’s not interesting that even my sister ran away without telling her …
"Is Xiaoxu son also learn bad, wait for him to come back jin jin to settle accounts with him! You can’t spare him lightly! " Leave the county princess sigh indignantly way
"well! I want him to buy me ten strings of candied haws, not many strings! " The little princess counted with her fingers, and she didn’t know how much to count, which was worth "letting go" of her brother Xu.
"How can I not only buy it?" Princess Liu County touched her baby daughter’s little head gently and firmly and said, "Let him do it for you personally! Start by picking hawthorn fruit yourself! Tell him to do it again if it’s not delicious. "
The little princess wanted to think, nodded and said seriously, "but isn’t that so slow?" I want him to buy it for me and make it for me! "
"How lovely!" Princess Liujun said
"…" Not far away, the king of the county looked at the mother and daughter and choked.
Fortunately, the little son-in-law looks cold and cheerless, but in fact, he has a very good temper. Otherwise, who can stand this kind of tossing mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? Uh, did he help the manager or not?
I don’t want the mother and daughter to finish the discussion, such as repairing the little son-in-law who "doesn’t keep his word" and "doesn’t keep his word". A quiet and familiar voice rang "Jin Jin!"
The mother and daughter looked around in unison, dressed in a white robe, deerskin boots and sable cloak. Li Yunyue had left and said "mother-in-law".
"Brother Xu!"
"Xu, you didn’t leave!"
Mother and daughter happen to coincide.
Li Yunyue handed the Sugar-Coated Berry string wrapped in a yellow paper bag to the little princess and said, "I’ll send Jin Jin Sugar-Coated Berry to ride a horse to catch her parents."
Mother and daughter cried joyfully together.