Celestial Volume Chapter 462 Re-entry into the outer space

"Keep your eyes bright"
Drinking lightly, the heavenly generals hurriedly bowed their heads in his heart. Although not only did they dare to talk back to him, they held more than tens of millions of heavenly generals, Xuan Tiandi and Xuanwu Emperor, who jointly held tens of millions of heavenly generals in heaven. It is absolutely a verbal thing to want to kill him.
Leave a murderous look filled with cold hum, then hurry to chase Jinyang Dragon Car. Although they are not close friends, they have saved their lives and rebuilt their lives.
That Yi Zilan is also familiar with many people chatting in the dragon car and quickly arriving at Yaochi. Yi can also excuse others for a family affair. He is always embarrassed to disturb others.
Yu Gong Jin Xiao didn’t have a tacit understanding with Jinyang, and he didn’t ask anything. Both of them have a special identity in the future. If you can have less contact with Jinyang, try to have less contact so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.
After entering Yaochi Jade, the emperor and mother are waiting to meet their parents and Zilan who have been away for many years. After all, there are many things to say in their hearts. When Zhixiang was in the celestial world, she was still very ignorant. After years of tempering her feelings, she finally burst into tears.
The Queen Mother has also changed a lot over the years, and Zilan has long been relieved. After all, the bad blood between her daughter and her mother has long since passed. Naturally, mother and daughter have a lot to say when they meet.
Not long after, the remaining four princesses also came to Jiating, and the seven mothers and daughters of Zhixiang Xian have been together for many years. Unfortunately, the seven sisters have already fallen.
Seeing that the relationship between seven mothers and daughters is getting better, Jinyang is naturally their joy, but it’s all their daughters’ home, and Jinyang is not much to stay with, so he followed the Jade Emperor to a gazebo for a few drinks.
Jinyang and the Jade Emperor used to be enemies, but it happened that there was no way to get people by in-laws. Even today, they are not good friends and don’t know each other very well. They can be regarded as ordinary strangers.
After a few cups of nectar, the Jade Emperor asked, "Do you want to call Xiao Er so that your family can reunite?"
Jinyang shook his head slightly and said lightly, "It’s better not to have more troubles than to meet each other. He has his life and I have mine. Since it’s different, it’s still rare."
"Your father and son are really like nature, and both you and Xiao Er are destined to become a high-profile figure." The Jade Emperor shook his head slightly.
Jinyang looked at the top of Yaochi quietly every time he ignored him.
The jade emperor raise eyebrows slightly and suddenly seem to understand something.
Sure enough, in a short time, the pale golden steps at the crack of Jinding Baizhang earth rolled.
Jinyang smiled and the whole body flashed purple and gold, and slowly stepped on the ladder. The second time I entered "33 days away", the feeling was very different.
"It seems that the feeling has been restored. This momentum is not weak even compared with the teacher." The jade emperor looked at Jinyang and went to Beiying, feeling a little lonely and feeling.
After thinking about it, the Jade Emperor quickly shook his head and laughed at himself. "When people in the clouds have their own lives, don’t force them to practice for more than a hundred years. Why can’t you understand this after hundreds of thousands of years of practice?"
Rest assured, the jade emperor suddenly felt a quiver in his mind. Suddenly, like an explosion, he wore inexplicable information in a row and instantly filled the whole brain.
With a little treatment, the jade emperor suddenly burst into tears of joy and was wrapped in golden light. It turned out that this was the dharma tactic left by the teacher’s original Buddha in his mind. After entering the Shinto, the cultivation tactic was specially used to temper the magic shadow tactic.
He had already realized that hundreds of thousands of years of energy accumulation in creating Shinto made him quickly touch the threshold of creating Shinto, but he was blind and didn’t know what to do.
Turn around and ask the teacher for the dharma, but the original Buddha said that the opportunity had not arrived and he would naturally understand it when the opportunity arrived.
In the decades when Jinyang was closed, the heavenly demons disappeared, and the three realms were surprisingly quiet. He also learned more from the rest. Anyway, when politics were handled by Jin Xiao, he also stayed in the Yaochi, except for helping the teacher to shock the entrance for "33 days", most of them were practicing.
However, no matter if you practice enlightenment, the effect is not good. It’s not that the teacher doesn’t give you the avenue, but that your own realm is not rooted enough, so you can’t understand the avenue. Today, it happens that the bad feelings have risen a lot and reached the realm of understanding the avenue. The teacher’s avenue suddenly broke out in your mind.
Slowly sort out the jade emperor suddenly burst out laughing and turned his head slightly only to find that the Queen Mother’s princesses were no longer in Yaochi, and her mind was shaking slightly, so she immediately put her fingers on her fingers and counted up, only to find that it had been three days since she was lost in thought.
I got up slowly and just stepped out of the top of Yaochi. Suddenly, the golden sun slowly fell to the original place. I didn’t care about the sudden change of the jade emperor. I suddenly said lightly, "Congratulations."
The jade emperor was overjoyed, and then he said, "I wonder where Zilan and them went?"
"No" When Jinyang came indifferently, the urgent color disappeared and said faintly, "Zilan will stay in heaven and their mother’s feelings will be better."
After speaking, regardless of the jade emperor Jinyang, he left Yaochi and ordered demon fairy to drive the dragon car and fly to the worse place.
When I got out of the worse place, I saw that Yi was waiting there, so I immediately called him to talk. I don’t know what they said. Anyway, when I got out of the car, I entered the worse place with a calm face, while Jinyang drove to heaven in Lapras.
All the way to Jinyang, I stayed in the dragon car and slowly pondered over the information that Sanqing Daozu gave him. It was really amazing, and even he was a little hard to accept.
Just out of the central god domain Jinyang eyes fierce kill murderous look in the eyes.
For a long time, Jinyang said lightly, "Come out! Aren’t you tired of being with the emperor for so long? It’s really daring of you not to kill you, but to dare to appear in front of the emperor. Is the true emperor also merciful? "
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Heaven Volume Chapter 463 See Maitreya again
Heaven Volume Chapter 463 See Maitreya again
Jinyang sound is not big, but thousands of demon fairy can hear the dragon car. Suddenly, it is urgent to hear that thousands of demon fairy are nervous and surrounded by the dragon car. Although everyone knows Jinyang’s powerful strength, it is their duty. No one dares to dereliction of duty.
But after several wonderful minutes, there is still no response, but no one dares to doubt that Jinyang is a god in their hearts. Jinyang’s strength is obvious to all. Since Jinyang said that there are, there will definitely be some demons and immortals flying out of the hundred miles to look for it.
"Give your face a shameless thing!"
As Jinyang finished, everyone suddenly saw that the aura of hundreds of miles away quickly gathered in the past, and the thick clouds and external aura quickly formed a milky white sticky giant hand. Holding one thing in the palm of his hand is a gray light, sitting in a bald donkey’s face is full of horror.
Jinyang slowly walked out of the dragon car and stared coldly at Maitreya Buddha on the back of Jinlong. "How did you find a hole to hide?" After having a backer, the emperor wouldn’t dare to kill you. What’s the difference between a heavenly demon instrument of this level and junk in my eyes? "
Maitreya sits in Jin Guangzhong, feeling that his whole body is getting tighter and tighter, and there is a huge force slowly squeezing Maitreya in all directions. Maitreya feels that his body is full of energy and turbulence, and there is a faint feeling that he is going to burst out, but he can’t speak. This feeling is worse than death.
Jinyang snorted and felt that it was about time to accept the giant hand and said coldly, "I hope you can bring me news that will satisfy me, otherwise you won’t even have a chance to be reincarnated."
Maitreya gasped violently. He came to know Jinyang’s strength, but he was saved by the celestial demon a few days ago. Although he lost the celestial demon dharma, he was given a powerful celestial demon instrument by his ancestors. This is definitely not a class with him to make the innate spiritual treasure.
On this day, the demon multiplier is called "Slaying the Beast". The multiplier body is made of animal bones, and it can give off bursts of gray light. When it comes to harm, even the jade fairy master can’t even think of hurting the slightest and has a hidden breath. When the ancestor asked him to come to Jinyang, he wanted to experiment with the power of a multiplier on a whim.
He knew that Jinyang was powerful, but he knew that Jinyang was as powerful as a boss. Although it was a demon instrument, no one realized that the effect and power were visible to the naked eye when he crossed the whole West Niuhezhou, but he could not afford to finish it in front of Jinyang.
After severe breathing, Maitreya got up carefully. First, he bowed to Jinyang, and then he said, "Shi Jiazu made me meet the emperor’s villain. I am a word and I hope that the emperor will never take it amiss."
After learning about Jinyang’s real strength, he never had any other thoughts, and he knew clearly that if Jinyang really wanted to kill him, it would never be much harder than crushing ants.
"release the heavenly demon?" Jinyang’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Jinyang is a protoss, and the other party is an extraterrestrial demon. Both of them can definitely be immortal. Then he coldly asked, "What message does he want you to bring to the emperor?"
Maitreya only recovered a little at this moment, and a beast bone was suspended above his head, emitting a strong gray light. Only in this way did he have the courage to speak, for fear that a bad word would anger Jinyang and cause him to lose his life, which was really unfair.
His face regained some color, and then he said, "Zu said that if he really wants to hide, you can definitely find everything he wants, and you should not go to him again. Anyway, the war will be fought in ten years."
Jinyang frowned and explained that it was true that the murderous look was looming in his eyes, but there was no way to really find each other, and then he said lightly, "Go back and tell him to be quiet for ten years, and don’t make trouble again. After ten years, it will be a decisive battle between heaven and you. Don’t appear in the three realms again or you will die miserably."
With that, Jinyang motioned for demon fairy to drive the dragon car in the direction of the unique domain.
Maitreya’s face was twisted after hearing the word’ Zha zhong’, but the honor guard of Jinyang slowly went away. He could also look at Jinyang, and he never had room to resist. He was not an orthodox demon, and the dharma body cultivated from his blood was not complete. Many of the loopholes were naturally greatly discounted and the later development would be much smaller.
A slight incantation of the animal bones suddenly burst into a dazzling gray light, and the figure of Maitreya disappeared with a violent tremor. The powerful will notice that a series of vibrations are flying towards the northwest.
It wasn’t long before the dragon car arrived in the secluded area, and there were still two days before the lecture day of the second altar. However, the gate of the secluded area was still closed, but Jinyang Shennian sensed that some small islands nearby were full of strong breath, and many of them actually had jade immortals. Obviously, they were all prepared to come to listen to the Dharma and come early to occupy a favorable terrain in the altar day.
Seeing that the guard of honor slowly fell to guard General demon fairy, he hurried to meet him. He was the guardian of the aquarium, and the demon fairy Legion was in charge of a sharp fish general. The right-hand man hurriedly shouted and played the dragon boat in the array, and more than 10,000 demon fairy stayed outside.
In the array, Jinyang hurried back to the main hall to see that the feather spirit was suspended in the temple and wrapped in golden light. Obviously, it was being refined to restore strength, so he didn’t bother what was on his mind. Even if he told him, he wouldn’t get any good advice. It was better to think slowly alone.
Shi Jia hid in the dark, and Jinyang could not find him even if he sincerely wanted to find Ji. In less than ten years, the two men would definitely not touch the head, but why did they send Maitreya to reinvent the wheel?
Want to paralyze yourself? It’s impossible to release Jia. It’s not a fool who must know that he can think of it and will be more careful. But he has to stay in the realm all the time. Even if he is in love, he can’t help himself.