And why was he so careless when he said this?

Zuo Tangtang suddenly found that he didn’t know more about Mu Mu than at the moment. In her impression, Mu Mu has always been as gentle and polite as an ancient monarch. Although he was very good at fighting pk, he never deliberately killed some players unless he was actively provoked.
Didn’t he say that he hoped that he would enjoy a fragrant tea, a strategy and a chess game and spend the sunny afternoon quietly?
But now he says that he often hangs killing here?
Zuo Tangtang is not unable to accept people he knows well to be war criminals in Hong Kong.
But she just can’t accept that there is still a side of people she knew well that she didn’t know.
"That is to say," Zuo Tangtang said in a slightly dry mute voice, "it’s not wrong for me to look at the purple name in Suzhou?"
"Suzhou?" MuYun idle wanted to think, "A few days ago, there were people who killed people in Suzhou with Ruhua."
Zuo Tangtang tried to hold back his desire to burst into emotion and asked, "What are you telling me now?"
"Stupid hooves are unhappy?" MuYun idle, as always, gentle smile "is not happy? I’m not happy that I didn’t tell you before that I would kill people, too? "
Zuo Tangtang is silent.
MuYun idle continued, "before? I’ve always wondered if I should tell you this. But I told myself again and again that it was my own business and I didn’t tell you. "
"So what are you going to tell me now?" Zuo Tangtang’s original deep heart is waiting for Muyun’s idle answer with slight hope at the moment.
"Because we are the closest people!" Mu Yunxian muttered, "I am the closest person in this game!"
[5 Chapter 16 Faint uneasiness]
In this game
In this game
In this game
Zuo Tangtang silently read these words, even the words "the closest person" didn’t make her happy at all.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with mu mu’s words, but she feels so sad about anything
Is it because of the word game?
Is it because this pair of words gave her the wrong feeling at this time?
I agree with Mu Mu very much, but there is a weak voice in my heart telling her if it is not the case!
Why does she have a kind of loss and a kind of sadness hidden in her heart?
Zuo Tangtang just manipulated his role and came to the boatman’s place, where he rode in front of what he always looked at.
Muyun paid the money and took a boat to sail in the direction of two worlds.
But I turned my eyes and found Zuo Tangtang still there motionless.
"Let’s go! Hoof hooves! Why stay! " Suddenly, the idle sound of Muyun in the crooked eyes woke Zuo Tangtang up completely.
"Oh, oh, here we are." Zuo Tangtang replied, buying a ticket to two worlds, paying the money, and a boat appeared to take her away.
In this game, players take a boat just like riding a horse. One person, one horse, one person and one boat are not in the situation where many people take a boat.
However, it is very humanized. Except for boatmen, each boat has several different np’s, and they will also say some words or feelings of their own.
Looking at the little girl in blue sitting in the boat in front of Mu Mu, even though she hasn’t said anything yet, Zuo Tangtang, a scenic party who often takes carriages and boats, knows that she is the lively Miss Four of Beasts Villa, but * * this time she is probably chanting about how her brother hasn’t come to pick her up yet.
Zuo Tangtang remembers that she used to be funny. She lit this dialogue with Huxiaojie, the so-called tiger sister. Listening to her childish and arrogant tone, she said, "Bah, Bah, you don’t care about me!" Sometimes Zuo Tangtang can always entertain himself and bend his back with laughter.
Looking at her boat, a young woman and a middle-aged man dressed in Jianghu, Zuo Tangtang, couldn’t help wondering what they would say.
When the ship was driving for a certain time, np people also talked in succession. The middle-aged man sitting at the bow was probably as impatient as many Jianghu people who hurried on, urging "Why hasn’t the boatman arrived yet?"
The boatman is an old man. He paddled slowly and said, "Hey! Guest officer! Pay attention! Then turn right! "
The woman didn’t say anything, but she sat sideways and her eyes were cast on the surface of the water, which was rippled by the paddle.
For a long time, Zuo Tangtang almost diverted her attention before she sighed faintly, "It is said that it has been built in the same boat for a hundred years …"
Can it be repaired in the same boat for a hundred years?
Zuo Tangtang consciously looked at the front and sat alone on the side of the boat, but she couldn’t stop being desolate. Why did she feel scared from the beginning? What the hell is she afraid of?
I know that this is a unified np fixed discourse, but Zuo Tangtang is still stunned by this woman’s words
She’s scared.
She’s worried
But what is she afraid of? What are you worried about? Zuo Tangtang is utterly confused at the moment.
Look at the eyes Fang Muyun idle again.
Zuo Tangtang suddenly turned white.
She is afraid that Mu Mu will leave.
Not exactly, I’m afraid that Mu Mu and she will end.
Two people who have mutually recognized each other can sit separately by boat, especially this sentence "It takes a hundred years to build the same boat" has deepened Zuo Tangtang’s anxiety.
Will she and Mu Mu end up as strangers one day later?
Thought of here, Zuo Tangtang shook his head desperately and seemed to want to throw all these unlucky thoughts out of his mind.
No, after all, I care so much about Mu Mu Mu, and I care so much about myself. Zuo Tangtang looked at the lake and there was a flower field far away, trying to comfort himself.
But after all, she doesn’t know what is meant by everything.
Until the boat arrived, when pink came at her, her original depression was slightly relieved.
She has neve seen such a beautiful scene.
At present, there is a sea of flowers in Datura, white powder and purple are swaying gently in the breeze, and there are all kinds of peach trees in the distance. Occasionally, the peach blossoms are taken everywhere by the breeze.
The whole world is a pink world.
Zuo Tangtang strolled in it and enjoyed this visual feast.
"How about it?" Mumu said with a smile, "Is it not bad here?"
"Uh-huh" Zuo Tangtang looked at all this with fascination and marveled that he was freely coping with Muyun’s idle answer.
MuYun idle also didn’t care too much about these by Zuo Tangtang eyed this usually belongs to his secret base.
"Wait for me, I’ll take a photo." Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help but want to take a screenshot.
"Uh-huh ~" Muyun looked at the mandala quietly in the flowers, happy as a butterfly, and Zuo Tangtang could not help but chuckle again.
Yeah, this one is pretty good. Zuo Tangtang adjusted his perspective and looked at the new screenshot in the folder with satisfaction.
Pull the line of sight far away and then far away, and let Mu Mu in.
Thinking about the future, she always carefully kept Mu Mu in the screenshot, but now she can take photos with such daring eyes.