"Holy shit"

At the moment, the situation has become lk can’t walk away if he wants to. When the snowman is pulled down by the dawn again, the uu team hugs him and directly seconds away.
"See if you can control them. I’ll go for a second."
Zhang Hao stuck in the secret position of uu team. It is really unbearable to kill. After all, it is really not good to be beaten passively all the time. What’s worse, if you go here, you will lose your doubts and have no ability to fight the situation. It is just a slow death.
"I have a big move."
Erhong doesn’t want to be suppressed all the time to see that Zhang Hao has come from the side, and it’s a perfect move to start a fear of five people.
Seeing the opportunity, Zhang Hao didn’t hesitate for three periods of Q to directly enter the arena and charge to Lucian’s side, and all kinds of control departments output crazily. At this moment, Zhang Hao has Lucian in his eyes.
Zhang Hao’s output is becoming more and more elegant. At this moment, Zhang Hao seems to have understood the true meaning of Riven, and it is not the case that he took the enemy’s head with thousands of troops. At this moment, Riven is like a human being, and a set of skills will beat Lucian to half blood. aqaqaqw’s output is very impressive at this moment.
At the same time, Zhang Hao has been more into the state, almost breaking the big move for two seconds to directly drop Lucian.
"Wow, so fast."
At the moment, the three commentators are very interested in Riven’s hand speed, which is fast to the extreme.
Is almost a blink of an eye off without giving uu team the slightest response.
The field is also a commotion
"So fast, so fast."
"The cow force is too worshipful."
"the speed of light qa is sharp"
Everyone cheered in Riven, but even if a core uu team lost seconds, the overall output was still considerable. An assassin in Riven has done everything he can.
In the absence of the front row to absorb fire, Riven went into this step alone and did it perfectly
"No, no!"
Zhang Hao immediately discovered the problem. Although Lucian was dead, he did not die completely.
Zhang Hao suddenly spoke again, which is a big move for grave diggers.
Although Lucian is dead, digging the grave before his death also evokes an illusion. After Lucian’s resurrection, his output is more brave. Riven Nai was beaten up by a gang.
"Holy shit"
Zhang Hao is a language at the moment. In this case, it is impossible to fight the uu team. This kind of meat has already made lk rush to pressure. Adding a teammate who can resurrect the grave can be said that it is not a way to live.
"Sister Ni!"
Erhong also made a perfect move and a wild output to kill ad. There is nothing more than this, but it happened at the moment.
Vn tried its best to output in the back row, but the output environment really dared not look directly at the uu team’s instant firepower output to vn. The good thing is that vn is mobile or can be equipped with a red fork, and it is also flexible and elegant to run.
"uu team once again hit a wave of three kills to further expand the advantage and see that the array uu team has gradually occupied the wind, and the situation is leaning towards uu team.
After 23 minutes, the uu team withdrew from the lk base. This period is also the dragon refresh period. lk can watch uu fight dragons. After all, the opportunity is not very good at this moment.
"If you let it go, you can’t fight."
Zhang Hao looked at the map and gave up the dragon, and the uu team turned the situation into a 17:9 economic lead.
"No, we must hurry to play the group, but we can’t finish it in a while."
Zhang Hao is very clear about the situation. If you don’t talk, it will be lk nightmare if pig sister and Shuguang develop completely.
Now it’s gradually impossible to hit the damage, and there is no uu team meat theory, so it can’t be put off until the later stage. This game lk means to hit the middle stage, but several waves of rhythm have not been done well.
"It’s best to go to the opposite field and see how many people you can squat down."
"tear down their tower first."
At the moment, lk is actively looking for a breakthrough, and the team has reached a consensus that the uu middle tower must be taken first.
When the lk team arrived at the first tower of the uu team, the formation of the uu team had not been set up. Zhang Hao had indicated that the second macro was double-sided. After all, the more unexpected the big move, the better the effect.
And vn and Nunu are also moving from the side of the wild area in order to ambush uu. Once successful, it will be a wave of rhythm.
"lk three people are all in the side double-team, which seems to be their tactics."
Snow has also seen the movements of lk players, so it is suspected that he is going to do something about uu team.
When the uu team reached the middle of the road, the troops quickly made a big move from the side, and once again they were afraid of five people and two macros. These big moves were perfectly controlled by more than N people.
Vn and Nunu entered quickly, but the speed of the troops entering was a little faster.
"Don’t tear down a tower yet. Speed it up."
Zhang Hao is a little bit reluctant to seize the opportunity a little bit fast, but now that he has played, there is definitely no way to retreat
After a wave of output, although Lucian and Dao Mei were dropped in seconds, after all, it was the dawn of the tower output and the control of pig sister that caused great problems to lk. In the end, lk played 2 for 4, and there was still a certain gap between the situation and the expectation.
"Oh, I can’t."
Zhang Hao looked at the situation and had no idea. At this point, the uu team was completely developed. In the later stage, the uu team array was very strong
"lk’s last chance is gone."
"Yes, the fight failed in the end."
The commentary also saw that the lk team’s idea was obvious, that is, they were ready to fight, but they did not succeed in the end.
"Yeah, the chances are slim."
The commentary is very clear about the situation, and the development of the field is just proceeding according to everyone’s mind. It seems that the uu team has no idea to continue to fight and the team is advancing towards lk base.
Chapter 612 Failure also gains.
"I can’t beat it."
Zhang Hao looked at the ae team, which was also slightly obvious. After the last wave of 3-for-5 battles, the uu team finally won the game.
Zhang Hao leaned back and played a game, which was a kind of relaxation.
"Hey? No"
Erhong was quite humbled by the uu team for n times, and of course he was very unhappy.
"Go back and summarize."
Zhang Hao looked at the bright screen and smiled. Although he failed, lk also learned a lot from the game, such as rhythm control and situation reversal, which are very valuable experiences.
"Congratulations to the uu team for winning the second game. The war between the two sides was wonderful. Thanks to the two teams, we contributed a wonderful game."
"Ah, this game is really humbled."