I’m not interested in watching these two people play games. He looks around and his eyes fall on Lin Zixiao.

Yanchen’s eyes became bright obviously, and his mouth evoked an evil smile. The dim light projected his figure obviously became melancholy, but his face was covered with Uber until he became a handsome boy in the eyes of girls.
He raised his steps and walked slowly to Lin Zixiao …
Feel someone close to Lin Zixiao, slightly measured his body, complicated eyes and looking at Yanchen coming towards him …
Par15, don’t you think you’re getting dragged?
Feel someone close to Lin Zixiao, slightly measured his body, complicated eyes and looking at Yanchen coming towards him …
Did he see himself?
Lin Zixiao silently thought about it, and then hooked her lips and smiled. How could a girl wearing a thin school like this be unnoticed?
But she doesn’t want to talk to Yanchen!
The sixth sense told her that there would never be anything good when Yanchen appeared. This feeling came from the first time she saw him in the wasteland …
Although it feels faint, it is very clear …
"Why are you here?" Yanchen’s tone is easy-going, but it hides a faint mass at the right hypochondrium.
"Look at how that man beat the list master." Lin Zixiao responded indifferently, and his tone was very distant.
"Beat the list owner?" Yanchen recognized the alienation in her tone as the so-called smile and then questioned and asked.
"Well …"
"Hey hey, I don’t think so!" Yanchen’s mouth is cracked and beautiful radian.
"What?" Lin Zixiao frowned and asked, "It’s nothing if the former list master doesn’t, but it’s very troublesome to arrange it for social investigation now. Lin Zixiao can probably do it for nothing. I don’t know what strange punishment will there be if he can’t finish it."
"Don’t you see that man is very nervous?" Yanchen said that the previous step was closer to Lin Zixiao …
Seeing that he is closer to himself, some noisy game halls can hear him breathing steadily. Lin Zixiao did not answer his words, but took a step back.
Just as her feet were raised, Yanchen quickly reached out and grabbed her arm, then slightly narrowed her eyes and said, "Should you answer my question first when I ask you another question?"
"Well …" Lin Zixiao looked at Yanchen awkwardly and was puzzled by his sudden closeness and bullying.
She took back her right foot and settled down. She glanced at Lin Yifei, who was fighting fiercely in the game, and said, "No!"
"no?" Yanchen’s voice is instantly high, and she secretly complains about Lin Zixiao! ! Did you really observe that the calf was shaking? ! !
"I think not! !” Lin Zixiao shrugged his shoulders and then broke free from the psychological snigger who was grabbed by his arm.
Even if she saw it, she would say no =3=
First of all, she must believe that Lin Yifei will not lose the letter. It is very powerful! !
"hey! Lin Zixiao, you are deliberately playing against me! !” Yanchen looked at her this attitude face displeasure big nu scold! !
"No …" Lin Zixiao replied with a slight sniffle at the corner of her mouth.
"I haven’t seen you for a few days. Have you ever felt that you have dragged a lot? ?” Yanchen pulled up Lin Zixiao’s arm and looked at Lin Zixiao with fierce eyes! ! !
What he can’t stand most is that there is a woman dragging in front of him! ! He still prefers Lin Zixiao, who is indifferent to everything … [Where did you see Lin Zixiao drag? But I didn’t answer according to your meaning …]
"Yes …" Lin Zixiao looked at Yanchen in a light mouth and eyes …
How exactly does this guy define the word drag …
Later, I will write Yanchen’s joke 3 to make him so arrogant and so strong! ! !
Well, I’ll take the first shift today. I have a physics and chemistry exam tomorrow. When I come back from the exam, I’ll be more 4, so I’ll go and review first =3=
Master Par151
How exactly does this guy define the word drag …
"…" Yanchen felt that she had a lot to say, but she couldn’t say anything at this time! ! Actually, he is a little upset because Lin Zixiao is too distant from him! !
It’s always women who talk to him and stick to him! !
What did he get for being so active today?
"hey! Lin Zixiao, why do you always talk to me in a distant tone? " Yanchen finally couldn’t help asking her if there was a cold chill in her bright eyes
"No …" Lin Zixiao’s face is covered with three black lines. Is she speaking to normal people?
She has always been very grateful to him! How did he help her once? She always remembers this time! ! She’s here for a social inspection! ! And this mysterious guy doesn’t know what he’s doing here! ! Not a passer-by
"You still say no?" Yanchen’s eyes are a little scarlet. She will bring Lin Zixiao closer to her nose and touch her silky face.