When’ tis once spoken, thunder rolled …

At a time, Yi’s face slipped through several black lines.
Xingtian foam is completely messy.
However, the good old class came out to lift such a stalemate.
"Everybody be quiet. These three students are transferred from Lingye College, and the three of them are brothers and sisters …" The old class exclaimed before he finished speaking!
"Brothers and sisters? ! Oh, my god One of them is a woman? !”
"Which is a woman? Is that the rightmost one … "
Everyone was very surprised when they heard that they were brothers and sisters, and they guessed that these three people seemed to be "all" boys.
And most people think that sister is the Oriental Shadow around Xingtianmo …
Starry foam looked at the Oriental Shadow and smoked her mouth and gradually turned black. She fought back her smile and held back her face until she twitched.
When I can’t stand it, I will lie on the moon and smile with my arms depressed. At least I have to leave a face for people, right?
At that moment, Xingtianmo went to see the face of Yuexuan Yi with a hint of schadenfreude.
"All right, all right, don’t guess." Old Bennet wiped her sweat. She had the same situation when she met three people. Now the three of them don’t introduce themselves. She will introduce them.
"The middle is Oriental Bud and the second sister, the eldest brother is on the left, and the right is Oriental Shadow, ranking third."
"That’s a girl … but I still think Oriental Shadow looks like a girl! It’s so beautiful … "His girls in the class are still not afraid dead to commit anthomaniac. I didn’t see someone so gloomy that I couldn’t face it."
I’m sorry, but the shadow looks so beautiful.
Today, 3+1=4 is even more ~
16 missing persons
Oriental shadow Yin face walked to the front of the star day foam seat "bang" a sitting class this just quiet.
Dongfang Chu and Dongfang Bei sit next to Dongfang Ying in turn.
It was strange to see the three of them coming to Xingtianmo, and I was a little happy and excited, but there was still a mysterious feeling.
Star day foam eyes scanning back and forth in the back of three people.
"What will they turn from ling leaf? Aren’t all their schools important? How can they leave easily? What can I do for you? " Starry day foam looked at them and thought.
Suddenly, Oriental Chu turned to look at Xingtianmo and smiled awkwardly.
Oriental Chu also smiled gently.
When the atmosphere was awkward, Xingtianmo’s mobile phone vibrated imperceptibly. It was an orange text message.
This message is concise enough, just a number; However, it means to point to headquarters.
After reading the text message, Xingtianmo’s face changed slightly.
It’s been a month … a month has passed … so it’s time to deal with things a month ago.
"If you don’t deal with good things, these people will really jump off the building …" Starry foam eyes flashed.
"Silver" walked into the headquarters and everyone lined up in two lines, bowing to Xingtianmo on both sides of the door.
Leng You’s headquarters has been moved to another place. Since that bloody battle, Xingtianmo will move to the headquarters.