Even the silent ball didn’t need the two sides of the club to get together to discuss what they needed. They needed a tacit understanding to automatically play a silent ball. Otherwise, how could it be called a "silent ball"? For example, there are many Royal teams in Spain, and most of them support the central government, that is, Wang is considered Real Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid.

This is a very rough difference, and there are many detailed differences. Each team is hurt and may have more than one label.
If Real Madrid and Barcelona hit a good team at the moment of the championship, then this team may take the initiative to sell personal feelings to Real Madrid to help them beat Barcelona.
China La Liga fans must be familiar with this phenomenon. Hertha has always been recognized as Real Madrid’s "sending children" in the future and will help Real Madrid at many critical moments.
And Atletico Madrid, out of hatred for Real Madrid, can also make such a move as losing to Barcelona at home 6 times.
But if you go to investigate Real Madrid, you certainly haven’t asked Hertha to give it to yourself, because Hertha doesn’t need to know what to do.
Doing so can increase their friendship with Real Madrid, a giant. Otherwise, how can Hertha always get excellent players from Real Madrid youth training camp? This is why they insist on giving points in return.
Usually, this kind of tacit ball is rare, but it will appear in the end of the season when a team needs to avoid relegation, upgrade and win the championship.
Hertha and Atletico Madrid are both teams in the Madrid region. Although Hertha annexed a team called "Real Madrid Supporters" when several teams merged, Flores, an anti-Real Madrid activist, was in charge of Hertha for nine years, and this team was not on the same road as Real Madrid. If they want to become real Madrid’s loyal younger brother, they will have to wait until Real Madrid club member Torres becomes the club chairman.
Nowadays, they may not be able to get mixed up with Atletico Madrid. It is reasonable for Hertha to lose to Atletico Madrid in the final round, so that people can’t find anything wrong.
Even if everyone knows that Hertha gave the ball, there is no evidence, and both sides certainly don’t admit that there is no reason to do the investigation-don’t you allow the former champion team to rest and have a bunch of substitutes to play around? If this is all fake ball, then football should be banned.
It is said that even in the aspect of playing match-fixing, China football has a lot to learn from western football, and there is still a long way to go.
Too much nonsense …
Generally speaking, at the end of the Spanish football season, all moths are normal, and the silent ball is the simplest and most common one.
Even the media and fans don’t make a fuss. They think it’s normal.
Besides, even if Chang Sheng wants to beat Atletico Madrid away from home and avenge himself, other players may not want to …
Hertha also has the King’s Cup semi-final. What if a player is injured in the league match with Atletico Madrid?
Among them, the most active media that speculated on this analysis result was the pro-Atletico Madrid media.
It’s ironic
At the beginning, Hertha shook hands with real betis after relegation, and this media was as furious as being stabbed in the ass. Hertha was a group of unprofessional players, so even if the team won the league championship, it would be credible because they were despicable thieves rather than decent kings!
Now this media is speculating that Hertha will release water to play silent ball in the final round of crucial competition.
At this moment, what professional ethics have been thrown out of their minds by them? They wish that Hertha root was not in any morality. It is best to raise your hand and surrender. At first, you accused Hertha of having no professional ethics, and now you advocate Hertha to voluntarily give up morality. These two completely different things appear in them, and it seems that there is no contradiction …
It is the biggest joke that the media talks about conscience and morality.
They are chasing after interests, and they are captured by readers’ eyes. They don’t care about morality. It’s too low for them to be profitable and shameless …
Tacit ball is an unreliable thing, and Atletico Madrid can’t just go and say something nice to let Hertha play the tacit understanding.
What team are they?
Although they always pretend to be "victims", "oppressed" and "revolutionaries" in front of Real Madrid, they still rely on their identity in front of peasant Hertha.
How is it possible to do such a low-spirited thing?
Actually, it’s quite normal. You can’t ask a team as big as Atletico Madrid to play the role of loser and victim in front of any team. Otherwise, how can they be the third largest club in Spain? Can it be done by being touching and pitiful without winning and winning? Obviously not.
The media speculated that Hertha and Atletico Madrid might play the silent ball, so when it comes to Atletico Madrid itself, Hertha is completely ignored.
Their reasons are similar to those of the media, except for the silent ball.
They think that Hertha has won the championship before, and even the main players are not thinking about the game, but about other things such as the King’s Cup, such as holidays.
Always winning, always winning the league title. The bait is like a carrot. This goal is the spiritual pillar and motivation source of Hertha team.
Now that they have won the league championship, according to common sense, that tone must be vented. Once it is vented, it will be difficult to drum it up.
If Hertha doesn’t win in the previous round, Atletico Madrid will still worry. After all, Hertha will definitely die away from Atletico Madrid when she wins the league title.
Now …
Even if the two sides have another chance to talk directly?
Can Calderon still let Hertha steal these three points at Atletico Madrid?
Atletico Madrid doesn’t consider this possibility at all
Moreover, Atletico Madrid believes that Hertha Calderon will be under the pressure of prehistoric cases!
In Madrid, Calderon Stadium is second only to Bernabeu Stadium.
Teams will bear a heavy psychological burden here, not to mention teams like Hertha.
Although it seems that the final round needs to face Hertha, the situation is dangerous, but Atletico Madrid are full of confidence in it
There are even people who are deeply saddened.
Half a season ago, Atletico Madrid made a series of achievements and fluctuated, and when it ranked the lowest in the league, it went to the top ten.
Look at their mess. How can there be any big brother demeanor in Madrid?
All this reached a climax after they were beaten by Hertha 3 away.
At that time, many people sang against Atletico Madrid, and several people laughed at them and ridiculed them for touting Hertha as if Hertha had replaced Atletico Madrid as one of the best teams in Madrid.
When the upstart Hertha shined on the stage, Atletico Madrid, a decadent aristocrat, slowly decayed and stinked in the garbage.
Atletico Madrid coach Marcos Alonso is also under great pressure.
One day, the newspaper heard that he was going to be fired by the irascible old hill-even he believed it. Because the old hill was famous for his impatience, how could he stay in the team after losing so badly?
Who ever thought that old Hill didn’t ask him to take classes as if nothing had happened?
Marcos Alonso is in a solid position.
Then he reflected on his coaching ideas for half a season, especially the game with Hertha, which became his key research object.
Then he found that he and Atletico Madrid both made mistakes. This is a quagmire. If the second division wants to break through here, toughness is more important than skill, but it is more important than splendor.
So he adjusted his coaching ideas.
It’s easier for Atletico Madrid to play tougher football in the half season.
Although it’s not good-looking, the benefits are really obvious-Atletico Madrid’s ranking is rising, and now they have risen to the third place in the league with one round to go before the end of the league!
See the upgrade in sight!
Atletico Madrid had a magnificent phoenix nirvana in half a season.
Many people may remember how Hertha won the league title in the face of economic crisis, but Atletico Madrid did well.
This is really a trick. Who would have thought that the top ten teams in the league could be promoted back to the first division?