I didn’t know that in the dialogue between the two people, the two dragons over there were really fighting too fiercely, and now it turns out that the outcome will be divided!

The two dragons didn’t hit each other head-on, but they were thrown out one after another after a long time, but the dragon flew farther than the golden dragon with five claws.
Just for a moment, the two dragons were black and blue. Xiao Wen felt that the word "black and blue" was really more appropriate than ever in my life …
Tsing lung’s head, body and tail are almost not bleeding, and scales are gone in many places, leaving huge blood holes, but there is blood in Tsing lung’s claws. Naturally, it is the golden dragon with five claws.
Look at the golden dragon with five claws. It’s not much better than Qinglong, and it’s covered in injuries.
Both dragons gasped in recovery, and a stream of blood poured out of their mouths from time to time.
If you call again, you will hurt your roots.
At this moment, it turned out to be the rabbit’s predecessor’s hoarse voice. "Let’s just let it be this game. Let’s export the forest item and come back."
That Lin Xiang quickly turned into a human figure without bravado. His left hand clutching his chest and his right hand turned out to be a bottle gourd, and he drank it up again.
Lin Xiangshu, who didn’t wipe the wine stains after drinking, tunnel "happy and happy"
I don’t know if he lamented whether it was a good fight or a good drink.
"I lost this game" Lin Xiang neatly bowed his hand to the five-claw golden dragon and then turned and flew back to the array.
After coming back, the rabbit elder immediately said, "Like?"
"It’s quite good. It’s a pity that I stayed with Qinglong late. If you want to beat him, even if you have been accumulating experience like this, it will take 30 to 50 years."
"It’s good that your companion is not as good as him. You can rest and pick me up," said the rabbit elder.
A listen to the rabbit predecessors to sell even Xiao asked j and ng god a flap Tong Xiao can say that the rabbit predecessors are the first master of the fairy society, and this second game must be won.
Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Tong Xiao have already flown forward and soon reached middle age and asked, "Who is your party?"
Golden light gushed out of the golden dragon with five claws, which quickly blurred and finally solidified into a human figure. It was Ao Nie.
Then, to everyone’s surprise, a scene appeared, in which Ao Nie bowed his hand to the rabbit’s predecessors and turned out to be a way: "Let the younger generation come back to this scene."
When talking to a rabbit demon, the golden dragon with five claws even claimed to be the younger generation, which showed how senior the rabbit was, but it was not so proud, because the performance of Ao Nie was so weird.
Blind people can see that Ao Nie is not slightly injured at this time. He was not a rabbit elder when he was in his prime. How can his opponent beat the rabbit elder at this time?
What the hell is his idea?
Then I listened to Ao Nie’s way, "You don’t have to be suspicious. This game is not only the appearance of the rabbit’s predecessors, but we will lose. In this case, I don’t want Ao to ask for advice from the rabbit’s predecessors. It’s just that Ao is also itching and still looking forward to the rabbit’s predecessors."
At this time, Lin Xiang and the other two people are already frowning. Even Xiao Wen feels that something is wrong.
But they actually know the root of the matter. Even if they really want to calculate each other, what novel tricks can they make?
One thousand that ao nie and y and n plot?
If Lin Xiang still hits him, it may be a direct deal. Be careful, but the rabbit predecessors, but the elders here are really not surprised.
I’m worried. The rabbit elder over there has also considered it clearly. Now he can’t return it at least.
And the other side doesn’t want to change …
So the stalemate for more than ten breath kung fu second showdown is finally finalized or rabbit predecessors and the ao nie.
This time, Tong Xiao, after all, is a junior with unstable realm. As soon as the war is declared, he will first blur and merge with the rabbit predecessors.
Then the rabbit predecessors and ao nie kept people rushing directly to one place!
It goes without saying that the rabbit’s predecessors are good at it. They can’t see clearly in the middle of the game.
Later, it seemed as if the rabbit’s predecessors had finally caught one when the right leg side was drawn in the middle of Ao Nie’s left waist!
"Sou" rang and Ao Nie was kicked out. His body instantly flew over two miles and crashed into the right rock wall.
But he is wearing a shining armor, and that foot is not a serious injury.
Only when I bumped into the rock wall, Ao Nie’s golden light surged quickly, and all five claws of Jinlong were buckled on the rock wall. Looking at the distant rabbit’s predecessor Xiao Wen, it was the first time to see the dragon’s claws. At that moment, it gave a feeling that Jinlong with five claws was a gecko.
However, the golden dragon with five claws just lit up like that. The root didn’t climb on the rock wall, but suddenly rushed out of the leap and swung its body. After two turns, it reached the rabbit’s predecessor!
A giant dragon’s mouth bite or a humanoid rabbit is almost the same as an ordinary dying old rabbit.
But is this really the case?
Just when the dragon’s mouth was dozens of feet away from the rabbit’s predecessor, the rabbit’s predecessor suddenly burst into flames!
White gas rushed to the faucet, but a white Se rabbit shadow appeared in its original place, but it was not the size of a person when Xiao Wen saw it, but it was more than ten feet high! It’s not smaller than that faucet!
In the middle of the dragon’s mouth bite, the oversized rabbit jerked back, but its legs were thrown from the front and it was smoking in the golden dragon’s jaw with five claws!
What’s even more shocking is not that it’s clever, but that it’s powerful. I don’t know where the old rabbit came from. The head of the five-claw golden dragon was pumped "sou" and flew out with his body. It hit the zenith with a bang!
When the rocks fell, the rabbit’s predecessors had already rushed away!
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Virtual boundary
Xiao asked that he had heard of the rabbit pedaling the eagle, but he had never really seen it.
The golden dragon with five claws just bumped into the zenith over there, and the huge rabbit was already rushing over against the falling stone, and its right hind leg flew to the neck of the golden dragon with five claws in the previous foot.
The front half of the golden dragon with five claws has fallen into the zenith. At this time, it has just been uprooted, so there is no way to hide and see that it will be kicked by the big rabbit.
With a flash of golden light, the golden dragon with five claws suddenly disappeared from its original place and reappeared. Instead, it went to the big rabbit and threw its tail at the big rabbit and violently smoked it!
The big rabbit didn’t close his leg with a pedal, but simply jumped sideways at the zenith.
The big rabbit just rushed out of more than ten feet and five claws, and the golden dragon and the dragon’s tail were already swept over. After all, it failed to sweep the big rabbit, but it was shot at the zenith and the boss took a pit.
But in this moment, I heard a bang, and the big rabbit actually landed in the front part of beaten tail.
There is a long fin on the dragon’s back with a huge thorn like a sword, and the natural root method stands here, but the big rabbit doesn’t land on the square of the dragon’s back, but on the left side. That position is unstable, but at this time, the big rabbit is already flying forward! This is, after all, a fairy king level battle. How can it be common sense?
Big Rabbit’s goal is that the head of Golden Dragon with Five Claws has quickly rushed out of dozens of feet and reached the middle of the body of Golden Dragon with Five Claws!
The head of the five-claw golden dragon is the key. Naturally, the big rabbit can’t get close to the body so easily. As soon as the big rabbit stops, a big Duan Long body moves in the opposite direction.
Ordinary people would naturally be separated from the dragon body with one foot, but the big rabbit’s feet are like roots, and the dragon body moves wherever it goes!
But this is not the final move of Golden Dragon with Five Claws, but the prelude to the final move!
By the time the dragon body is put to the end, it’s like pulling a bowstring, and the big rabbit is at the part where the bowstring bends the most!
Swinging the dragon’s body and jerking it in the direction of the big rabbit is simply taking the big rabbit as an arrow to get her out!
At this time, Big Rabbit was finally thrown out when the dragon was steady.
But just at the moment of being dumped, Big Rabbit leng borrowed some strength from the dragon’s body, and still rushed to the head of the five-claw golden dragon!
At the same time, the golden dragon with five claws just turned its head and opened its mouth and took the initiative to bite the big rabbit!
The big rabbit was a little bigger than the dragon’s head. When the dragon tried to open its mouth, it almost swallowed it, but the big rabbit was not afraid to rush!
The two sides finally contacted again, and the incredible scene appeared. The big rabbit actually took the initiative to extend his left hind leg to the dragon’s mouth and jaw!
Just before the dragon’s mouth was closed, the big rabbit jumped out again at the wrong time and turned over to the head of the five-claw golden dragon. In fact, at this time, the shape of the big rabbit has changed slightly. It is not accurate to say that the rabbit’s two front legs are no longer walking, but to grab it. At this moment, the big rabbit turned to the head of the five-claw golden dragon and stretched out his right arm and copied it to the left corner of the five-claw golden dragon!
If the dragon horn is caught, the golden dragon with five claws will be at a great disadvantage. At this moment, the golden light of the golden dragon with five claws reappears and teleports without hesitation!