Beglen saw whether Sun Yao wanted to go from the outside or stretch his foot to block!

Speed up!
One step ahead!
"Fell down! Sun Yao fell in the restricted area! " The commentator roared, "The referee gave a penalty!"
The commentator watched the referee point his hand at the penalty spot.
"From the first point of view, it is difficult for us to see if this ball is a penalty! But the referee’s penalty is very decisive! " The commentator said
There was a great hiss from the stands. Some of them were dissatisfied with the referee’s decision and some were dissatisfied with Sun Yao’s position of real betis fans in Betis. They thought that Sun Yao was diving!
But the commentator saw the game in slow motion!
"Sun Yao this foot start very fast! First, kick the ball out, and then the tall real betis team Wei Bergren tripped over Sun Yao! This ball awarded the real betis team something to say! Although they are still explaining something around the referee, we can recognize this penalty through slow motion! " The commentator said
At this time, Bergren angrily ran to Sun Yao and accused Sun Yao of diving, but Sun Yao disdained to glance at him whether it was diving or not. He knew in his heart that Bergren was just pretending!
In fact, Beglen didn’t know that he was the one who was joking.
"Hey Sun!" Hernan perez put the penalty at the penalty spot.
With Sun Yao motioned for a.
"I don’t punish me. I don’t want to score a penalty. It doesn’t count! I also want to score goals in sports! " Sun Yao replied.
Sun Yaobai’s hernan perez team is better than Sun Yao. Several players just now, hernan perez, the team’s top penalty taker, was willing to give Sun Yao the penalty opportunity.
But Sun Yao also has his own stubbornness.
Although the penalty was created by himself, it didn’t mean much to him to punish him like this.
Hernan perez Bai Sun Yao nodded after meaning and set the ball back a few steps.
At this time, the stands opposite hernan perez gave off a huge hiss and tried to interfere with hernan perez’s free throw.
Hernan perez is obviously not affected by these hisses. Calm down overnight!
Villarreal B team is ahead in the away game!
The players got together to celebrate.
Most teammates also congratulated Sun Yao. After all, this penalty opportunity was created by Sun Yao.
If the team wins, Sun Yao is certainly a hero. Even if he doesn’t score, coach juan carlos Garrido will still regard Sun Yao as an indispensable part of the team.
Sun Yao smiled and went back to his own half with his teammates to wait for the opponent’s ball.
At this time, the players and coaches of real betis team felt a little disappointed.
In fact, our own side dominated the game at half-time, and the ball control rate of one side once reached 55%, exceeding 45%. Villarreal B team had more times and opportunities than its opponents. Instead, real betis team created a penalty through a winger’s cooperation to take the lead!
In fact, it is not difficult for Sun Yao to cooperate with the attack this time, but before that, Huo An Oriol rarely inserted assists on the left, so real betis ignored his defense.
Their attention was drawn by Sun Yao.
I didn’t expect to be beaten by villarreal b team for such an oversight!
After the success of this cooperation, Huo An Oriol on the left also frequently pressed for assists to help Sun Yao
The strength of two people is definitely greater than one person.
This also makes the defensive pressure of real betis team isidor Luo huge.
"real betis team made personnel adjustments after falling behind, and now the half-time is not over yet! I don’t know what kind of wishful thinking Javier Irureta is playing! " After the commentator explained in the commentary, the camera also turned to the edge of the court.