And Yang Xiu is practicing in the underground abode of fairies and immortals. If there is no one in the practice room now, it is not good to explain it to others.

Yang Xiu intends to buy a set of high-order array to be arranged outside his training room, but the high-order flag array is very rare in the market, mainly because he is afraid that other monks will crack the flag array and lose his advantage.
Therefore, Yang Xiu had to buy a set of low-order array layout.
Now, when I heard that Ji’s predecessors would refine the high-order law and didn’t keep it from trading, so Yang Xiu said to Ji’s female monk
"Excuse me, I just overheard your conversation and learned that Elder Martial Sister can forge a higher-order array. I took the liberty to ask if you could ask Elder Martial Sister to forge a higher-order array for me."
"I’m really sorry that my refined array is not for sale."
Ji female monk refused a way
Yang Xiu is not surprised to have answers.
"I saw that Elder Martial Sister was looking for Tsukiji Dan, and I happened to have a few pills. I wonder if you would like to exchange them with Elder Martial Sister Tsukiji Dan."
Brother Ji is going to the back room. When he hears Yang Xiu’s words, his face can’t help but flash a smile. Although it is short, he has been paying attention to her. Yang Xiu still noticed that he knew that he had the opportunity to listen to Brother Ji and said.
"Do you have a preconditions for Dan? But if there is one that still doesn’t work, I need more. If there is one, I might as well wait two years to go to the Delong Fair to raise it all at once. "
Yang Xiu also knows that it is nothing more than a common thing to build Jidan at the Delong Fair, the first grand event of Xianye University 6.
However, Yang Xiu Jiamen has one pill and now there are five pills of Zhujidan, which is not afraid of her indifference.
"I have five tablets of Zhujidan here, but it is impossible to change them with a set of high-level arrays."
Female friar Ji heard that Yang Xiuyou’s face lit up with five tablets of Zhu Ji Dan, and immediately said,
"You have five tablets of Zhujidan. I can exchange two sets of high-level arrays for five tablets of Zhujidan. You won’t suffer."
Yang Xiu knows that this price is fair and will not make a counter-offer.
"When is the teacher elder sister going to trade?"
Ji female xiu took out two things from the bag and said
"This is my own two sets of high-order array at ordinary times. This set is called’ Tian Yan Fan Trace Array’, which can make the monks who broke into the array always get lost in it and can’t find a way out. It’s not ordinary external force that can easily break out of the array, which is far from ordinary evil magic array."
"The second set is called" Heaven’s Absolute Array ",which can produce wind, fire and thunder. When the enemy monks of the same rank fall into the array, they can be easily killed."
Back to the abode of fairies and immortals from the city square, Yang Xiu put the "Tian Yan Fan Trace Array" outside his practice room, so I don’t worry about who will break in by mistake.
Yang Xiu, the "celestial array", was very satisfied with its aggressiveness and put it in case of an accident.
I greeted seven people in the Law Enforcement Hall and asked them to watch the abode of fairies and immortals.
Then I went to Mu Yi’s head and recorded that Yang Xiu immediately left Nanling and sent back to Yuechiguo to visit his parents.
Yang Xiu didn’t tell the head of Mu Yi to tell the truth that he went out to experience something until two years later when he went to the Delong Fair and then met with the sect.
A 400-500-meter-high sub-peak in the range of Nanling Twelve Peaks.
The mountain peaks are rich in aura, and they are built perfectly. There are houses and pavilions hidden in the fog of Shan Lan, which are rich in layers and have a world-class fairy style.
This is the mountain house owned by the Zhang family, a big family affiliated to Nanling School.
In a cave built in this mountain, there are Zhang brothers and a middle-aged monk with a dignified face. Now, Zhang brothers have been successfully promoted to Godsworn.
At the moment de-Shi Zhang is giving the middle-aged monk with a dignified face said
"Father and child have found out that the man just left the gate and said he was going to experience, which is a good opportunity."
"Can you really be sure that he took away those ancient secrets? Don’t get burned! If you are not careful, it will bring trouble to the family and even destroy it. "
Zhang Deshi listened to Zhang Advocating Confucianism, and his face also gave me a little palpitation, but he still said
"There is absolutely no mistake. We have secretly inquired carefully. At that time, several monks saw him walking to the forest for several nights in a row and coming out from it the next morning, which means he must have been there. Who else would he be?"
Middle-aged monk said after listening to consider for a moment
"When he’s out of the’ chaotic mountains’, and none of us can go to you two these days, we can’t leave the mountain house and practice at home."