Taotao thought for a while and said cunningly, "I don’t want to come to this place either, but he hasn’t woken up in Nangong. He absorbed a lot of evil spirits in the yellow tower that day. I wonder if it is because those evil spirits are not enough that he doesn’t eat enough nutrition that he hasn’t come out. This place is haunted, so he should be able to catch evil spirits and give them to him to eat."

[He doesn’t eat these]
Taotao smiled and asked, "Do you know again?"
The child didn’t answer him that the branches were lightly lit with dust [do you like that one called Nangong very much? 】
Chapter 181 Chapter 181
Slippery from his hand through a layer of human skin.
Outside the wasteland, the wind is cold, but a solitary lamp in the house reflects like day.
Taotao carefully looks at the child’s black hair, and the white robe wins the snow. Although there are no facial features, the face is clean, which is not terrible.
As an adult, he really looks like a child.
Taotao looked at him, but didn’t say a word.
Children who have always been patient can’t help but pick up branches again [why don’t you talk? 】
"I’m thinking," Taotao’s eyes narrowed with laughter. "I like him, I don’t like him, I like him, what should I say to you, a monster who has a lot of experience? What do you want to ask, you little monster? Did you just take me to the spiritual realm to inquire about other people’s divination? "
This sentence choked the child.
Taotao poked his face and asked with a smile, "So what on earth brought me to the spiritual realm? You didn’t let me touch the Xuan soul flower stem last night. I’m very good today. I haven’t touched it all day. Just tell me. "
Don’t turn your head [is this something to boast about? 】
Tao Taoxin said, of course, that she had to touch it many times every day to make sure that there was a soul in the flower, and it was very powerful to hold back from touching it all day.
The child didn’t continue this topic. He crisscrossed branches on the ground and drew a checkerboard pattern.
We play chess
"Ah?" Taotao also wants to say a few more words with him, but he suddenly wants chess, and she doesn’t understand, "chess?" I won’t. "
[I’ll teach you]
With a wave of his hand, the little monster sprinkled many small flowers from the half of the hut.
That peach has never seen red and white flowers. The child gave her white flowers and kept the red for himself as chess.
Peach peach picked up a flower "this how? Go or chess? "
The child took the flowers in her hand and put the red flowers and white flowers at both ends of the chessboard.
He pointed a little bit at the chessboard on his side, and the red flower suddenly moved towards the white flower, and he ate half of the peach chess.
She learned from him and touched the chessboard, and the remaining white flowers followed, avoiding the red flowers and eating some of his chess pieces.
In a short time, there are only a few red and white flowers on the chessboard.
At this time, Taotao didn’t know the rules of this game, but many flowers floated to the sky magnificently.
The chessboard is full of chess again.
The child continues to touch the chessboard, and the peaches follow without thinking. It is the flowers that fall on the chessboard. If she touches the red and white sides casually, she will kill herself. When both sides are almost killed, they will fall off again one day and the chess will be constantly added.
Taotao felt boring after playing for a while. "Can we change the game?"
You can’t leave unless you play chess.
Although she is in the spiritual realm, the peach spirit has not been brought here, and she vaguely feels a scream in the world outside the spirit.
Something must have happened in the real world.
She was in a hurry to leave, but the child grabbed her wrist [untied it]
Although unfamiliar, after all, there are several lives outside. Taotao doesn’t want them to die, but she can get rid of the children and return to reality. She is anxious. "How can this be solved? Although the red and white are on the chessboard, the roots are not controlled by me. They kill themselves. Whenever there is going to be another xinqi, the roots will never end. "
Children are persistent [you have a way]
Taotao "you this is not difficult for me? If you want this game of chess, you should stop playing chess. "
"You have" is a simple word, but it is sharp with an irrefutable momentum.
Taotao leng leng she looked down at the game.
The red and white sides are still fighting, and the sky is floating magnificently, and new flowers are falling in the checkerboard.
Do you want this game of chess?
Taotao wanted to think, put his foot in the dust and wiped it a few times. Suddenly, the whole chessboard was directly destroyed by Taotao.
No grid, no boundaries, no chess game, no more killing the roof, no more floating flowers
"Is that all right?" Taotao asked
Thunder rumbled outside the broken house
Taotao looked down the window and saw the sky covered with thunder clouds. "Will it rain in your spiritual realm? It’s still a thunderstorm. "
The child wrote coldly [it can’t get in]
Remember at all times that I can’t escape this game of chess tonight, but I can’t do it.
Taotao is at a loss. "What are you talking about?"
The child raised the branches and wrote four more words [Taotao waits for me].
Taotao woke up from the spiritual realm with three different cries of fear in her ear.
She opened her eyes and listened carefully. Two of them were exploring Dafu and the pole in the bedroom.
The other one is Li Xiaohai around.
He squatted in front of the sofa where she was leaning, staring at the coffee table and pushing the peach arm on the wooden floor. "Are you fucking awake here and still dare to sleep like a pig? If the ghost comes, it won’t wake you up. Are you killing yourself?"
"Can’t say ghosts" Taotao woke him up.
Li Xiaohai stared at the floor in horror. "The blood is coming. Come here soon."
And he’s going to pull peaches.
Taotao looked down at the floor and there was nothing. Maybe something puzzled Li Xiaohai, but that thing didn’t confuse her.
She looked up at Li Xiaohai again. He was afraid that his expression was not false, but he was braver than ordinary people in this line of work and could barely keep calm.
Taotao thought of reaching out directly and gave him a loud slap.
Xiao-hai Li was stunned by her and was directly woken up.
He looked at the floor again and saw in his eyes just now that the blood was bubbling and rising, and the blood had disappeared completely
His cheek hurts like a fire. How can a girl who looks so weak have so much strength and understand that she is not affected?
"This room is so weird that it can make people hallucinate," Taotao explained casually. "I just woke up sober and unaffected. Are those two still howling in it? Aren’t you going to save them? "
Xiao-hai Li didn’t react until Dafu and the pole were still in the next room. He hurriedly ran over and gave them a slap.
Three people are awake, and when they look at each other, their eyes are full of fear.