Nine heavy looking at the outside five thousand aggressive tyrannosaurus rex eyes flashing way "don’t you think the system is too take care of us? ! The reason why the hell’s wild flower cavalry regiment is in a bad climate is that it doesn’t mount strongly. I was just thinking about where to get a batch of mounted beasts. It’s really hard to find a place, so I took the initiative to send it to the door ~! "

"The idea is good, but the problem is that we have the ability to catch these tyrants? !”
"Hey … if you want to do it, you can’t do it! Just watch! !” Jiuzhong said and shouted to the guild channel, "There is one in the meeting. If you have all the capture skills, go to the central square!"
Jiuzhong patted Shen Yue’s shoulder and said, "Yueer, I’ll give you the soldiers here to block the water. Anyway, no matter how big it is, it won’t reach us if it’s not tall enough. You can put your hands and feet on it!" Say, turn around and jump on the city head and run straight to the central square!
By the time we arrived at the central square, in addition to the cavalry regiment stationed here, thousands of players had gathered, and their capture skills were all good, and many of them reached the advanced level of skill proficiency like Jiuzhong!
Just a few thousand people didn’t finish watching Jiuzhong and waited for a little while. This time, the big army came, with 30 thousand people coming from all directions of the misty city and the regular army from the front. Although the battle is still going on, Jiuzhong has to make the sky fall!
See the square has now gathered nearly forty thousand people team nine key nod about immediately gave a sign for silence and then said, "I called you up is to you and riding legion work together to do a big deal …! !” Before I finished speaking, I suddenly heard an earth-shattering thunder from the direction of Nancheng, which shook the whole misty city!
5,000 Tyrannosaurus Corps has killed the city and launched the most violent impact on the misty city!
This Tyrannosaurus rex is so barbaric that 5 thousand Tyrannosaurus rex rushed to the city at the maximum speed, and his dozens of tons of body almost directly hit the wall 50 meters thick in no particular order, and the wall was hit by them as violently as an earthquake!
I really didn’t expect that the impact force caused by the simultaneous outbreak of 5,000 Tyrannosaurus rex would be so great that the whole wall would shake violently. Everyone expected that they would stumble forward without defense. Many players were close to the wall and accidentally fell out of the city with a hundred meters high wall. Even worse, they fell into the mouth of Tyrannosaurus rex and were killed by love. There was no luck to die!
Because of the height problem, the Tyrannosaurus rex, a player who can’t reach the city head, also broke out in the city wall like an inflammation, hitting his head, biting his teeth and scratching his paws, just like a group of ruffians fighting, not caring about the shadow or affecting his image. Just be effective!
At that time, the misty city wall was shaken!
Fortunately, everyone is hiding in the city head and Tyrannosaurus rex can’t reach it, otherwise the players really don’t have the courage to face such a fierce monster!
Being hit by Tyrannosaurus rex, everyone can dance in the city and stop Tyrannosaurus rex at the same time, playing in full swing! I knew this was a war, but I didn’t know it was a big get-together between people and animals!
Nine heavy, pointing to the direction of the south gate, "did you hear that? What a wonderful shocking sound! I’m going to take you on a big business today to catch these shocking sound producers-Tyrannosaurus Rex! !”
"ah? President, are you serious? Catch Tyrannosaurus rex? !” Everyone was puzzled. "The Tyrannosaurus level is too high, our capture level is too low, and the success rate is very low!"
"Low success rate doesn’t mean no!" Nine heavy pointed to all the people present. "You have tens of thousands of people dealing with thousands of Tyrannosaurus rex at the same time. Even if the success rate is lower, there must be a time when blind cats touch death, right? !”
They nodded and said, "… That’s true!"
"And …!" Jiuzhong continued, "We have hundreds of thousands of regular troops bombing them. The blood volume of these Tyrannosaurus rex is losing at a speed visible to the naked eye. They can’t keep in a state of exhaustion all the time. The more blood they lose, the higher our success rate will be. Do you think that at that time, just a few thousand Tyrannosaurus rex was enough for tens of thousands of us to pull? !”
They think it makes sense to giggle "woo hoo ha ~! !”
"But …!" Another player has a new problem: "Tyrannosaurus rex is too high, and most of us are low-level. Even regular army players are not high enough. People will die if they step on it!"
"When did I say let you face to face? !” Nine heavy a finger beside the crowd riding a legion said, "this is not they? We can carry out ground warfare with them. I want you to take it easy and don’t be caught by them. I think it’s not a big problem, right? !”
"Not big! !”
"Well, it’s better to act before it’s too late!" Jiuzhong said to the Rider Corps, "Rider Corps, listen to my command. You are not fighting this time, but capturing the brigade’s means of transportation. Try to ensure their lives and help them capture the Tyrannosaurus outside the city. Do you understand? !”
"President of the report!" Someone in the cavalry regiment said, "My mount is a single person, but I can’t ride two people!"
"… I forgot this stubble!" Jiuzhong patted his forehead and said, "Then listen to my order first. All single riders should step out!"
"Hoo-hoo!" Ten thousand cavalry came out of the queue!
"Fortunately, not a lot is enough!" Nine heavy pairs of the remaining humanity "the remaining people listen to the capture team cavalry to combine and ride two people at a speed!" !”
After a while, the capture team rode the legion and assembled and stood by!
Nine heavy dozen ring "let’s go! !”
When leading nearly 40,000 riding and catching teams to the south gate, the two sides were in full swing at this time. A wave of unfinished inflammation has been cleaned up, and the Tyrannosaurus Corps has spent a lot of blood in the cover attack of players in hell, and even a number of Tyrannosaurus Rex have been killed!
Nine heavy a look at the timing is just right, a wave of his hand to ride behind the capture team ordered "pay attention to Ann at the same time don’t affect the city attack force attack to me! !”
"yes! !” The 40,000-riding capture team should be swarming out of the city like locusts, leaving a circle hovering behind the Tyrannosaurus rex group. At the same time, 40,000 players will use the "capture technique" to round up the Tyrannosaurus rex group in Chenggen!
Chapter one hundred and twelve Purgatory thunder punishment
If there is a success rate of one thing, it is difficult for one person to succeed, but if one hundred people do it at the same time, how can they succeed? One and a half thousand people are ten, twenty and ten thousand people are one thousand and two hundred important people. If there are enough people to succeed in this matter, the number of people will naturally be considerable!
Jiuzhong now organizes a capture team, which is the case. If a few people capture Tyrannosaurus rex for hours, they may not be able to successfully capture it. After they catch the cucumber vegetables, it is cold. But now there are 40,000 people on the capture team at the same time. In the first round of capture, dozens of unlucky Tyrannosaurus rex were successfully captured by the players and disappeared into the hands of the players!
At this time, even if one person succeeds, it can bring excitement to others. What’s worse, the success of dozens of people is definitely a strong stimulus. The players of the capture team suddenly have a surge in renal gland secretion, and their eyes generate shines brightly and greedily looks at Tyrannosaurus rex!
At this moment, Tyrannosaurus rex is no longer a daunting beast in their eyes, but a mouth-watering big cake that everyone wants to eat!
In a moment, 40,000 people frantically used the capture technique to cover the Tyrannosaurus rex! The capture cooldown is three seconds, that is, when you take a circle in the middle, it is impossible for everyone to display their skills simultaneously, which makes the Tyrannosaurus rex group cover like rain almost all the time, and Tyrannosaurus rex disappears and turns into a pet egg!
As a result, this crazy round-up surprised everyone. The speed of killing Tyrannosaurus rex by 40 thousand people was even faster than that by hundreds of thousands of people in Chengtou. In just five minutes, more than 2,000 Tyrannosaurus rex had been arrested!
Seeing this situation, Jiuchong was overjoyed, and his nose was so happy that he kept cheering for the capture team. "Wow, hahahaha, grab it and grab it for the old man ~! !”
The players in Chengtou Hell are also overjoyed. It turns out that Tyrannosaurus Rex is not too difficult to deal with Tyrannosaurus Rex, which has caused them great psychological pressure before. However, one by one, the fighting spirit is soaring, and the fighting capacity is 100%. It is very tacit to reach a consensus that the goal is not to kill these Tyrannosaurus Rex, but to use their blood as much as possible. The success rate of the capture team is to assist the capture team to round up the Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibition!
Watching the game outside the city, the players are stunned to see that the players in front of the misty city are fighting in another way, and the Tyrannosaurus rex in the misty city is constantly turning into a pet egg and falling into the player’s pocket!
Some simple-minded players are shocked that the hell-mad player can capture the success of Level 15 Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is hard to believe!
And some guild presidents and some power leaders, these thoughtful players, are shocked that there is such a tactic? Can you still fight like this? !
These people don’t feel that they are suddenly enlightened by some kind of inspiration. They have set up a new idea of tactics!
Jiuzhong’s move today directly led to the looting of players who are proficient in capture techniques in the future, becoming more sought-after steamed buns than professional players in the main battle and setting off a trend of practicing capture techniques! It has contributed to the rise of the special arms of the professional capture force!
The biggest result of all these things is that the players’ combat power in Huaxia District has risen by leaps and bounds!
Jiuzhong, of course, doesn’t know what far-reaching impact he has made on Huaxia District in the future. He is now in the spring breeze and is alive and kicking to urge the team to catch the few Tyrannosaurus rex left in the city!
However, just as all Qi Xin cooperated to catch Tyrannosaurus rex, a sharp scream broke the hell and everyone’s attention was pulled from Tyrannosaurus rex to the distance!
I saw a group of dark shadows approaching the misty city in the distance, but I didn’t feel anything just now because of the distance, but when they came near, they found that they were not inferior to Tyrannosaurus rex and had more advantages than Tyrannosaurus rex. They could fly!
But this time, when I came to these big guys, it was not as good as Tyrannosaurus rex. When I saw them, everyone felt that Tyrannosaurus rex was quite decent!
These big guys look so non-mainstream, their heads are like dates, their eyes are thin at both ends, and their eyes are like two willow leaves. They can’t see their pupils, their eyes are red, their eyes are white and their eyes are fierce, and they have no lips. Two rows of neat big dies are exposed outside, which always feels like laughing, and it’s horrible to laugh. The head is so slim and bony, but the body is as strong as an ox and has a big tail that is more exaggerated than Tyrannosaurus rex. The only normal thing is those giant devil wings!
The first wave of monsters is a 595-level purgatory demon! !
The higher the level of siege monsters is, the higher their IQ is. The monster of purgatory has not yet reached the front of the city, and they are ready to make big moves before they know it! 500 purgatory demons jointly sent a huge black thunderball with a radius of more than 50 meters to gather and form above their heads, so it looks even bigger at close range, like a black sun!
"… I grass!" Nine heavy burst a swearing sentence and quickly shouted to the capture team of Tyrannosaurus rex who was rounding up outside the city with joy, "Withdraw, withdraw, don’t catch it! Get out of here! !”
It’s a pity that it’s too late. When Jiuzhong just called 40,000 capture teams to react and was about to withdraw, the huge black thunder ball on the head of the 500 purgatory demons roared and smashed at them!
Group magic-purgatory thunder punishment! !
The huge black thunderball is unstoppable when it is smashed, and it is directly hit by the thunderball, and the player instantly disappears; Most players who are not directly hit are also doomed. They are released as dense as hemp by huge thunder balls, and the chain flash of bucket thickness becomes coke, and they are killed on the spot!
The huge thunder ball passed through the 40,000 capture team, and 10,000 players instantly died of 66,000. A small number of players were lucky enough to run faster with mounts.
That’s not all. After killing 60,000 players of the capture team, the huge black thunderball was castrated and continued to hit Chengtou!
Don’t wake up again and see the thunder ball hitting the city head at the capture team just now. The players suddenly turned birds and beasts into wild animals and ran to both sides!
I heard a loud bang for a moment, but the player and the head-on wall were all blown to dust before running out of the black thunderball attack range!
Followed by the explosion of the thunderball, several lightning disasters were released. Fiona Fang was 300 meters, and almost all players were not lucky enough to be killed on the spot!
Wait until the lightning ball releases the black flash and completely disappears, and the dazzling black light disappears. Then look at the place where the lightning just fell. The wall was blown out of a huge gap, and the area near 300 meters was blackened. There are very few people alive!
But fortunately, the ethereal wall is high enough with a height of 100 meters. Although it was blown away by 500 purgatory demons, there are still 50 meters left. Tyrannosaurus rex is in a hurry or not!
"Nima … this is too fierce? ! !” Four door Lord grinned when he saw the shocking scene caused by purgatory and thunder punishment!
The voice just fell in shock and some players shouted, "No, they have to make big moves again! !”
Chapter one hundred and thirteen The dragon strikes
"Mom … it’s endless!" Be totally embarassed, climb out of the crowd, jump out of Chengtou and go straight to the opposite five hundred purgatory demons, rushing over and grasping with his right hand "Little Black … Fit! !”