After all, Hertha Club has given up its dying struggle and is waiting for the bank to recover all the debts when they are due.

This news is a fatal blow to the Hertha team and the last straw to crush them.
Hertha’s performance is not difficult to predict. It will be the same as before … It should not be worse than before.
Because they are completely finished!
Not to mention Seville’s strong performance after Caparros took over, and now they have regained the first place in their league. They are stronger than Ma Zhuang. In addition, Seville lost 3 at home to Hertha in the first half of the season.
That game also caused a lot of controversy.
Seville must really want revenge
This means that they will never show mercy away from home. Even if Hertha is already fighting, they will slaughter their opponents to get revenge.
The club is finished, the morale of the team collapses, and the opponent has a strong desire for revenge … There is no suspense after this game, so what is there to see?
But even so, there are still a lot of media to pay attention to the game.
After all, this is a "strong dialogue" between the first and the third league, although one of the "strong" should be quoted.
Another important reason is that these journalists will never miss an opportunity to ridicule and ridicule.
Didn’t that bastard Chang Sheng say something crazy?
We regret saying that we want a league champion to hit us in the face?
Then let’s watch his stupid joke in this game now.
With the mentality of always winning jokes, more than 30 reporters came to the press conference before the game.
It is rare for so many journalists to enjoy this kind of treatment in the second division.
However, Caparros, the head coach of Seville, is still very calm in the face of such a big battle. This is the only thing that makes reporters feel that there is a fly in the ointment-he has not released his rhetoric to provoke further war of words between the two sides.
His expression is still calm.
But reporters always have a way to get Caparros to talk or say that they want to be obedient.
Media will Caparros this calm interpretation of Hertha heartfelt disdain and contempt-you see the somebody else all don’t want to pay attention to your Hertha head coach released before the wild talk always wins, hoping to provoke each other, but I didn’t expect to kick a piece of iron plate. Is this beaten?
In the eyes of the media, Chang Sheng is good at provoking the anger of the head coach of the other side with all kinds of wild words, so that the other side loses its cool and he has an opportunity to take advantage of it.
But now Caprosgen doesn’t buy it. What chance does he have?
The only move failed!
Just wait and see his jokes.
At the thought of this, journalists are full of relaxed and happy mood.
Hertha is really dead this time. She can’t die again.
Not surprisingly, in another month and a half, their debts will be due. At that time, Flores will be expelled from the club and Hertha will be taken back by the bank. At the same time, all activities of the former club directors will be frozen. The club will listen to a message that they will appoint an interim chairman who will temporarily take charge of the club until the bank club finds a new owner.
But in this period, all the temporary head can do is to maintain the operation of the club and ensure that the club will not be abandoned.
Don’t even think about spending money on transfer, signing, etc. Of course, sponsorship must be done, otherwise the club will starve to death.
When the bank temporarily manages the club, they will also pay everyone a salary, but this salary will eventually become a team debt and roll into the former debt.
Therefore, if the new owner wants to take on as little debt as possible, he has to do it.
Atletico Madrid’s powerful array was relegated by this kind of trusteeship last season.
Everyone here doesn’t believe that Changsheng Hertha can break this rule, but fortunately, it is difficult.
Even if they don’t demote and upgrade, it’s hopeless, let alone the league championship!
Changsheng really dreams in the daytime!
Now the press conference in Seville is relaxed, but the press conference before Hertha will be less enjoyable later.
After Seville coach Caparros left the press conference, the reporters were looking forward to how to ridicule and ridicule at the press conference for a while.
Many schemes have popped up in their brains, and they promise to make the thickest people in the world die of shame.
But they didn’t wait to win.
When Manuel Garcia appeared in front of the reporters, he could clearly see the stunned expressions on their faces. These reporters may have never expected that Chang Sheng would be a coward before such an important game!
He didn’t come to the pre-match press conference.
Manuel Garcia understands the constant victory. No one wants to be humiliated.
However, he didn’t care about the reporters’ sarcasm, so he strode across the rostrum. A group of stunned reporters said, "I am often assigned to represent the team at the pre-match press conference. You can ask me any questions."
A reporter reacted first from his consternation. He shouted, "What’s the reason? What are his reasons for not attending the press conference? !”
Manuel Garcia looked calm and "no reason"
Changsheng and Rudy Gonzá lez are leading the team to adapt to the field training in coliseumalfonso perez.
Rudy asked him, "why don’t you go by yourself?" Don’t you like to spray with reporters best? "
Changsheng shrugged. "I’m too lazy to talk to them."
"Because I think silence is more powerful than noise at this time, everything that should be done and said is just repeating those cliches." Changsheng said this sentence and looked up at the stands.
Coliseumalfonso perez is really not a big stadium. Even if he has never been to a stadium to watch the game in his previous life, he understands the European stadium by watching the live broadcast. He also thinks that Hertha Stadium can be said to be small and even medium-sized, which is not enough for watching too many giants. coliseumalfonso perez is a mini.
But even such a small stadium is not easy to fill.
In his view, there are also the last few games of the season. In the first half of the season, some games were full, such as the game against Atletico Madrid.