In addition, the night baby can automatically summon the blade baby once after death, which is similar to the fact that the cat demon automatically summons Moe Meow. For those who used to like the blade baby, the night baby doubt is a new choice.

The meteor lion is another once-popular hot mount in the cool running. The most important thing is that this product comes with its own background music … Oh, it doesn’t come with romantic high scores. I don’t know how many cool running pages have been captured at the moment.
Master Meteor Lion has the skill of getting 6 times the score of stepping on monsters. At the same time, he can summon the meteor shower. The addition of meteor shower is not low, but this summoned meteor shower needs the player to pick up the meteor before he can bring it to his mouth.
The lion’s grip is also good. The center of gravity is similar to the thunder flame. The lion king is located in the first half of the mount. When running, the player can feel the quiver of the meteor lion when his front legs step on the ground, which gives people a strong impact. The meteor lion is another valuable mount behind the frozen wolf king line.
The game of Mo Tianyuan makes pet Minos also a powerful S-class pet. Another S-class pet, Aurora, has similar attributes, but Minos’s flight score bonus is higher, and it is added when a magnet is added.
Aurora will produce pet egg skills every 12 hours, which is more valuable than Minos’s skills on the track. Every once in a while, the heads of flying animals will be dropped.
However, Minos’s dropping of small animal heads also requires the player to take the initiative to pick them up, and the magnet effect has an effect on them. Only when these small animal heads hit the player’s hands can the character get a wave of small animal heads, which will drop several times in total. Although it is ok to get extra points, it is not easy to receive them completely even in the sprint state.
These small animal heads are often compared when they fall, which makes it more difficult for players to receive them. It often appears that they will either finish receiving them or none of them will be received. A lot of small animal heads are added. Many players often ignore the foot track when they receive these small animal heads, thus causing unnecessary dangers.
In addition, during the flight of Minos, the heads of these waves of small animals fell out from its tail, and the player had to open his mouth at its tail to look at it, which would easily remind people of some strange things …
53 Chapter 53 Boss doesn’t play Boss.
There is a big gap between the attack mode and the classic mode, and both of them are the gods of the attack mode. Although they have seen their classic mode as teaching exercises in public many times, it is the first time for them to see the attack mode in this large-scale competition.
At this time, the two people in front are ready and look confident. The expectation of this game in everyone’s heart can’t help but be quietly …
Who says these two great gods are good at classics? Seeing that this game is about to prove that the great god is a great god after all, it is by no means comparable to us ordinary people!
Among so many people present, it is the local player in Northeast China who is familiar with this upcoming game. Besides, Mo Tianyuan’s main activity address has been in Tiancheng for the past six months, and he has not participated in some mobile games or recorded videos or broadcast live to promote himself like other professional players.
On the contrary, although Ling Han stopped for a while after the Premier League, his influence in the mobile competition circle is still increasing. In the past six months, he has appeared in some public media more often. Although everyone knows that Mo Tianyuan is a one-year Premier League champion, actually Ling Han is more widely known in front of so many audiences.
In doing some live broadcasts or videos, Ling Han always intends to declare that he is the first person who is truly a super teenager, and he has made more super teenagers. In this game, he has come up with his best combination. Therefore, at this moment, many viewers think that Ling Han should have a great chance of winning this game.
In the expectation of everyone, with the sound of a clear "game", Mo Tianyuan played at the same time.
Attack mode is not like classic or extreme speed. In attack mode, players should avoid some inherent obstacles on the track, but also pay attention not to touch some moving mobs on the track. Besides jumping or crouching to hide when missiles come, there is also an exercise to chop missiles.
At the same time, although there is a fever slot in the attack mode during running, after the energy value is full, it is not like entering the super reward to eat gold coins in the classic or extreme speed, but instead crossing a boss and hitting the boss to get extra points.
How much can the score of this game be increased by playing boss with reference to the distance? Secondly, the mounts in both hands have a local sprint. After the sprint, they all entered the boss reward.
When playing boss, it is natural to click on the screen as quickly as possible, so that the treasure chest will be more, but to the surprise of the audience, except for the first time when they entered the boss, the number of times when they played the boss in the back few bosses was much less than that when they didn’t play at all.
The audience was puzzled, and neither were the two commentators.
Although the reference of this game is not a score, according to the exercise habits, isn’t it better to play as many boss treasure boxes as possible? But how come these two people don’t play by common sense?
Two commentators in the Northeast Division, Qiu Shui and Dong Xue, were in a hurry, but with so many spectators waiting to hear and watch, they couldn’t say that they didn’t watch the game for nothing. They once again entered a boss card, or the game level was higher. The male commentator Qiu Shui suddenly brightened up and thought of the key.
"Well, we saw that two players once again entered a boss. I think there must be a lot of people among you who can’t understand why these two players didn’t play boss in this card. In fact, there is a reason for this …"
Winter snow see colchicine seems to finally understand the problem quickly down his voice interface "oh? What is the reason? "
"When we practice by ourselves at ordinary times, because everyone is used to pursuing higher scores, it can’t help but play more when we enter the boss. But in this game, two players know that today’s competition is based on distance, but there is actually no danger in the boss, saying that they can rest a finger in this card to ensure that they can better operate the track after leaving the boss."
"At the same time, in many reference distance competitions in the classic mode, I think you must often see some players who don’t deliberately eat more gold coins in the classic mode for the same reason."
They smell speech in the mind is not an epiphany.
It is true that in this reference distance competition mode, because of their strong physical strength, these professional players often run for half an hour or even longer, and it is difficult to concentrate for so long, which will lead to finger fatigue and so on. At this time, even if there is no exercise, they will definitely have a boss or a super reward, which will make these players rest for a short time.
It’s obviously better to get a weak score in the reward than to relieve the pressure on yourself, and it will also enable you to take the back track and make better preparations.
"Gee, the great god is the great god. It’s really a role model for our generation to think of this skill in this close-knit track!"
"Ha ha! Today, I learned another trick here. Usually, when I run to 50,000 meters, I feel very tired. When I go to the track, I feel that I can’t run. Now it turns out that I have neglected the adjustment. It seems that my strength will rise by a big margin after I go back today! "
"Good good! I didn’t think of this before! "
"Can you understand the world of the Great God?"
At the moment, there are also many professional players sitting in front of the stage. Although their strength is not the same, the matters needing attention in training are not too different. Although the self-adjustment technique of the two people in front of the stage is not very common among the players, it is not a novel means for them. It seems that the audience has a high opinion of this, and many players have left their mouths.
Twenty minutes later, both of them have come to the section close to thirty thousand meters ahead.
Mo Tianyuan often practiced the attack mode during private training on weekdays, and he was also familiar with the difficulties of this track. At this moment, he saw a fault, a spike and a strange compound road in front of the track, and his eyes could not help but twitch slightly …
539 Chapter 539 Three meters flat people blame flying.
At this time, a fault about five meters long appeared in front of Motianyuan.
Unless a single fault is very long, it is naturally not difficult. Mo Tianyuan just jumped over this fault and saw a short flat ground with a spike at the left end in front of the track. The length of this flat ground is about five meters, and there is a turtle shell covered with colors on the edge of the flat ground near the right end, bouncing like a farmer waiting for a rabbit.
There is a gap in the length of this small monster spike that can only accommodate two small monsters. Players need to jump through this gap later and quickly relay over the small monster or cut it off before they can successfully pass this section.
If there are only so many obstacles, it is naturally not enough to pose any threat to Mo Tianyuan. Just behind this short cut flat, behind a fault that is six or seven meters long, there is also a short cut flat!
The length of this second flat is shorter, about three meters long, but in this short flat, there are two obstacles the same as the first fault! The same nail position is strange, but because the horizontal length of the flat land is shortened a lot, the gap between the nail and the strange can only accommodate a small strange width!
Such a short foothold requires the player to step on it accurately, and then continue to climb over a long fault before they can reach an An road section. At this time, the audience at the scene could not help but feel stunned when they saw this road section in front of Mo Tianyuan.
"wow! This difficulty is not small. I didn’t expect there to be such a difficult section. "
"Yes, I just don’t know if Mo Tianyuan Great God can pass smoothly? If he hung up here, then today’s game Ling Han will be avenged. "
"Yes, but I think Mo Tianyuan should have his own way of handling it. After all, he doesn’t compare dishes B like us …"
"But this point is really difficult. If I were you, I think I would be 100% unable to pass it."
"You can’t compete with others’ great gods?"
Just as everyone was talking about jumping over the first fault, Mo Tianyuan took a good look at a position. Just before he came to the first short flat, it was easier to grasp the landing point because he was gliding. Now he saw that he had glided to the flat with a spike and a mobster, and he saw riding a meteor lion. The night baby narrowly fell into that spike and mobster!
After landing, Mo Tianyuan hurriedly clicked the chop button to chop the monster in front of him. After hitting it for a second, a tragedy occurred, and a golden "perfe" chop effect was lit up on the screen, and the monster was chopped off in a flash.
"Uh-huh! This point is well grasped! "
"Don’t worry, the second level is the real difficulty."
After jumping over the first flat ground, Mo Tianyuan stepped on the flat ground and jumped to turn over. Then he glided in the middle. At this moment, he didn’t dare to be a little lucky because he just jumped over a flat ground, because he knew that the first short cut flat ground was a rehearsal to turn over the seven-meter fault in front, and the second flat ground with only three meters was the most important thing!
There are three meters in front of the flat ground, but there are two obstacles in the front and back. It seems that the length of the flat ground is about one meter. It is still difficult to step on it accurately. What’s worse, you need to cut down the monster in front after stepping on it!
On the spot, the eyes were on the crowd and they saw that the night baby in Mo Tianyuan’s hands was gliding and had come to this flat land. The nail thorn and the little monster had already opened their mouths like eating people …
One second, I was gliding in the sky, and the night baby suddenly landed, as if it had fallen in front of it before the monster could react!
The meteor lion is a little bigger, so it seems to just fill up that flat land when it gets stuck in spikes and monsters after landing! It seems that if you move forward or backward a small step distance, you will encounter these two obstacles and break the protective cover, but it happened that the shield of the lion master was still intact!
Psst …
The audience couldn’t help but take a breath of air-conditioning, and then they thought with horror how precise control it would take to find the landing point so accurately. You know, the total length of that flat land is only about three meters! What’s more, there are as many as two obstacles in it. Although it doesn’t seem to be many, it’s too short to hold the ground!
Sitting in the front row of the table, Du Liante’s eyes couldn’t help jumping for a while and then frowned deeply …
At this time, he suddenly felt threatened.