Laughing in my heart, she saw five drug dealers in the field of vision, keen observation and quick skill, pulled the trigger and fired five bullets in a row.

Hit every shot.
"Remember that you are a cheetah". The red lip slightly opens and even overflows lightly. Pack up hk and turn around and leave, but there is a slight sound behind her. Looking back, she has a curl of her mouth. "How can I forget that not everyone’s heart grows on the left?" Said hk, and once again shot directly at the drug dealer who was about to pull the trigger to him.
Blood gas is everywhere in the air around the brain bursting.
"It seems that it’s safer to get a headshot." She snapped her fingers and saw her teammates gathered at the door of the cabin and waved to her. This feeling was great and her pace was faster, but at this moment, I don’t know if it was her bad luck or her luck that came to an end and she was tripped over by something unknown.
I didn’t wait for her to get up and listen to "boom!" When people explode, they fly high into the sky. "Grass mud horse, this is not a mine battle!" This is the last sentence that she uttered.
"Head …"
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It’s the end of winter and it’s snowing outside the window. This should be the last snow this year.
Gu Ning sat holding the second sister’s hand and sobbed. "Second sister, second sister, you have been sleeping for a long time. Will you wake up soon?"
She’s so scared. She’s so scared that Second Sister just keeps sleeping.
Mother and elder sister were humiliated and killed, and dad died in battle. Eldest brother lived and died, and there were only three of them left in Ningyuan Houfu.
The younger brother hasn’t spoken since that bloody night because of shock.
What should we do?
I really don’t know what to do if the second sister is gone.
"I’m afraid of the second sister, I’m afraid …" When it comes to words, Gu Ning dare not say that she is afraid that those words will become a reality.
Tears dripped and she bit her lips for a long time and choked, "Juner stopped talking. He curled up in the corner every day and didn’t say a word to me. Sister, wake up! Wake up! For three years, you have been sleeping for more than three years. If you don’t wake up, Luo Gong will talk about it … "
Stop words Gu Ning turned his tearful eyes to one side and hid from the table. His younger brother waved and called "Jun ‘er, come and come to Third Sister’s side. Let’s call Second Sister to wake up together, OK? Second sister loves you the most before! " In the past three years, her heart has been very painful, but when facing her younger brother, she will always calm down and squeeze out a smile before speaking.
Responding to her, except for a pair of timid eyes, there is only one room of silence.
Liancheng gave a shudder and woke up.
It hurts everywhere.
Didn’t she get blown up? How can she sleep?
There are still a lot of memories that don’t belong to her, flooding into her mind?
Then, hatred and grief filled her heart.
Since you’re not as hard to hide as the outside world says?
—— Gu Liancheng
"Ning Er …" Slightly combed my thoughts and made a slight hoarse voice in my mouth.
It seems that her life is not very bad, otherwise she would not have a chance to work hard all her life.
Gu Ning zheng soon shed tears of joy "two elder sister two elder sister are you awake? Did you call me? " Second sister woke up. The sound in her ear just now was from second sister. It must be from her!
Second sister is not dumb, she is not stupid, she just doesn’t like talking and doesn’t want to go out.
She knows martial arts and lives and dies to protect her and Jun ‘erzhou.