Too lazy to ignore him and continue to pound Chinese herbal medicines.

And men are a pair of good mood, and their lips gently hook up.
I waited until the night before I pounded the medicine, only to find that there was no movement around me. I turned my head and looked at it. Hey, someone slept soundly.
But soon she found out that it was wrong. He was lying on his side with his face facing her because of his back injury. She clearly saw that his original pale face was reddish.
Her heart jumped and she got up quickly, but her legs didn’t heal because of kneeling for a long time. Where could she stand the sudden rise from the ground and she fell to the ground with a heavy fall
The knee first touched the ground, so that she almost didn’t cry.
Fortunately, the herbs were firmly grasped by hand, and she didn’t fall out of her teeth. She crawled from the ground to the edge of Fengying Ink.
Raise your hand to probe his forehead, and it was hot and hot, which gave her a thrill.
Sure enough, it’s hot again
< p>
It seems that he has been suppressing himself.
In fact, when you think about it, he is so seriously ill that he has been in a coma. Last night, Wang Cai just woke him up and then he suffered a cliff and an avalanche.
Although she was finally stunned by the snow, she couldn’t remember how many he blocked for her in the process of falling, and finally she let herself fall on the rocky rocks.
Is this enough for a person who has just woken up and is still ill?
Maybe he kept his faith strong until the last moment, and she didn’t know it, otherwise they wouldn’t have fallen into the stream. When she woke up, he was still in a coma.
And he just took her medicine with flying skill and teased her so that she almost forgot about it.
Such a man!
This is such a man!
Night away, nai and distressed, stretched out his hand and gently untied his robe
She had to cure his body injury before she went out to collect some herbs that could get rid of heat.
In a daze, I felt a cool and soft touch in my abdomen, and it seemed that someone was smearing something.
A tingle from Mo Qianyu woke up suddenly and caught the wrist successfully.
When I realized that I was stripped naked, I became angry from embarrassment, and in an instant, I pinched the other party’s big hand in the other party’s neck by mistake.
Actually …
How dare anyone in this world strip him naked!
And where did she put her hand just now?
Even if it’s rubbing his medicine!
Absolutely not!
The other hand grabbed the quilt cover by feeling and fell on the female neck. The five fingers suddenly forced him to sink his teeth. "Who allowed you to do this? Who gave you such a profit? "
The other person was obviously frightened by his appearance. Although he could not see her appearance and expression, he could feel her shivering in his hand.
He didn’t intend to let her go.
Perhaps the suffocation is getting stronger and stronger, and the woman begins to struggle to grab his hand and try to pull it away.
Pale dumb throat "well … well … well …" Monotonous syllables and frantically write on the back of his hand.
"You are badly hurt …"
A thousand feathers and long cilia quiver
"No matter how badly I am hurt, I don’t need you to rub my medicine like this. I can do it myself!"
Devoted to the sound of thousands of feathers is like quenching the ice, which is as threatening as the cold coming out of his whole body.
And the woman didn’t give up and continued to paddle on the back of his hand.
"But your eyes can’t see."
Can’t see?
This sentence is like a knife poking stranger thousand feather heart pain.
"That’s not your business!"
He growled five fingers more tightened the strength.
The woman finally stopped scratching the back of his hand and couldn’t even pronounce "mm-hmm"
But she’s still struggling, not struggling to pull his hand away, but …
When the cold, hard, slippery and cool touch starts, Mo Qianyu is zheng.
A woman thrust something into his other hand.
He felt and realized that it was a small porcelain vase.
A vague word has lost her voice since it struggled to escape from a hoarse throat.
She gave up the struggle
Mo Qian-Yu reacted for a while before thinking that she said it was a "medicine" word, but because she was dumb, ya couldn’t be sent out in front of her, and she was pinched by his throat before she became A.
She is telling him that the small porcelain bottle contains medicine.
He’s going to kill her, the savior. She’s going to die, and she’s afraid he won’t see it. Give him the medicine?
At that moment, devoted to thousands of feathers, I couldn’t tell you how I felt.