As soon as Yunlie saw that someone was bad for Tang Luoling, he held Tang Luoling directly and hid back.

Although he moves fast, but the chopping speed of the big knife is not slow, his back has been kissed by the big knife, and the cloth has been cut open. Warm blood splashes in half 15. Chapter 15 protects each other.
Sudden accident Tang Luoling was surprised and angry.
Yunlie, it’s only to save her that she will be chopped!
In his broad arms, her arms around his lower back naturally touched his warm blood.
As soon as he saw that Tang Luoling was all right, he immediately kicked his long legs back and let the guards who attacked them back.
Bamboo saw that he was injured and rushed to the guards to fight.
When they were fighting, Zhu recognized the guard Yan and got a fright. "Brother Eagle?"
Guards heard his call sneer at a "who is your eldest brother! Fuck off! I’m not as ruthless as your brother when I’m holding an eagle! "
Yunlie took her to a corner and ordered, "Don’t touch here."
He turned to a total annihilation of the army and pointed out that the wind blade had directly cut off several sections of the broadsword in the hands of the eagle guards everywhere.
The guard eagle leader looked at his hand and suddenly fell to the ground, but he didn’t feel any pain.
Seeing that Yunlie was going to kill the eagle, Bamboo quickly stopped saying, "Fierce day! Show mercy! "
Yun Lietian stopped attacking and glared at each other. "What happened when you just called him Brother Eagle?"
"He’s my Eagle Brother. His name is Zhi Ying."
"Who is your eldest brother! Less relatives and friends with me! "
The eagle-wielding whole person is like being mentally stimulated and yelling at Tang Luoling, "Bitch, why don’t you die!"
Tang Luoling was even more angry when he saw him!
I think the root of this eagle leader is incredible, that is, how can he cut people with a big knife?
Seeing that he is so unreasonable, her tone is naturally not much better. "What do you mean?"
"Are you if you kill yuan! I want to take revenge on Ruoyuan! "
Eagle leader is crazy and yelling!
He was about to rush at her like a madman. He lost his mind, and his every move and reaction fell into Yunlie’s eyes. Then another flying kick kicked him off, and the whole person squatted on the ground and ate a dog’s shit posture.
"Well …"
Lost a bloody eagle leader is still adamant mouth filthy scold "bitch … I do ghost … I won’t let you go!"
Tang Luoling heard the words and rushed to the eagle leader’s face. He scraped his ears hard and slapped him in the past!
Her arch eyebrows stand on end. She suffered indignities from Zunyuan female emperor these days. At this moment, it all broke out!
God knows how angry she is at this time, and she wants all the departments to be thrown into hell!
Angry scold a way "eggs! Is it true that my aunt treats me like a sick cat one by one without losing her temper? You protect yourself. If you want to protect people, you know how to pass the buck. What can you pretend to be? In my opinion, Xu Ruoyuan is blind when she looks at you, a waste! "
She scolded and kicked the eagle leader again!
She has no mercy on this kick.
She’s either going to do it or she’s going to die.
A few feet to the pig’s face appeared in front of everyone.
Kicked the eagle leader the whole pig head. That’s not all. Tang Luoling went to the side of the broken blade of the broadsword and picked up the sharp blade. He held the sharp blade in his hands and put it in his other hand. Chapter 151 Protect each other. 3
It’s always better to start with a knife and fall on Tang Luoling!
"ah! ! ——”
Scream like a pig and cut through the sky
"You said you don’t pass aunt do ghost is ok! That aunt will chop you up! "
Her biting makes her little heart shrink while watching the play!
Tang Luoling, she is really cruel!
Is her little hand not painful?
The sharp blade has opened her palm and blood has flowed.
At that time, the blade couldn’t tell whose blood it was. The big knife chopped Yunlie Day and now she is holding the blade and stabbing the bamboo.
Three people’s blood directly stained the icehouse door.