Xia hesitated for half a second instead of running outside the Woods, but climbed a tree not far away by night and leaves to hide his figure. By the way, he pulled out the friend panel and sent a private chat to Huaxia Xiaodangjia, telling him that he had something to do temporarily and asked them not to wait for him.

By this time, the noisy "pursuers" had poured into the Woods from all directions and surrounded the injured man not far from summer.
"How about himself? What about the other one? " Someone asked
Someone immediately replied, "Who cares? Catch one and count one. Everyone exploded his equipment together! Our family has worked hard for a night to fight the beast, so we can’t let this guy get cheap! "
Xia Yi immediately understood who she saved when she heard the man’s story. That man must be a duo of "Haze Nightmare". One of them should look at his dress and way of speaking, which should be the swordsman mentioned by the boat leaving the shallow water.
The besiegers sound noisy, but the number is not large. It is speculated that they may have divided some people to chase another player, but even if there are not many people, it is more than enough to deal with a seriously injured swordsman.
"Which family are you from?" The swordsman, armed with an epee, is still more flexible than those people, and he can not only fight back in time but also spare no effort to ask questions.
"We are …" Someone opened his mouth to answer, but was interrupted by his companion, who looked like their leader, and listened to him and replied, "We are illegal!"
Xia frowned. Intuitively, the "leader" was lying. The skill and light effect of those people just lit up. Xia saw the epee swordsman smile after hearing this sentence. "Oh? With deep pockets, illegal associations will also pursue people because of a piece of equipment? Is it bankrupt for Huahua to send you wannabe to kill and explode equipment? "
The "leader" lie was punctured and became angry from embarrassment. "Which family do you care about?" It’ s not that you have to sign up for the number before shooting a fight? "
"Is it normal to pillage in the game? I will talk nonsense with you if I have a brain disease! "
"You idiot, shut up and call me!"
"…" Summer cover your mouth almost laughed.
Although Xia couldn’t see the blood stick of the epee swordsman, so many skills hurt him when he was playing. In a short time, the epee swordsman was teetering, relying on the support of the epee to stop looking down in the summer. Holding up the "angel of the afterlife", the epee swordsman seemed to be aiming at a sniper rifle instead of a syringe. Then she seized the opportunity to meditate on the "angel love" syringe and suddenly pushed the blood flower to hide in the light effect of all skills. The epee swordsman quickly completed a blood addition.
"Who? Who gave him blood with a broken hand? !” The onlookers saw that the epee swordsman was about to bottom out, and the blood stick suddenly rose a little, but he didn’t take any medicine, or his wet nurse added blood and fainted.
"Not me!"
"I didn’t!"
Players who have the ability to add blood have denied that the leader is angry. "Attention, everyone, he still has helpers! Maybe it’s the’ gentleman’! The children blew up fireworks to force that guy out! "
Before Xia thought about what "exploding fireworks" meant, she saw those players throwing their skills around, and the surrounding vegetation was immediately planted. Fortunately, she hid in this tree far beyond their skills.
Is it escape or line hiding? Xia hesitated. After all, he died, but he would explode gold coins.
"Chief, I remember that the’ gentleman’ profession seems to be a deacon, and all the skills of deacon are melee except the’ moonlight knife’ and it seems that there is no blood-adding skill …" One player said.
"Shut up and take care of him. No one is allowed to run away today!" The "patriarch" said angrily
Summer looked at the mountain bandits dressed up as "heads of families". The younger brother felt as if he really needed a line to avoid it. But at this moment, the epee swordsman forced the crowd to retreat with a few moves and shouted, "Green hills will never change, never see you again." It turned into a mosaic line.
The mountain bandits are a little confused and confused. He was dying just now and couldn’t bear to quit the game. Why did he leave with her help now?
"Isn’t he trying to get me into trouble?" Summer think there is this possibility because "swordsman" is generally more chivalrous.
"He, he line …"
"Shut up and always see!" The patriarch Beatles slapped the younger brother. "And what did you just call me?"
"Big King, big king, I was wrong …" The younger brother quickly changed his mouth, apologized and said in a trembling voice, "Then, big king, shall we continue to set off fireworks?"
"Fart!" The patriarch put away his weapon and said angrily, "It’s all been put in a circle, and half of them haven’t blown it up. Either they ran away or they went back to the mountain with the old man!"
When the bandits left, Xia wanted to sneak from the tree to the front of the tree. She first sent a private chat to Huaxia Xiaodangjia.
"(whisper) summer Xia Xia rose you played? Still short of people? "
I just wanted to build a Chinese voice bubble, but I came back for a short second, "Wait a minute."
Summer blows away bubbles and thinks about trees. Suddenly, a private chat bubble appears in the field of vision. The source shows that it is white.
"(whispering) I’m ready for the white money. How’s your suit?"
"Well, the suit …" Xia looked at the white rabbit suit component in her backpack and thought about going to the afterlife river or the afterlife lake to wash her bunny shoes. Although she changed her shoes the first time she got the "middle school", she could already see that the white bunny shoes were stained with dust. This is the fidelity of "afterlife online"
The white rabbit suit is short of one or two components, but the bunny suit has no shadow at all. I thought about it in the summer and sent a message to Bai Shanshan. I thought about the tree again, but suddenly there was a rustling sound not far away.
"Let’s go home? I’ve been waiting for several minutes, and half of me is gone. "
"I didn’t expect the king to make a mistake this time."
"Yes, I’m sure I can catch one or two guys who are hiding before I ask the king to stay. I don’t know if he will lose his temper this time."
A few people said and walked away. Xia Cai finally breathed a sigh of relief and wiped his forehead with cold sweat. "The mountain king looked at the woman who was careless and didn’t expect to be so cunning. If it weren’t for Huaxia’s small husband and white sparkle, I would be discovered by them."
Xia waited until they didn’t come back. She slipped from the tree and received a private chat about how he and the big ye could have been in the team from the vice. There were two secondary opportunities. Everyone was waiting for her at the door. Xia gave himself a "truant veyron" and rushed to Tutu’s house quickly.
The family palace in the afterlife
"How many people are there?" A generation of Tianjiao changed her feminine and charming image on weekdays and asked the family members of the steps with a cold face. Everyone could see that she was in a bad mood. It is strange that a player who was hanged back to the city after playing half a game can be in a good mood.
"I, I don’t know. I just heard from my family when I was cleaning the battlefield that the patriarch seemed to go with the deputy patriarchs to find the gentleman and Chang Jue." This family member is a newcomer who is a little confused about the identity of a generation of Tianjiao, while answering, he sent himself a private chat with gay friends. "Is a generation of Tianjiao the patriarch’s girlfriend? Calling’ less’ looks very intimate. "
Gay friends replied, "Stay away from her. She has driven away several girls."