"I can’t remember. You know I have amnesia. Hey, cloud flying, do you think I will have a relapse?" Dress deliberately asked

"No, you are lucky. Some things can be experienced once. Don’t worry, I won’t let you have a chance to get sick." cloud flying said with confidence.
"How did you do this?" Is it true that you are a golden mouth with a strange name?
"There may be Ayue who can’t cure the disease this day, but there should be no mofei predecessors who can’t cure the disease," cloud flying said confidently.
"Do you mean that the ink elder is coming to Beijing?" Nishang asked
"Well, Ah Yue’s old man should always come for a wedding drink?" Cloud flying said.
So master doesn’t have to go back to heartbroken valley, just stay in the capital and wait for him. Hehe, if uncle Shi knows that he compares him to a rabbit, will he be furious? Dress a person to laugh.
"What’s so funny about this? Do you know Mo’s predecessors? " Cloud flying bu suo
"I was just wondering if your father refused to meet Mo’s elder brother that day, would his old man be so angry that all the people attending the banquet would have abdominal pain?" Nishang knows that mofei’s personality is very extreme.
Chapter 111 The past is long
Er, cloud flying is one leng, and he bullies Shanyue, but the elder’s character is good and evil. If he throws his temper with his father, it’s fine, otherwise he really can’t guarantee that the situation won’t appear. It seems that he should take more precautions.
"How many secrets do you have that I don’t know?" Cloud flying sighed.
"cloud flying, I don’t have any secrets. You think too much. If you gossip, I have one thing to ask you. Will you check it for me?" A round of the dress pearl changed the subject smoothly.
"Duty-bound" cloud flying is a dog’s leg who is willing to work.
"I just want to know what I experienced a few years ago? You said yes, yes. Why did I suddenly lose my mind? And when did I plant so many flowers and plants in Tingyuxuan where I live? " Dress said with a frown
"What’s strange about this flowers and plants? Which halls don’t have their own gardener? " Cloud flying said.
"But you know what? Those oleanders are poisonous. Don’t look at their gorgeous flowers, but they will stimulate people’s central nervous system. "
"Central nervous system?" What is that? Cloud flying thinks that the dress is very strange, and from time to time, some inexplicable words will pop out of his mouth.
"It’s the brain." Nishang gave him an understandable explanation.
"Nishang, I never knew you knew some medical skills. Did you have something to do with heartbroken valley?" Cloud flying heart jump this girl had already noticed! No wonder all those trees were cut down-what if she woke up and realized something was wrong!
"What does this have to do with medical skill? I just know something about the way of plants. "I don’t want to explain too much.
"Maybe the gardener likes to plant those gorgeous flowers." cloud flying tried to solve the mystery.
"It’s just a kind of what so big leaf mansion have to listen to the rain porch flowers and plants is toxic? Also, I checked that the gardener who planted those flowers and plants left our Ye family when I woke up. Is it all a coincidence? " Dress out the question in my heart.
Well, it’s a good thing that the gardener has returned to his own other hospital. If you trace it to her, will she set fire to Shouwangfu? Cloud flying secretly lose this girl is really a versatile. She just wants to take her as her own according to her mother’s command. If he didn’t lose her mother’s blessing too early, he would have a marriage appointment with her if he kept it for years. Don’t blame him for his lack of aboveboard means. If Lin Guifei didn’t want to suppress himself forever, the destiny takes a hand should have given him this royal office. Now he just got back what should have belonged to him. Er, is it his own happiness?
"Do you remember how you woke up?" The strangest thing about cloud flying is this problem. Shan Yue said that it is absolutely impossible for Ye Nishang to wake up on her own without the antidote of heartbroken valley. Besides, her residual poison has been cleaned up. Who is helping her?
"I really don’t remember this." Nishang shook her head. Can she say that she is a ghost of another world? Will it scare him to death?
"But cloud flying, I’m surprised that I forgot a lot of things before, but some abilities seem to be ingrained in my mind all the time," said Nishang half-truths.
"oh? What are the abilities? " Cloud flying is very interested.
"Poetry, there are some art of war, that I seem to know something about medical skills more or less, and I especially like silver." Nishang laughed as she spoke.
"It’s not surprising that you are a talented woman. You have a photographic memory, and you can naturally remember what you have seen." cloud flying nodded slightly. It seems that this medical skill and love of money are only revealed after waking up.
"cloud flying, who do you think will hide me?" Nishang has never thought about this question. Isn’t there something in her experience that should be jealous of her good luck and then deliberately set her up? What, that’s not what happened to her? Ye Whispered, although she moved some thoughts and strategies, she really didn’t hurt her heart. I blame that Yun Canghai for looking at people differently.
The most} new chapter # Cool Z Craftsman J Net Z
It’s me Wang is the most shameful. Hello, cloud flying silently replied in his heart. Hehe, is this answer scary enough? But Ye Nishang, I didn’t hurt your heart. God knows that. You have always been me from the moment I was born. I just snatched you back from others.
"I’m sorry I’ve been ill in bed for so many years, but I really don’t know enough details about the outside world, but don’t worry that no one will pose a threat to you from now on. I’ll remember all the doubts you said. It won’t be long before I ask my father to come back to court, and I’ll secretly find out these problems and give you an explanation." cloud flying’s lips always hung with a gentle smile.
"If my eldest brother wasn’t too busy, I would have asked him to look it up. Now it’s very troublesome for you." The longer she contacted cloud flying, the more she felt that this man was as mysterious as herself.
"Don’t bother, don’t bother your own affairs, I will do my best." cloud flying and the dress are in the same trench at once. Please don’t bother Ye Lingfeng. It is still necessary for the bell ringer or the king to solve it.
This fellow is used to climbing along the pole and giving him a white look. Does he have to go into the bridal chamber so that he doesn’t always wake up that he is someone else?
"I wonder what you will do if I find out the clue and find the person behind the scenes one day?" This is cloud flying’s eye and heart.
"It’s simple, give him a humanitarian treatment, and I’ll give him a taste." It’s not her heart to answer whether that person can wake up as lucky as her.
Hey, hey, this is not fun! If Wang sleeps foolishly for two years, won’t this day fall into the hands of ulterior motives? At that time, can the king still hire you to share the glory? Where to find a scapegoat?
Chapter 112 Do you want to play car shock
"I’m afraid it will take a long time to dress up." cloud flying didn’t expect that delaying before the countermeasures was the best solution
"It’s a long life without me, isn’t it?" Dress down and said
"A lifetime? Will you pursue this matter all your life? " Cloud flying a sluggish heart suddenly had an ominous omen.
"cloud flying, do you know that bullying feels bad?" Nishang is not a good man who believes in women. She has always believed in the life creed of "Come and don’t be indecent". Whether it is kindness or enmity, it can’t be a foolish account.
"I know that maybe someone who owes you is willing to compensate in another way?" Cloud flying threw stones and asked for directions.
"Then I have to accept it!" Nishang proudly said that her eyes rolled in cloud flying’s face and Gherardini asked, "cloud flying, do you know something or is this related?"
Cloud flying kept his hand on his forehead, secretly pressed his finger and jumped to his temple. Then he always asked in a gentle voice, "This has happened for more than two years. At that time, I even had this idea, but I was unable to do it!"
"Then why do you have such a strange idea?" Compensation? With what compensation? She was delayed in her youth and innocence!
"A blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise. Don’t you have me now?" Cloud flying’s face is very bright with a smile.