"Princess Hall, you are so naive!" MuHuan don’t angry is laughing "since ai progenitor can’t rebirth that you those brave army is sleeping? Are you sure they’re still alive? Which mortal can live hundreds of years on this day? They’re already dead! Didn’t you just find out that although they look like living people, how can they be living without breathing or heartbeat? "

"Isn’t that right? They must have made the Dan medicine live forever and slept there in some way similar to turtle breathing, waiting to be awakened! They are not dead! " Changfeng Sunset Rain shook her head crazily and she didn’t believe it!
"If they don’t die, then your ai ancestors will die? If they can’t live forever, then your ai ancestors can’t live forever? !” Muhuan’s language is so simple that I can’t figure out how paranoid it is. Maybe she is too eager to help Bailimo Xin, and she refuses to face this fact!
"If ai Zu and Yong Jun are already dead as you said, will they be resurrected as possible?" The face turns pale in the long wind and dusk rain.
"Princess temple really don’t doubt it? After your ai ancestor died, did you leave a secret edict instead of a testament? Because as soon as he started, he fantasized that he could be resurrected! He just wants to tempt the imperial edict to come here, and he will use the manpower to wake up again. "
"No, it’s not!" Changfeng and Muyu screamed all over the body, and the original stiff hands did not know when they had recovered their ability to act. As soon as they stretched out, they went to catch ai Zu, holding the military symbol in their hands.
"Don’t! Stop her! " MuHuan said big Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Super zombie!
Fire Xuan and thyme devoted Xin made moves at the same time to catch Changfeng Sunset Rain, but both were late. At this time, Changfeng Sunset Rain was just like entering evil influence, bent on obtaining the military symbol card for everyone to see, and they tried their best to secretly solve the fire Xuan’s problem. She grasped the military symbol at the fastest speed every point.
When her hand just touched the black military symbol, a black light flashed across the military symbol and disappeared instantly, and the hundred miles devoted to Xin’s hand and the fire Xuan claw also arrived, and one person and one beast took hold of Changfeng and Sunset Rain and retreated.
"Not good! He is going to wake up! " Muhuan most worried about things happened hurriedly hello and sogeum back and stealth thyme devoted to hot nature also took her back for the first time.
Changfeng Sunset Rain was pulled back by force, but like her, it was not so lucky for Lvfu, who was close to the cold jade bed. Before she could react, people were shrouded in black light, and in an instant, they were absorbed by the black light, and the visible speed quickly turned into people falling to the ground.
"Green Fu!" Changfeng dusk rain screamed at him. She suddenly realized that what Muhuan said was true. Just now, if it weren’t for thyme devoted to Xin and fire Xuan, she would become jerky and be herself.
Green Fu’s essence was sucked into the black light and turned into a mass of white fog, which enveloped the ai ancestor. Then the man moved his hands and feet and slowly opened his eyes.
"He woke up this trouble!" Muhuan sadly watched the ai ancestor wake up with a white heart. This is a difficult super zombie. Of course, the most terrible thing is that if he wakes up those brave troops at this time, I’m afraid it will be chaos.
"Kill Yong Jun together before he wakes up completely, or none of us will leave here and we will be sucked to pieces by him!" Seeing that the black light dispersed, ai Zu slowly straightened up and Muhuan shouted again.
At the same time, the ai Zu coldly glanced at the crowd, and his eyes were very cold and sharp. Finally, he stopped his sight and immediately sat up and stared at Muhuan.
Muhuan felt a chill rising from the bottom of my heart, just like seeing a fake corpse. Of course, this is even more horrible than a fake corpse. At present, a dead person has absorbed the essence of the living and changed into an immortal zombie.
The fire Xuan has put the long wind and the dusk rain back to Muhuan and watched the ai ancestor warily.
Thyme devoted to the heat has secretly embraced MuHuan waist to protect her behind him.
Aho and sogeum were all in front of Muhuan one by one. Although they don’t know exactly what is going on, they also know that their princess said yes. All this is Guoguo Hong’s conspiracy, and they were all brought into the conspiracy because of greed. Now, if we don’t remove this ai ancestor, I’m afraid we will all die here.
Bailimo Xin heard Muhuan’s shout and was ready to make moves. The original full expectations turned into joy because of the death of Lvfu. If you want to live and die, you will design all these ai ancestors.
"Don’t!" The long wind and the dusk rain grabbed Bai Li Mo Xin’s clothes. "Let’s take a look first. Maybe it’s not what she said. Even if the ai ancestor is resurrected, it will help us. After all, he is our ai ancestor!" I can see that the wind and rain are still fantasy.
Thyme devoted to Xin hesitated for a moment, and then Zu shangai, who was sitting in a cold jade bed, stretched out his hand to Muhuanli and gave him a hard twist. In front of him, a visible black light wave was aimed at Muhuan and rushed straight over.
"Ah, Xiaoqin flashes!" Thyme devoted to the sound of Xu Li and Muhuan summoned the ice spirit snow silkworm almost at the same time, and a dazzling white light lit up the protective shield, which blocked the menacing black light wave at the right time. Hearing a loud bang, the light wave hit the protective shield and turned it into nothing.
Baili Mo Xin clung to Changfeng Sunset Rain, and they couldn’t help but retreat several steps. Naturally, they couldn’t see Baili Mo Xu, and they couldn’t see that there were actually two ice-cold snow silkworms. They knew that ai Zu had just attacked more powerfully, but they were stopped by ice-cold snow silkworms.
"This is a reversal of dry Kun? !” Bai Li Mo Xin retreated and muttered to himself at the same time. I don’t know if he thinks that ai Zu’s trick is similar to Bai Li Mo Xu’s reversal of Gan Kun.
"What? You said he made it a reversal of Gankun? No, I remember what the palm of my hand is. Is it difficult for the cold king to reverse the martial arts of Gan Kun and ai Zu? " Changfeng dusk rain was very surprised
Muhuan’s mouth is flat. Don’t say it’s a reversal with that man. Gan Kun is a bit like it, but it’s not the same. But at this time, my sister was attacked, and you guys didn’t help, but it’s really nice to say that. Don’t you know that if I die, you will never live? Don’t be a descendant of this zombie, and he will let you go! Idiot!
Baili Mo Xu obviously noticed that the ai ancestor’s martial arts was also secretly shocked by this manpower. He was glad that Muhuan had caught the ice-spirit snow silkworm before, otherwise this Muhuan would be doomed. But at the same time, he also thought that if he hadn’t caught the ice-spirit snow silkworm, maybe she wouldn’t have been misunderstood by heaven and man, and she wouldn’t have become this long wind and dusk rain and the goal of Baili Mo Xin was not involved in this matter. It seems that she is in danger and has her own good intentions.
When people’s minds were different, the ai ancestor suddenly flew from the cold jade bed shang and descended on Muhuan directly. Obviously, he had seen that Muhuan was a "master" and was bent on absorbing her essence to nourish himself.
It’s just a moment, and the reaction is quite fast. He took Muhuan’s waist and shook it. The fire Xuan leaned forward and chased ai Zu to launch a set of red balls. The ai Zu flew over with a wave of his hand like eyes behind him. The fire Xuan ball collided with a bang and the ball dispersed.
"Grandpa is so powerful!" Fire Xuan swore and chased to protect the Lord. It was duty-bound to contract the beast. If Muhuan became a man, he could not live. He didn’t want to die. He and Meow Meow haven’t married yet. He hasn’t tackled Meow Meow yet!
I don’t know whether it’s intentional or intentional, but I’m taking Muhuan with me, and I haven’t waited for the two men to sneak into the zombie ai ancestor before a fierce battle.
"ai Zu, I’m you …" Changfeng Muyu didn’t want to shout loudly. I didn’t expect that ai Zu gave her a cold stare, and a black light came at her and thyme Mo Xin hurriedly launched a colorful light ball to block Changfeng Muyu. At first glance, he panicked and never dared to have an idea, which also made the efforts to launch the light ball and thyme Mo Xin form a joint force.
Muhuan has to say that this zombie is too powerful. He still absorbs the essence of Lvfu. If he absorbs more people or absorbs the fire Xuan, then I don’t know what he will do.
It’s an emergency. I don’t have much time to daydream to Muhuan. I’ve pulled up her hand and pushed Nini, and I’ve also put myself on the road. Golden light waves hit the ai ? ? ancestor and rushed to the fire. Xuan aimed at the ai ? ? ancestor’s back and hit a red ball of light from behind.
Ah, Sogeum and Xiaowu, who are hiding in the dark, also rushed over to surround the ai Zu zombies. At that time, all kinds of balls of light flew at this ai Zu.