The first man in black in front suddenly turned his head, and his long, cold eyes were penetrating through the twisted, cracked iron face and double holes, as if they were like needles.

When I slowly scanned the crowd, I saw everyone’s eyes flashing and avoided him. When I looked back, I looked at the forest and shouted coldly, "Is it a confidential matter that you can discuss your identity?"
See less angry before the speaker immediately diligent smile apologetically "little master wrong about me, it’s hot weather, you are distinguished! Wait for me, wait for me, this is your grievance. "
Obviously, the words of men in black are very popular in the ears of men in black.
See he nodded slightly and smiled "you still have some conscience not waste less in the past point you wait for you less rare this job? Tell you that if that bitch hadn’t been too eye-catching recently, she wouldn’t have come here to get this little work? ….. But having said that, you also need to be smart. I heard that people come but the five elements of imperial clan brother xiu is even more dirty. "
Known as the black leader of the young master, the crowd immediately showed panic. Obviously, the four of them are just a layer of strength in the face of scale, and the four-layer sword repair is simply ten dead and alive!
See four people so unbearable black little Lord stuffy hum a disdain "nothing! You also need to be afraid to be prepared when you leave. I have arranged a magic array outside the forest to stay in the dreamland. It will be impossible to prevent the four battles here! "
"Good plan!" All listen to want to also don’t want to is a deep shout.
See all show worship color black little Lord complacent smile "moreover, although he is dirty four swords, but what about that? Less but dirty six layers of XuanXiu kill easy ".
"Little master is mighty!"
"Little Lord, it’s a natural day …" When all the men in black listen to the heart, of course, they don’t forget to kiss the black leader with a loud kiss. It seems that this hot weather is cool for a few minutes.
As far as everyone’s ass is flying around the forest, there is a young man nearly seven feet tall, with a white skin and a white gown and a three-foot Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, but he is graceful and heroic.
The young man in white has a three-foot sword in his hand. At this moment, his face is rosy and he is calmly moving forward.
But after a while, he felt that the weather was getting hotter and hotter!
The teenager wiped his forehead and sweated off his waist. The kettle gulped a few mouthfuls and then complained, "This damn weather is almost a steamer! Shout ~ ~ It’s still early, so let’s go to the forest for the summer. "
It seems that the weather is hot, and the eyes look around, but the heat wave is rolling, and there is a trance. Seeing that the pine and cypress are dense in the forest, he turns and walks to the forest.
"Young master, will he do it now when he comes?" See the white boy walking slowly, four people suddenly felt nervous, holding the hilt, and what’s more, the sword has been pulled out for more than a foot.
Black little Lord saw suddenly heavy shouted at "idiot! When you are relaxed, you can wait for the four of you to fight together again. If you take an unprepared attack, you will definitely be killed! "
Seeing that the boy in white has gone not far from the forest, the Lord in black immediately stopped all the people from returning to peace with the forest.
When the white boy saw the warm sun in the dense forest, he was both blocked by the tree-lined trees, and the coolness suddenly hit his heart, and there were more bursts of Xia Feng’s stroke.
After a short rest, he leaned back against the pine and cypress and drank water while recalling this incident.
"Master elder brother fly sword urgent life I don’t know what happened back to the mountain? Don’t cases have something to happen … Forget it or hurry up … "
Thinking that the big brother was in a hurry, the white boy decided to hurry at once.
But he wanted to get up suddenly! He suddenly felt that there were biting sounds from all around him!
"whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh Hey! " Four sharp objects crack suddenly sounded!
The boy in white was suddenly surprised!
I saw four flying swords appear from two feet away! The moment is convenient for the four directions to penetrate, and it is possible that he had previously noticed it!
"Magic Array!"
Chapter 3 Five people plan to stab five elements of blue mountain and break the eyebrows with one finger.
"Magic Array!"
Immediately after the white boy was shocked, he was angry and snorted. "Four small swords in a small magic array also want to sneak up on me? Not self-sufficient! "
Obviously, I was calculated by such a poor magic array, but I want to hurt him when I am so vulnerable? It is simply humiliating his sword repair status!
Seeing that the white boy’s eyes are full of power and anger, but the sword has not come out, the whole body has already surged and whirled, arousing grass, trees and stones to fly and shoot everywhere! Before half a breath, a spiritual force appeared to form a water-like mask, and at this time, the four swords just flew straight to the mask!
"dang! Dang …! " Four golden tones suddenly sounded!
The boy in white is unafraid, but his eyes are full of contemptuous opinions. One hand and one finger suddenly press the spiritual mask, and suddenly the nimbus flashes and rotates like a substance! At this time, the four flying swords that didn’t push their feet were scattered and shot to the ground like arrows that had lost their aim!
See this white young contemptuous way "vulnerable? Still not showing up? ….. You can stop me with this little magic array? Ha ha ha ~ ~ "
The young man in white is not angry, but laughs like a mockery. In the dark, people overreach themselves, and at the same time, when they laugh, a golden iron sound suddenly rings.
"hey ~ hey!"
The young man in white drew his sword and shone silver in the dense forest, and instantly made this slightly dim pine forest shine like day!
Then his sword swept away and roared out, "Get out of here, shame rats!"
Silver is shining everywhere!
See four weeks Lin was strangely twisted and unreal, and then returned to calm in less than a breath.
The young man in white looked intently at the fact that he was still outside the pine and cypress forest and a mile away from himself. There were several men in black who wore iron faces and showed fear.
At the sight of this, he laughed and pointed to the four people. "What? Now I know that I’m scared …? Hmm! ? Not good! "
When the attention of the teenager in white was attracted by the four people in front of him, he suddenly felt that the wind behind him was sharp and straight, pointing to his middle of the back! However, when he tried to escape, it was too late!
"poof ~!"
Looking at the deep red blade slowly coming out of his heart, the white boy looks back, but he hasn’t yet seen who it is. When he felt a Machamp attack behind him, he suddenly fell to the ground in the dark.
"There’s so much nonsense." The speaker is naturally a black-clad young master who has been hiding.
"poof ~!" Reach out and pull out a sword and shake off the blood.
He looked at the corpse, raised his foot, and kicked the boy in white over. Seeing this, all the men in black hurriedly took the young sword to flatter him, as if his hands were handed over to the Lord in black.
Took the sword in black less main eyebrows a wrinkly way "a broken sword in every order is so arrogant? The least annoying thing is that noisy people ask you to talk too much …! "