Los feather saw is grateful tears salute way "you friends is Gao Yi! Ok! Ghost didn’t say much. The raft is limited to five people at a time. Who is the first? "

Luo Yu’s remark was a joy to everyone. They didn’t expect to cross this blood river with a crystal in the spirit!
But for a moment, they were silent again, and their eyes flashed and they looked at others.
Obviously, they also know that ghosts can’t have a few people at a time, but they don’t want others to cross the river first, because whoever crosses the river first may have a chance to find the treasure first! This is the secret place to seal the dragon and break the dragon pool! The dragon is a beast that transcends the venerable! I don’t know what treasures are waiting for them.
Seeing this, everyone hesitated, and no one wanted to speak first, let alone let others cross the river first! There was silence on the shore for a while, and there were whispers.
Waiting for a moment, Luo Yu looked at her eyes and was surprised. Bai Lian star said sadly, "Wei’s injury is called cooperation …"
Bai Lian star smiled and nodded his head.
Then he smiled at the other side and wondered, "You are so hesitant? Is it unwilling to throw friends across the river alone? So that ghost will be a villain and give everyone a way to make it both beautiful. "
Smell this shore immediately rush to ask.
Los feather laughed "real simple auction! Wouldn’t it be nice to ask whoever bids more than Lingjing to cross the river first? "
Shore suddenly talked about it, and Jun Zheng suddenly became angry and said, "This ghost face is to sit on the ground and make a profit. What is the beauty of both?"
Beside Junshan, holding the sword lightly, "This is the spirit crystal prepared by Yang Mou."
"Brother?" Jun Zheng was surprised to look at a face of indifferently Jun Shan, and then Chou the eye. Bones Raft is like a nice guy, and Luo Yu is uncomfortable.
When there was a lot of talk on the shore, I saw Wei’s sorrow rushing out and bluffing, "Do you need a crystal when a ghost looks unfamiliar?" I’ll cross the river quickly. "
Los feather saw suddenly seem to be difficult to hesitate.
When everyone saw it, they criticized Wei You for having no morality and rules. How can you talk about personal relationships? What a righteous guard!
See this feather is "it’s really hard for you to be a friend and a friend. If you hesitate to go to a ghost again, you can first …"
Before Luo Yu finished, he saw a man shouting, "I’ll give you ten crystals!"
When this statement comes out, it is like blowing the horn of the charge! In an instant, everyone rushed to be unwilling to lag behind.
"Don’t ten crystal in the spirit disgrace ghost face friends a high righteousness? I, the Fairy Sect, would like to give 50! "
"XuanTianZong can lag behind others? Sixty! "
"So stingy, such a false monk! I, Qiu Shuizong, wish to have a crystal! "
"Hang it all! How dare you underestimate my cloud family … two crystal spirits! "
"Your family … three crystal spirits!"
"Mo home …"
Looking at the shore, the soaring trend, Bai Lianxing was shocked! She didn’t expect it to be as Luo Yu expected, and everyone was so generous in fighting for this opportunity to cross the river!
Instant from the initial ten spirit crystal has now risen to five spirit crystal! Bai Lian star marveled at it, but it was a crystal! Even some magic weapons of spiritual order can be bought!
At the moment, the price is still soaring, but Luo Yu is grinning and enjoying the flowers.
Finally, Xuan Tianzong Yan Feixue shouted out twenty spiritual crystals at a sky-high price, and Luo Yu knocked on the paddle. Congratulations, "Congratulations to Xuan Tianzong for getting the first batch of five people to cross the river, and please ask Yan Xiong to pay twenty spiritual crystals."
Luo Yu’s remark that a swallow of snow seemed awkward. "Yanmou didn’t carry so many spiritual crystals with him this time, and then he went back to Zongmen to make up …"
"What? No money … Oh no! No crystal? " Los feather surprised and shout!
Chapter 17 Mountain and River Tour in the Secret Land is on call!
"What? No … No crystal? "
Luo Yu is so exaggerated and surprised!
Upon hearing this, everyone seemed to see hope again and immediately "gang up."
"How can you count without a crystal?"
"Yes! Even if you are the best in the Qingyun list, you can’t do this? "
"… non-compliance non-compliance …"
Jun Zheng and others even play it by ear, don’t take credit, and settle it on the spot.
Luo Yu looked at your family’s face and disdained to smile. Then he said to Yan Feixue, "I naturally trust Yan Xiong to make a list of heroes in Qingyun. It is also excusable to fight against the dragon’s ghost and be unprepared for it."
At the sight of this, everyone seemed a little dissatisfied at the moment.
And swallow snow look eased a lot at the same time toward the feather a slight ceremony "yanmou thanks".
But for a moment, Luo Yu picked up Bai Lianxing and wrote the written evidence, so it was difficult to look back at the hand-held swallow snow in the future. "But! For the sake of fairness, I’d better sign a written statement. You Taoist friends can also be regarded as witnesses. "
Los feather this a fairy ZongYunGu and others immediately agreed to witness.
Swallow of snow, although he is a little annoyed, is the so-called "oral evidence". The thought that he can take the lead in entering the Dragon Pool, he feels that everything is worth it.
And then see los feather will bones raft line about two zhangs on the shore and they puzzled expression stopped again!
See Luo Yu towards swallow snow apologetic way "Yan Xiong forgive me for being crowded and a ghost worried about a hug and hurt a ghost. It’s a trivial matter to overturn this small raft, but please catch the rope waist when it’s broken."
As he spoke, he threw a long rope with a stone. Yan Feixue frowned and immediately reached out and caught it lightly. "This gravity is great. Are you sure you can pull Yanmou on this raft?"
Obviously, Yan Fei-xue suspects that Luo Yu has something to do with it. Even if he is struggling with his steps, can he pull a person across two feet? We can’t do it without him.
Don’t say that Yan Fei-xue doesn’t believe even his brothers! And the four qualified Xuantian Zongdi kept discouraging them.
Without waiting for Luo Yu to explain, Bai Lianxing sat aside and said with relief, "Yan Daoyou doesn’t have to doubt that Mr. Ghost Face is a refined body."
Smell Bai Lian star words all of a sudden remind of! Yeah, I almost forgot that this ghost face is a bodybuilder!
See Yan Feixue clenched the rope head but not Luo Yu smiled "Hold on!"
With that, he saw with one arm that the swallow of snow had flown up and instantly crossed two zhangs of blood and fell firmly on the white bone raft!
Seeing this, everyone is still whispering!