Perhaps all beings expected to have the will of Pangu, and they actually responded.
A force greater than the vastness suddenly broke out in the virtual depths and spread beyond time and thinking speed.
In an instant, it swept the whole universe!
Brush …
This moment seems to be still!
Everything has fallen into stagnation.
It was not until an angry roar came crashing through the whole universe that they came to their senses.
The unwillingness and hatred contained in the endless grievances of Pangu Road are moving.
"It’s a chaotic fiend!"
This sound is behind the wind. Zichen made a judgment for the first time. It was a chaotic fiend sound.
Obviously, Pangu took advantage of the opportunity to respond to all beings to give chaos fiend a hard time.
I just don’t know what he did to make Chaos fiend so unwilling.
But there is no doubt that the chaos fiend will never feel better when he is hit by Pangu, otherwise their voices would not be so piercing.
Perhaps Pangu took the opportunity to ruin the chaotic fiend’s resurrection plan.
No matter what
Pangu’s hand is always a good thing.
I believe that after this incident, the chaotic fiend will be afraid to act in the future and will not be as reckless as before.
My heart is full of thoughts, but the wind Zichen is not slow to move manually. It is almost the moment when the sound disappears that he makes a move.
Majestic spirit
Pour out from another body
Covering the whole universe, trying to find out the chaotic fiend who was hit by Pangu would never feel better.
And this is Feng Zichen’s chance.
As the saying goes, take advantage of his illness to kill him!
At this time, it is a great opportunity to destroy this chaotic fiend.
At this time
It’s not just Feng Zichen who thinks so.
All the other magical powers are holding him in the same mind, and they have released their minds and searched the world to try to find out what the man did.
But it’s a pity that they are all disappointed!
On all the means they used to find out the chaotic fiend.
Obviously, the other party is not stupid to know that his state is not right at the moment, which may attract people to kill him and leave early.
"Chaos fiend is not the kui is a chaotic means is quite a lot"
I didn’t find anyone, and Zichen wasn’t too disappointed
Because everyone knows that the chaotic fiend will never be in a better situation than Pangu Avenue, he will not make a move because he has made a move against the chaotic fiend, which means that the other party must have paid an unimaginable price.
It is because their level is too low that we can see what the price is.
But it doesn’t matter. As time goes by, one day the losses suffered by the chaotic fiend today will be exposed to everyone.
Putting the chaotic fiend aside, the change of the universe is still going on, which is not Shao Hao but Zichen.
After Pangu’s will, he continued to fall into a deep sleep, and as a result, Pangu’s god man gradually disappeared, and the temple on Sunday in front of everyone was restored to calm.
Everything is back to normal.
It seems that nothing has changed before, but as we all know, everything is different with the establishment of the temple on Sunday.
At the very least, the weather became smoother after that day’s flow.
Change can’t happen overnight, especially this kind of change, which is almost impossible to complete in a short time.
It’s like heaven and earth are easier, and it changes slowly as time goes by.
Yes, therefore
After the Star River Grand Array was started,
The heads of the ten thousand families left and returned to their families to wait for the change of heaven and earth.
of course
Everyone leaves before.
Heaven has also given them their due rewards.
Soon after the establishment of the temple on Sunday, clouds gathered in the sky and golden light shone on the mountains and rivers.
That’s Xuan Huang’s merit!
The appearance of the Sunday Temple is conducive to the stability of the vast land and promotes the development of heaven and earth, which can be said to be meritorious to heaven and earth.
And there is a reward for meritorious service!
Xuanhuang merit
Is the best reward for them.
Half of the border merits fall into the Terran, and the other half is divided equally among all the ethnic groups.