Feng Zichen is in a very bad mood now because he complains about Taikang repeatedly, not because he is dissatisfied with Taikang, but because of Taiyin Star.

Just now, he suddenly felt a strange fluctuation in the lunar star.
Obviously, Wang Shu couldn’t help but treat his hand after learning that Hou Yi had reappeared.
In those days, Hou Yi offended Wang Shu when he was Chang ‘e.
Chang ‘e, the sage queen of Terran, has been virtuous and virtuous all her life, which can be called the sage’s sage and help, and it can be said that she is full of advantages.
Even if a perfect person is virtuous as a saint, there is something worthy of criticism, that is, foreign men come to rob relatives on the wedding day.
Although this Chang ‘e is nothing for Hou Yi to do on his own, it is always not so nice to go out.
Who let Houyi Chang ‘e’s bad luck be calculated by xi he Di Jun?
This incident became the only stain on Chang ‘e’s perfect resume.
It is also because of this that I hope that Houyi beam will be tied up.
Saving people didn’t get any benefit, but they also ended up in a coquettish state, saving themselves a big trouble. It’s strange to be relieved and angry.
Yu Yi was calculated by xi he to make such unwise things. Wang Shu always sneered at this.
A story that someone calculated to expose and destroy his reputation. Oh, my God, is there such a good thing?
Xi he won’t forget the cause and effect, but he won’t forget the cause and effect.
Hou Yi will eventually pay the price for his actions that day.
When Hou Yi was suppressed by the wind Zichen, Wang Shu’s memory did not recover, and his strength was weak, even before Hou Yi, he took revenge.
But now he is a rare top avatar in the wild. Isn’t it easy to deal with Hou Yi, whose strength has not recovered?
After perceiving the breath of Houyi,
Wang Shu directly made moves to give Hou Yi a retribution to settle the original cause and effect.
And for all this, Feng Zichen is naturally the daughter-in-law.
"Hou Yi, you asked for it, so don’t blame me for being ruthless."
Feng Zichen’s heart is obviously micro-moving, and he is ready to find an opportunity to drive Hou Yi out of the stage and send him back to reincarnation.
See what Houyi looks like now?
I love pleasure and don’t want to make progress. I was just like Taikang before.
If you go like this, people will soon be ruined, even if you can’t survive the humanitarian dragon’s breath, let alone regain your strength and awaken the memory of past lives.
So this number is scrapped or will continue to be sent to the reincarnation furnace to rebuild it.
This excuse is very good.
If the empress dowager asks, she will prevaricate him.
Feng Zichen, this is all about Hou Yi!
It is better to be killed by Wang Shu than to be killed by his humanity.
At the very least, the true spirit will not have an accident after dying in the former, and there is still a chance of reincarnation. However, if the true spirit is destroyed after dying in the latter, it will really become a trouble for Yi to resurrect.
It was also Hou Yi who gave someone a mobile phone because he didn’t live up to expectations. Otherwise, if he was a generation of kings, who would dare to touch him?
Ren Huang’s majesty is almost equal to that of the wild
In the long river of fate, with the vibration of the lunar star, the fate of the Terran has also changed inexplicably, and successive fate has given birth to one generation after another.
Being in the Terran Ancestral Temple, the body of the Terran has the ability to arouse the Terran’s fortune, although it is not much, but it has a certain impact on the Terran.
At the same time, Feng Zichen secretly mobilized Ziweixing’s atmospheric carriers to make the powerful heir of the adult king Hou Yi compete for the throne.
a short while
Terran once again plunged into war.
When the world comes, fate will inevitably rise and fall, thus giving birth to several opportunities.
Therefore, during the arrival of the great world, although several creatures have died tragically, many heroes will rise to shape their own glory.
After this time
Terrans may produce many masters.
Of course, this is not to say that Feng Zichen is ruthless and lets people produce more masters, regardless of the life and death of those Koo people.
Actually not.
Nowadays, although there are many ordinary mortals in Terran, the main body is still composed of monks, which means that all terran wars involve monks rather than ordinary people.
In addition, ordinary people protected by Kyushu enchantment will not suffer from the outbreak of war by monks.
This terran war is around monks, which may have an impact on the lives of ordinary people, but it will never have any serious consequences.
Therefore, mortals can generally worry about it.
Brother Yu was injured …
This can be said that since you have chosen to step on this road of no return, you should be prepared to pay your life at any time.
Cultivating the road is going against the sky, full of bumps and bumps. It is normal to want a smooth road, which is a dream.
It’s normal to die halfway, just like writing a novel.
Besides, it’s hard to make a little sacrifice when the Terran is strong.
It’ s easy to stay in the sky;