As soon as Yuan Tianzun’s voice fell to the sky, the master’s voice sounded, "The poor Pangu halal people will preach in Dongsheng Shenzhou Jin Ao Island in 30 thousand years, and anyone who has a destiny can come to listen to the sermon."

After the Third Qing Dynasty, the two saints in the West are not willing to lag behind. "The poor people in the West will teach the three realms of the Avenue in Xumishan, Hezhou, Xiniu after 40,000 years, and anyone who has a destiny can come to listen to the Tao."
"The original Western Taoist will teach the three realms of the Avenue in Xumishan, Hezhou, Xiniu in 50,000 years, and anyone who is destined can come to listen to the Tao."
The empress Nu Wa, who never showed up after the Five Saints, actually said, "Being original, Nu Wa in the Palace will tell the story of the three realms of life in 60,000 years, and anyone who is destined can come to Fengqi Mountain in Central China to listen to the story."
Even the Empress Houdi said, "Being original, Pangu Houdi, it is not easy for people to practice in the Three Realms. It is especially difficult to talk about the road after 70,000 years. Anyone who has a destiny can come to the Houdi Temple in Nanzhanbuzhou to listen."
The sound of the seven saints fell instantly, and everyone was surprised. How could the seven saints speak at the same time?
However, this is also a good thing. Even listening to the seven saints preach that they will have a lot of doubts when they break through the mixed yuan and pick Jin Xian.
These great magicians don’t know that the seven saints preach not because they want to preach, but because it is heaven’s way to teach them the wisdom of all beings in the three realms.
This Razer sermon is different from Razer’s sermon. One purpose is to collect disciples, so the number of people is limited to 3 thousand.
But the Seven Saints preached that they were broad and refined in order to preach the great truth to the wisdom of all beings, so they were as generous as Fuxi, and anyone who was predestined could come and listen.
Seven saints preached in 70,000 years, with an average of 10,000 years. One saint preached in three worlds, and later generations were almost happy and silly when they heard the news.
What kind of prosperity is this? Seven saints preach at the same time. If we add the day before yesterday to rob the sage Emperor Fuxi, this means that nine masters preach at the same time.
I’m afraid there was no such scene even when the Six Saints just became a Taoist.
It’s really unique!
At that time, all the creatures in the three realms were excited, and the avenue was just around the corner.
Brilliant and prosperous!
The third chapter is too a plan
In a flash, 70 thousand years have passed.
At this time, most of the creatures bred in the Three Realms have been born, and more vitality has gradually emerged than in the Three Realms.
And the prosperity of the seven saints’ sermon ended not long ago.
Thanks to the sage’s preaching, the new creatures in the Three Realms not only learned about the realm after the respect of Da Luo Dao, but also learned about the division of the major forces in the current situation in the Three Realms.
It’s really gratifying to finally get rid of illiteracy
In addition, due to the preaching of the Seven Saints, there are many strong people in heaven and earth. When Feng Zichen talked, she counted 170,000 years and a total of 120,000 congenital Taojun were born.
Among the 120,000 congenital Taoists, about 100,000 congenital Taoists were inspired by the sage’s sermon to make a breakthrough.
The sage’s preaching is really meritorious. It has given birth to so many masters in the Three Realms, and Zichen is still very happy about this.
Of course he is happy, because more than one-third of the 120 thousand innate Taoists belong to Terran.
The Seven Saints preached, except for Nu Wa Empress and Empress Hou Tu, when Feng Zichen preached, none of the other saints, that is, the Second Saints of Sanqing West, were present at the sermon.
However, although Feng Zichen didn’t go, the Terran masters didn’t pull a game. They not only went, but also took the Terran Tianjiao in droves.
Although it’s a bit ugly to do so, it’s all about the development of race, and it’s not shameful at all. On the contrary, it’s quite a bit of a western two-sage style for the race to be able to get rid of it.
With the example of the two saints in the west, the terran masters naturally don’t feel ashamed, and listening to the sage’s sermon won’t lead to cause and effect.
Don’t listen, don’t listen!
A blade of grass can become immortal after listening to the sage’s sermon, not to mention the arrogance of Terran.
Besides, they didn’t listen to a sage sermon. Jia Fuxi talked about that time, but they fully listened to a sage sermon.
A sage preaches!
It is equivalent to the fact that these terran tianjiao experienced a baptism on the avenue, but any insight can benefit them from poverty.
And if they can’t make a breakthrough, then these people also pretend to be Terran Tianjiao.
The birth of nearly 50,000 congenital Taojun is already very good, at least the Terran heritage can rise a lot.
However, in the past 70,000 years, although a lot of Taiyi Daojun were born, none of them were born.
Although the three realms are becoming more and more prosperous, it is even more difficult to prove that it is beyond the long river of fate.
There are probably two reasons.
First, because there are enough innate Taoist deities in heaven and earth, counting those fallen innate Taoist deities, almost every innate Taoist deity has a digital Taoist deity that has left a mark.
It has been said before that the road to proof is always the first person, and the easier it is, the harder it will be in the future.
Because the more marks you leave, the more difficult it is to prove the congenital Tao.
Unless the background is big enough to make a main drain, if you want to prove the Tao, you have to bear the attack of the honour mark of Qiandao Road
Only if you survive can you succeed in proving the truth, but that’s really sorry. Not only will you fail in proving the truth, but those who fail seriously will die.
It’s always a dangerous thing to be behind others, and it’s also an advantage to be born early.
In the past 70,000 years, there have been many Taoists at the peak who have tried to prove that Tao is beyond the long river of destiny and that it is not immortal. Unfortunately, they all failed without accident and most of them died in the struggle for Tao.
After all, the power of an innate Tao is limited, and there are many innate Taoists who don’t want to see the latecomers preach the Tao.
Even at the beginning, if it were not for Suzaku’s sacred beast’s shelter and warning, it would not be easy for Suiren to become a Taoist.
Even Feng Zichen’s testimony is that he ran all the way out of bounds and did not dare to testify in the wild.
The cruelty of the road struggle can be seen from this
In addition to the Tao struggle, there is another disaster in the Three Realms if you want to prove it, that is, the robbery of merit.
The three realms can not be proved by anyone who wants to prove the Tao. It also needs qualifications. Only those who have merit and virtue can have qualification certificates.