Wang Yanpei still looked puzzled when she heard the words. I didn’t let her say anything this time, so I quickly raised my hand and fell asleep.

At noon, Wang Yanpei woke up, and everyone in the Wangs cooked food, and everyone got up early to have breakfast. Naturally, I didn’t eat it.
After waking up, Wang Yanpei saw the sun again, and her appetite was greatly reduced. After breakfast, everyone talked again. At noon, I got up to leave. I was eager to leave for two reasons. First, Xu Gang finally wanted me to bring him with me who had been dead for seven years. Second, I had to take Wang Yanpei with Ziyang.
From the line of sight of the Wangs, I immediately teleported back to Ziyangguan Walking Mountain with Wang Yanpei, and my heart became more and more uneasy for the simple reason that the two women were finally going to meet.
Some of the audience in Ziyang know me, and those who don’t know me are also shouting "Zhangjiao is back" before running, and Fugui is called to know Wang Yanpei and come to Ziyang Hall in full view.
King Kong cannon and others have been waiting for Ziyang Hall for a long time. When they saw me and Wang Yanpei Mountain, they were greeted at once.
"This is my sixth senior sister." I rushed Wang Yanpei to introduce Wang Yanpei, who looked like a king kong cannon with a smile and a look of abuse, so I wouldn’t introduce her.
Wang Yanpei, the "big sister", comes from an official family and is very polite.
Mu Zhuifeng smiled and nodded at Wang Yanpei.
"This is Bai Jiuyi and this is Wang Yanpei." When I said this, I was so nervous that I would feel guilty if they didn’t agree with me.
To my surprise, the two of them were very kind when they met formally. Wang Yanpei knew that Bai Jiuyi paid for it, and that Rebecca Pei and I were in love with each other and looked intimate.
"Let’s all go in. Don’t be silly. It’s not hot." King Kong pointed to the midday sun.
Everyone heard this before entering the main hall. After entering the main hall, I found that there were two seats next to the palm teaching position in the main hall. Don’t ask, don’t know, it is Wang Bai who is going to intercept his sects and teach his wife to enter the main hall.
"You two just sit down." I shook my head with a wry smile. This seat of two people is very particular. Although one left and one right seem to be equal, everyone knows Dongda. I can’t say who is big and who is small. I can’t let them sit casually. Bai Jiuyi knows the etiquette. Holding Wang Yanpei to the east side, Wang Yanpei pushed Bai Jiuyi back. The two people argued and didn’t. I looked at one or two people humbly and lost my mind for a while.
"What is your expression?" King Kong cannon stared at me with a gloating face.
"Shut up" I frown.
"Feeling good?" It’s strange that King Kong cannon will listen to me. "Shut up" is a desire to chase after the wind and said with a smile that she also saw that I was difficult and nai estimated that the biggest headache for my generation was now.
"Sixth Senior Sister, please think of a way quickly." I asked Mu Zhuifeng for help.
"Throwing copper coins, Zhengyang and Jiuyi lived in Dongyin and Yanpei lived in the east." Mu Zhuifeng thoughtfully gave an idea for a moment.
"Haha, why don’t you let them cut the hammer?" King Kong Cannon couldn’t help laughing.
"Do you have any good ideas?" I also feel that it is a bit ridiculous to determine the seating of copper coins.
"When I was a child, I tried to" King Kong Bao said, holding out a stubby right index finger wheel and burning Wang Bai. "Point the soldiers and point them to someone …"
"Point a fart!" I sigh on my forehead.
"Let’s do it my way." Mu Zhuifeng went to the low-impact two-population Ziyang view copper coins. After a while, she finally decided on the seat. As a result, Bai Jiuyi was a little scared. Wang Yanpei was very happy that Wang Yanpei was generous and Bai Jiuyi was very gentle. The two people should not quarrel together.
After I took my seat, I was so awkward that I dared not look left or right, and I sat straight.
It’s a great event for the palm to teach and return to the same place. Mu Zhuifeng and King Kong Gun immediately called the master to see Zhang Zuifeng’s younger brother. During the day, it rained and mu Zhuifeng’s younger brother, Zhang Xiaoxue, was at the top of the list. After the ceremony, their birthright was confirmed.
"It’s nothing. I’ll return the pick Jin Xian body." I left my seat and walked to the palm teaching bedroom.
"Wait until twelve o’clock. Niu Yi will be for a while." King Kong Cannon muttered and followed the three harems.
I didn’t look back when I had to prepare for the official rotation of Luo Jinxian.
When I came to the bedroom, I didn’t let everyone come in, but let them wait outside.
It’s very simple for pick Jin Xian to peel off the gods. Without hesitation, I separated the afterlife memories into the lying body. The transfer of gods was instantaneous. When I turned over with my eyes open, I found that the real person riding the wind looked at me coldly by the bed.
To be fair, at this moment, I am a little scared. Now it’s him, not me. He won’t ask me for advice on what to do. After looking at each other for a moment, the real person’s eyes turned from cold to soft and smiled at me, then disappeared, while I pushed the door and came out.
"Why are you sweating?" King Kong cannon pointed at my forehead.
"Nothing" I shook my head. In fact, I’m not sweating, but sweating all over. This sweat is frightening Luo Jinxian to ride the wind. Although he is the same person as me, his temperament is not the same. He is more malicious and proud than me. I’m afraid that he will do something to me.
At this time, Wang Yanpei and Bai Jiuyu took out handkerchiefs at the same time and wanted me to wipe the sweat. After seeing each other take out handkerchiefs, they stopped at the same time. This scene was seen by me and I was worried. It seems that I have a hard time the day after tomorrow. This can’t be handled.
"Xiao Jiu, how do you feel now?" Mu Zhuifeng asked earnestly
"People feel" I shook my head and smiled. The polluted air in this body is too heavy and very occluded. The difference between the peak of purple air and the pick of Jinxian is not a bit.
"Do you regret it?" King Kong cannon is rare and serious.
"If you have something, you will lose something," I said and walked to the main hall. "What about those little things?"
"Your big disciple went out to show off in an ostentatious manner with me and went to the sea of pity and rain to study for graduate students," said King Kong Gun.