"Stop it!" A cloth figure has come with a two-foot peach wooden sword in his hand.

Swallow snow smell instantaneous stop staring at.
"Brother! ?” Zhao Xuan survived suddenly delighted to see the bearer.
The bearer just came out from the five elements of the cave. Fang Yi saw him look at the jade tree and swallow the snow, and then he walked into the courtyard without panic
He first handed two solid Dan to Zhao Xuanrang and the Dow brothers, and then turned to Yan Feixue and made a little ceremony. "I’m sorry for the inconvenience of being a teacher."
Yan Feixue’s knife-shaped eyebrows looked at Fang Yi slightly. "Are you brother Luo Yu?"
Fang Yi’s courtesy is moderate and supercilious. "The younger generation Fang Yi is the second brother of the family teacher."
"Well …" Swallow snow took back the gods and nodded and believed that "five spirits and miscellaneous roots are credible"
Obviously, if you change others, you may not believe it, but in front of you, this young boy is a five-spirit miscellaneous root. It is estimated that there are also five elements of Zongluoyu who will be treasures.
Fang Yixiu is far from Yanfeixue, but Yanfeixue doesn’t seem to see him repairing.
That’s because he has been instructed by Luo Yu since he came out of the five elements of land, which can cover up the repair of the extreme Dan medicine institute. He didn’t course the Dantian situation, and Yan Fei Xue naturally saw that he had repaired it.
At this moment, Yan Feixue has accepted the flying snow sword. Although the attitude is cold, it has eased a lot. "When does the feather come out?"
Fang Yi answered "I don’t know" with a bow.
"I wonder?" Frowning, Yan Fei-xue looked up at Luo Yu’s younger brother again and immediately mused, "It seems that Luo Yu must value you very much because his mind is so calm at an early age?"
Then he suddenly reached out to oblivious Fang Yi!
Obviously, Yan Feixue didn’t get the satisfactory answer from Fang Yi’s mouth, so it is better to take this young boy to force Luo Yu to appear …
Because he bet that Luo Yu must be in this valley!
Chapter 39 Holding a sword, the teenager urges the array to force the snow to fly
Xiaozhu courtyard
Swallow snow has stretched out his hand into a claw to the forehand holding a peach wooden sword, which seems to be shocking Fang Yi.
If Luoyu Valley wants him to capture the young boy Luoyu at the moment, he will surely appear.
Because this instrument is a miscellaneous root of five spirits, and its mind is calm and precocious, far more than that of its peers, Luo Yu’s ability to accept disciples must be prolonged, so you can imagine its position in the heart!
I have to say that Yan Fei Xue’s guess is correct. Luo Yu really values the other party’s instrument. This can be seen from the different attitudes of Professor Luo Yu’s two brothers.
Although Xu Hengxuan also got the sword meaning of Luoyu to fix the truth, compared with Fang Yi, it is completely different. Fang Yi is almost in accordance with Luoyu’s journey in the past and has to go through many small years. Fang Yi not only has to read knowledge and fencing every day, but also has to practice Yu Qian’s rapids and brave into the lonely bay of tears!
This is several times harsh for Biluoyu.
Although Yan Fei-xue can’t see Fang Yi’s repair? But I can feel that this must be a feather that is not comparable to others!
But … Can Yan Feixue’s wishful thinking really come true?
Hum ~
Just as agent Yan Fei Xue was about to grab Fang Yi’s neck, a peach wooden sword with a hollow handle had been erected, and two of them blocked his outstretched hand!
Swallow snow eyebrows a wrinkly, he can feel this peach wooden sword is just an old deadwood handle!
However ….. Let he didn’t expect things in front of one hand holding a peach wooden sword Fang Yi behind the sword with a naive smile appears … Some weird!
Immediately, the little boy pointed his left hand at the sword, pulled the mahogany sword and smiled and drank "Five-phase Phantom Array!"
Suddenly, there were five bright crystal in the carved place of peach wooden sword body! And the weird inscription on the old sword body flashes rhythmically!
Boom ~
As Fang Yi drank the valley lightly, Fang suddenly vibrated.
Looking around at the rapid and illusory changes, Yan Feixue suddenly looked in shock at the front of her eyes, holding the sword and constantly moving the peach wooden sword. The instrument exclaimed, "The secret instrument of Tianling is engraved with patterns!"
It’s good that Fang Yi’s simple peach wooden sword has joined the array pattern of the celestial clan.
The tianling clan’s research on the array is the acme, and when Luo Yu, Bai Lian Xing and others joined forces in the Peach Blossom Village to distribute this fourth-order large array and five-phase magic array, they had already considered that Luo Yu would lose the array if he left in the future, and the power of the large array would be greatly reduced, so they set up this small peach wooden sword as the key array core.
Even if Luoyu doesn’t stay in the valley at that time, the Chinese instrument can make up for the lack of self-improvement and coarse lines of the array with the help of the’ Taomujian’ crystal, so that the large array can keep flourishing.
After all, this pattern is branded by the spear in the hands of the magic heavenly palace Tianwei, so is the converging pattern. The girl Bai Lianxing also knows this way deeply and is quite eager to learn from Luoyu … Stealing learning.
Of course, the pattern of Tianwei’s converging attack array is not as complicated and difficult as this fourth-order array. Moreover, peach wooden swords are, after all, common things that will fail if they are not careful.
In this way, the requirements for the spirit of the brand array tattoo people are extremely high, and the consumption of spiritual crystals is also quite huge. From the five spiritual crystals in the engraving place, you can see that it is general.
At ordinary times, the large array is in its own self-sufficient low-dimensional state, which is similar to dormancy … This is also the reason why Yan Feixue can easily break the fourth-order large array with the help of such a magic weapon as fright.
You know, all these people work together to decorate the five-phase phantom array, but the top of the fourth-order large array is Sheng Qi, and even the strong in the temple can be trapped, but what about the swallow and snow in the later stage of Ningxing?
That is to say, Fang Yi has completely activated the "sleeping" fourth-order large array in the valley only by virtue of the peach wooden sword in his hand!
The great array shows great power and sounds the four fields in the valley.
At the moment, the surrounding environment has suddenly become an illusory valley, and the trees and houses are gone. It is already shocking and difficult to calm down in the heart of Yan Fei Xue.
He didn’t expect that he would be played at the palm of his hand?
Surrounded by fog, the spirits of the five parties are constantly condensing and vibrating …!
Yan Fei-xue stared at Fang Yi, who was still smiling with a peach wooden sword in his hand. He was furious and "wanted to die ~!"
Qiang ~!
The flying snow sword and silver awn suddenly cut through the fog around them, and the spirit turned into gluttony and the wind split angrily!
Shout ~ Fang Yi’s smiling face split in two with a sword and then vanished …!
"This is … an illusion!" Yan feixue was shocked!
How can the other party perceive this little reality as an illusion in front of their own eyes?
At this time, Fang Yi appeared behind him with a sword and interest. "The senior five-phase magic spirit array is a fourth-order psychedelic trapped large array. The younger generation advises you to hold your breath and be careful to guard against it, otherwise your body and spirit will consume one in less than half an hour."
Yan Fei Xue Wen quickly turned around!