It should be a good thing for HarmonyOS to change his runes.

after all
HarmonyOS’s rune has been integrated with him, and both of them are glory and loss.
Harm him
HarmonyOS’s rune will not only get no benefit, but will pay an unimaginable price.
that’s it
One minute passed.
In an instant, it came to ten thousand years later.
At this time
HarmonyOS’s rune seems to be "full", so he doesn’t continue to devour the wind, and then he retracts his body and lies still.
And with the HarmonyOS rune to restore calm, the wind Zichen also "woke up"
I cann’t wake up
His breakthrough has come to an end.
The law supported him to continue to break through.
Mixed element quadruple sky
Is the wind zichen now state.
He should go straight to the mixed element. The six-fold genius is
It’s a pity that thanks to HarmonyOS’s rune "help", he broke through the source and devoured one, leaving the realm of mixed elements and four heavens.
This is also fortunate in misfortune.
At least
He still keeps the four-fold cultivation, doesn’t he?
According to the devouring speed of HarmonyOS runes at that time, Feng Zichen was really afraid that her strength would fall.
"Is this HarmonyOS?"
Wake up from enlightenment wind zichen some blurred ground to say
The price of two days is not white.
After the HarmonyOS rune devoured the source, it also gave back the information of Feng Zichen in HarmonyOS Road.
Although the information is still obscure, it is much better than not knowing anything before.
HarmonyOS Daozhong
Jade dish fragments help
Feng Zichen finally sorted out some clues from this information and realized a little mystery of HarmonyOS Road.
Don’t underestimate this insight!
just as it is said
Everything is difficult.
It’s a big deal.
It won’t be so difficult to connect.
Understand the mystery of HarmonyOS Road. If you enter the door and pick up HarmonyOS Road Clock, you will be able to understand HarmonyOS Road sooner or later.
Other-body HarmonyOS runes
Since the first change can take place.
Then a second change will surely take place, the third and the fourth …
And this will be the best help for Feng Zichen to understand HarmonyOS Road!
"I have achieved it!"
I realized that HarmonyOS Tao Feng Zichen was very excited in her heart, and even the state did not meet the expected unhappiness was diluted a lot.
If the realm is not enough, it can rise slowly.
But there are not many opportunities to understand HarmonyOS Road.
If you miss it,
Who knows if there will be another time?
Zichen, who had just realized HarmonyOS Daofeng, couldn’t wait to practice, and soon he got lost in the rhyme over there.
He was awakened by HarmonyOS Dao Zhong.