Lin Keer loosened his mouth and said, "Li Yi, I want you to never forget me. When you forget me, look at yourself and look at your arm."

Li Yi decisively looked at his arm. There was a row of tooth marks next to it, and it was already slightly blue.
"Feed Chloe, why are you so? Do you have any weight? Look at what you’ve been bitten into? " Li Yi pointed to his arm slightly blue place said
"If it doesn’t hurt, what should I do if you forget? Isn’t it? " Lin Keer blinked his eyes.
"What is this logic? How come I can’t forget you? It’s futile for you to take a bite, "Li Yi said.
"Although it is futile, I am relieved," Lin Keer said with a smile.
"Chloe, I want to strangle you," Li Yi joked.
"You have the heart to" Lin Keer pointed to his white neck.
"Can I do something with you?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"You can’t be full of obscene breath. I have already smelled it." Lin Keer wrinkled his cute little nose and said.
It’s the second night today, and it may not be like this after the shift. The school doesn’t know what it is (maybe it’s smoking). It’s a tragedy to prepare for self-study at six o’clock on Monday night.
Recommend it to your friends. This guarantee will be over.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
Chapter ninety Talking in the living room ()
"Wrong where I am full of obscene breath and Chloe, how do you know? Have you ever heard of it? " Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Bah, Bah, who has smelled it? It’s shameless." Lin Keer said with a red face.
"You are my girlfriend! What happened to me flirting with my girlfriend? " Li Yi plausibly said
"It’s shameless. I really don’t know how I like him." Lin Keer * * muttered to himself.
"Chloe, what are you talking about?" Li Yi looked at Lin Keer’s small mouth opening and closing, but she couldn’t hear the sound.
"Nothing. When are we going to eat? If I say it after you say it, can my aunt and I disagree? " Lin Keer suddenly worried again.
"How is that possible?" Li Yi corners of the mouth with a evil smile.
"ah? How can it be like this? If auntie doesn’t agree, we’ll have no chance! " Lin Keer shook his head anxiously.
"What are you talking about?" Li Yi smiled and asked
"Didn’t you just say that aunt can’t agree with us? What shall I do? I don’t want to buy anything good for my aunt? " Lin Keer looked at Li Yi and said.
"No, no, it’s so interesting. Hahahaha!" Li Yi Wu wear the belly laugh.
"Li Yi what do you mean? I think we are all here trying to find a way. Why are you still like this? " Lin Keer looked at Li Yi sample is somewhat slightly angry.
"Chloe, I don’t mean anything. When did I say that my mother didn’t agree with us?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Li Yi are you silly? You don’t remember speaking for yourself? It’s okay. Even if you are stupid, I will take care of you, "Lin Keer said with a nod.
Li Yi looked at Lin Keer a little lost in thought, Lin Keer. She is really a very good girl.
"Who is stupid? I said before how it is possible! " Li Yi or a smile happily said.
"That’s not the same. How is it possible? It’s impossible." Lin Keer also smiled. Li Yi’s Chinese is really worrying. Even this rhetorical question can’t be done.
"I think you are silly? I mean, how could my mother disagree with us! " Li Yi smiled and said.
"That’s great! Great! " Lin Keer said and hugged Li Yi.
I don’t know if my mother can agree then, but it should be possible to agree. Forget it, take it one step at a time!
Wow, it’s so * * ah, it’s so cool that Li Yi slightly sucks her nose and has a slightly * * fragrance.
"Let’s go, let’s go to dinner. Otherwise, my mother should say let’s again in a short time." Li Yi calmed down her excitement and was afraid that if she couldn’t hold it, it would be cheating.
"Let’s go!" Lin Keer loose embrace Li Yi arm clever nodded his head.
"Mom what to cook today? Why is it so fragrant? " Li Yi just went out and smelled a faint fragrance.
Lin Keer also smelled it, but just didn’t smell anything, so he asked, "What’s the smell of Li Yi? Why didn’t I smell it? "
"Well, you … you are different from me. Maybe my nose is too good," said Li Yi.
In fact, Li Yi almost let it slip just now, but people reacted quickly and nothing happened.
Lin Keer looked around and didn’t see that Li Yi’s mother should have gone to take food, so she leaned against Li Yi’s lips and said, "Li Yi, you can see me off later!"
"That is necessary. You are my girlfriend. How can I not know where your home is!" Li Yi’s novels arrive.
"Great, I’m still a little worried about whether there will be any robbers!" Lin Keer patted himself * breast said.
Li Yi looks like his mouth is watering. If only that hand were his own.
"Li Yi hurriedly come to Caicai," said Li Yi’s mother in the kitchen.
Li Yi went to the kitchen and took a look. Don’t say that Liu Ruoying may have come today. Otherwise, how could there be so many dishes? But today, the little heron will also eat a lot.
"Which dish does Mom serve?" Li Yi looked at those dishes and asked.
"Take them all," said Li Yi’s mother.
"Mom didn’t see you so much so many dishes will be finished soon? How come you didn’t cook these dishes? " Li Yi looked at his mother and asked
"I didn’t do it. Maybe you did it? If it weren’t for your girlfriend, how could I have worked so hard? You should be kind to others. If not, I will beat you. How difficult it is to find a girlfriend in such an age with more men and fewer women! " Li Yi’s mother regrets
"Mom, I know I know your son. I’m not a child anymore. I’m almost going to college," Li Yi said.
"Smelly little, did you wash your hands?" Li Yi’s mother suddenly found that Li Yi was ready to end the dish without washing her hands.
"Forget me, I’ll wash my hands," said Li Yi with a smile.
"Chloe, come here and I have something to say to you." Liu Reying looked at Lin Keer and decided to say something.
"Teacher, what can I do for you?" Lin Keer doesn’t know what is always a little afraid of the teacher.
"Chloe, don’t call me a teacher, just call me Yingying!" Liu Ruoying said
"Oh!" Lin Keer nodded and said.
"Chloe, actually, I feel a little sorry for you. I shouldn’t compete with you for Li Yi. I shouldn’t," said Liu Ruoying.